On ffn, I posted this and figured I should put it up here. So, let's start the story.

Chapter 1

In Snowpoint City, high on Mt. Coronet in the region known as Sinnoh, a black-haired gym leader called Candice was surfing the internet, after her crush had turned down an invitation to come ice-skating with her for a date with Gardenia. Might as well have been like that. Candice didn’t think Volkner from Sunyshore would have been very good on the ice.

That didn’t mean she was any less disappointed. She was even angry, a little, but her anger was directed entirely at Gardenia. It was classic for a romance novel: the main character’s best friend takes the leading male, then the guy realizes his true feelings for the character and breaks up with the best friend. Whether or not the friend finds her own true love depended on the novel. Right now, Candice couldn’t care less. Life was no romance novel, so she was somewhat prepared for heartbreak. That didn’t make the pain any less tolerable, though.

The ice-type user sighed as her computer took its own sweet time loading up the page. Clutching her Sneasel doll close to her chest, she picked up the phone, hoping with all her heart that she wasn’t about to do what she was planning on doing…

But her fingers hit the numbers of their own accord, and she was soon to be forced to break the news to him.

Well, Candice thought, putting the doll aside, at least we’ll share each other’s pain and sorrow…

(Oreburgh City)

It was sunset. Roark had just left the mine after a surprisingly challenger-free day, and was ready to go straight to the gym in case of an actual challenger, and the rest of the night would go smoothly from there.

Too bad for him.

The phone was ringing as soon as he walked through the doors. He ran to it, skidding to a halt right before grabbing it.

“Hello?” he asked. He heard nervous stuttering and a picture of Candice’s blank face was across the videophone screen.

“Roark, sorry, I must have hit the wrong button again, sorry to-”

“Candice,” Roark interrupted, “we all know you only ramble when you’re putting off some heart-wrenching story.”

Candice winced. “Ok, you got me.” Arceus, she was going to start bawling any minute, the tears were there, ready to come like rivers…

Roark blinked. “So there is some heart-wrenching story?”

Candice sniffled. “More like heart-breaking. You know Gardenia?”

How could he not? The pretty face, the obsession over grass-types, the love of the forest…Roark himself had confessed to Candice about his crush, after much pressuring on her part, while he had been hoping she would give him insight to the Eterna City leader’s mind.

He nodded.

“Well, don’t ask her on a date, all right? She’s…taken.”

Wow. Heart-breaking was right. “Really?” He tried to sound casual, and by the look on Candice’s face, he had either done a very bad job or had said something she didn’t want to talk about, or both.

She gave a choking sob that sounded incredibly like “Volkner,” but the rock-type user wasn’t quite sure.

“Well,” Candice sniffled, “I just thought it would…be easier if you d-didn’t talk to her about r-romance.”

The single, dust-mite-sized fragment of his heart that remained unhurt by the news of Gardenia felt sorry for the sobbing gym leader.

“I-I’ve got to go,” she said, signing off.