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    Default Personal slave (Paisshipping and advanceshipping)

    Personal slave
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Rating: M
    Disclaimer: Characters used in this fic are not mine,
    Shippings: Paisshipping - Giovanni/Max Advanceshipping - Ash/May
    Warnings: Homosexual content, bondage, and romantic nature involving a man and a child. If you don't like this stuff or if it offends you, it would be best to avoid the fic.
    Summary: Max has been kidnapped by Giovanni, and he is used for a lot of things. He prays that Ash and his sister, May will save him. But with May pregnant, will Max's wish come true?

    Chapter one: Bondage lust

    They kidnapped him, for his intelligence. The young Max Maple was locked, abandoned and dumped in a plain dark blue cell. The bluenette leaned against the cold wall, thinking of his friends, that felt so far away. He called them out as his chains banged loudly and hardly. He violently shook his legs hoping the chains would break, however his young developing body was not strong enough for the strong heavy chains. He felt the tears fall down his face, hot tears rolling down his face feeling inside his heart, he was hallow and was losing everything; or about to.

    'He will be my personal slave, from this moment forward!'

    These were the words of Giovanni, the cruel leader of the infamous gang team rocket, who schemed for world dominance. After hearing the words of Giovanni, it was obvious that he wouldn't be released for a long time. He was going to be apart of Team Rocket, although he didn't know what he was going to be. Personal slave, sounded rather kinky. He had never met Giovanni before until now, but know he knew that he had the ability, to be truly terrifying. The only thing Max could do us wait... wait ... wait ... wait for the unpredictable future.

    He quickly grew tried from the the screaming, shaking and crying and his body relaxed as his emotional pain continued to blossom with his physical pain, tangled and chained together, like the silver shining heavy chains that confiscated his freedom. His glasses, were slipping from the end of his nose, the top half of his eyesight had became blurry whilst the bottom crystal clear and a dark line in the middle. He tinted his head in the opposite direction and his raw tearful eyes continued to sparkle. Max pushed his head up, and his glasses pushed up to the end of his nose, making his vision clear again.

    'A personal slave such as Max would be useful in many different ways'

    Giovanni's words remained stuck into his head, he was a use for him. “If you thought I was so useful,” Max snapped to Giovanni's voice inside his head. “Why are you treating me like crap?” He screamed and the chains danced creating a loud high pitched music. Max just wanted all of this to stop. “Some one save me!” He implored begging in his tears.

    The door swung open. A man wearing an orange tuxedo and with short brown hair stepped in the door. “I see you're settling in well.” The man smirked as he watched the poor innocent boy struggle in the chains.
    “Can't you see I'm suffering?” Max sulked trying with all his power to get out of the chained web. “Help me will you!”

    “I would love to help you,” Giovanni smiled evilly as he continued watching Max's glistening eyes. “However, you're so beautiful in your pain.”

    “Yes, I am a sadist.”
    “If I'm going to be treated like this, I do not want to be your personal slave!” Max spat as he tried to kick the older man. “This is illegal, I am a minor, you should not be treating me like this!”

    “You are my property now,” Giovanni whispered in pride. “Your life's purpose is to live for me. Your knowledge will be used in my plans, your body will be used for my pleasure and you will look after me in my old days. Is that understood!”
    “I will never be your personal slave,” Max gritted his teeth in aggression.

    “Then I'm afraid, I will have to watch you die!” Giovanni smirked as he saw Max shake and jump as the chains made an even greater sound. Giovanni blocked his ears until Max paused his movements. The young bluenette was squealing and wailing away in pain and agony.

    Max didn't want to die at such a young age, there was so much he wanted to do and he wouldn't let a sadist, Giovanni stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do. As much as he would despise to be his slave, it was the only he could live for the time being, and he could always hope and dream that he will be rescued from his brave friends or another brave person.

    “Fine, I'll be your servant,” Max whispered in despair. “Just stop this pain.”

    Giovanni kneeled down and leaned over to the suffering child and gently kissed him as he played with his blue hair. This wasn't what Max had in mind when requested the pain to ease away, he was surprised that he actually liked the kiss but it felt so rough for him, and he felt so young for this.

    As the kiss broke, so did the chains that had trapped him. Max stood up noticing the scratches that the chains and handcuffs had done to him, he still felt the stinging pain all over and the emotional pain was still in bloom. His legs felt twice as heavy and his face felt twice as warm. He finally lost control of his body and fainted on the stone cold floor. Giovanni carried the boy in his arms and took him away from the cell.
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