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Thread: Official PBR Recent Happenings Thread

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    I recently transferred my SS team to PBR, and decided to fight a couple of Colloseums. Raven (Murkrow) perfectly destroyed many of my foes: in fact, she's only fainted once so far. My rising star, Blade (Sceptile) is next, followed by Folgrim (Floatzel), Zann (Manectric), Aggro (Aggron), and Akatsuki (Flygon). I took on the Waterfall colloseum, and defeated it, then the Neon Colloseum, which I failed at.

    Earth's team:
    Raven, level 86
    Blade, level 84
    Folgrim, level 77
    Zann, level 77
    Aggro, level 75
    Akatsuki, level 75
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    I have claimed Pyroar!

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    I started playing Battle Revolution, and won the first three collloseums
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    I recently purchased a used copy of this game and just started playing today. I started a file, watched all the tutorial stuff, created my profile, etc. Then, I copied Pokemon from my Platinum version onto PBR. I created two custom battle passes using some of my EV trained Pokemon. Once that was done, I decided to test one of the teams out in the free battle mode. I won a battle easily, so I decided to challenge the Main Street Colosseum in colosseum mode using the Pokemon on my other pass. I managed to sweep that colosseum without any problems. I earned some coupons, then saved the game.
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    I picked this up for Ł10 the other day. Started and cleared the Main Street Colosseum. Just used my Pokémon Pearl team.
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    I'll trade you anything I can breed one of.


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