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    Default Austria

    Hello I´m new at this great Forums.
    My real name is David and i´m from Austria.
    My Hobbies are: Taekwondo, Footbool, Pokemon and Computer and my age is 11.

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    hi austria, welcome to serebii =D
    hope you have fun, follow the rules. and have fun! =D

    There's a flame that leads our souls astray
    No one's safe from its tender touch of pain

    And every day it's looking for new slaves
    To celebrate the beauty of the grave

    We are like the living dead
    Sacrificing all we have

    For a frozen heart and a soul on fire
    We are like the living dead

    Craving for deliverance
    With a frozen heart and a soul on fire

    -- SPC --
    -- Last.Fm --
    -- Pair/Credit --

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    Hi Austria welcome to the Serebii forums, i hope you enjoy yourself.

    Credit to Mr. Joker for the Glee banner
    Credit to Skiyomi for the lovely Blue Snover banner

    If anyone is interested in a custom ribbon for your profile pic, be sure to check out Ayra's sprite thread in the fanart section, if you want to take a look at her work have a look at my profile.

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    Thank you for the nice cordially and its super here.
    Hello I am from Austria

    (Wenn jemand Deutsch kann dann schreibt er mir bitte eine PN)

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