updated: February 24.09 [EST]

Current Total: 5,886 (2.24.09)
Comparison: 5,590 (11.14.08) // 5,214 (8.22.08) // 2,043 (11.17.06)

Tools: ctrl+F, correct spelling, a processing brain

Notes for ctrl+F:
- H/H monogamous pairs: in male/female order, but occasionally the reverse slips by, so try both ways
- H/P monogamous pairs: in human/pokémon order, but same as above
- P/P, polyamorous, and homo pairs: you're on your own, but try searching for the character that might have less pairs

Off-site local: The (In)Complete 'Shippers List

Best place for making submissions: BMGf's designated thread
Other places: this thread, PMing myself, or NeR's guestbook function
-And overall, ask nicely.

Most importantly: look before you ask. If you cannot find what you seek, then please, inquire away. Maybe you missed it, maybe it's not there. We forgive that.

-when you have found a shipping name for your couple, you MUST formalize it, which means in the body of your post, you have to INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:
1) The shipping name you have chosen
2) The names of the characters who you were looking to give a name
3) Affirmation that this choice is absolutely your pick, no room for question.
3a) If it is questioned and you find a better name, please do the above again.

YOU have to do this; not anyone helping you, but you. Why? It's your responsibility.

Doing it wrong:
So what about *******shipping?
8D Yeah, that sounds cool. Let's go with that!
So what about *******shipping