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    dont think this deserves a whole post, but whatever. so do any of you remember a while back there was a made for tv movie, it had mewtwo, mew, and all of these other virtual reality pokemon, in some lab. it was on KidsWB back then, buut the voices were totally different, idk if they were the cartoon network voices or what, but ive never seen or heard anything about it since the day it aired. i dont see it in serebiis movie guide either. so what im wondering is what was this movie all about, was it from japan? why was it dubbed differently, where did it come from? just any real info on it, even its name

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    The movie/special you're thinking of is called The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon. It was made by PUSA(although it aired in Japan at a later date), and it was the first time dub viewers heard PUSA's dub voices(many of which changed between the airing of this special & the first episodes PUSA dubbed, iirc). It actually does have a synopsis on the main site; it's just listed under specials since Serebii, like most places, counts it as a special and not a movie.

    As for why it hasn't really been brought up since then...well, I'm guessing that's just because of its highly questionable place in canon. On top of that, specials in general are hardly ever brought up in the main series.

    For future references, small questions like this should go in the Single Anime Questions sticky.

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