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    After Prince Ephraim and Princess Erika sealed away Fomortiis, the Demon King, the continent of Magvel prospered. Ephraim fulfilled his destiny to replace his father, King Fado, as emperor of Renais. He was wed to Tana of Frelia and together they raised a son, Erick. Joshua of Jehanna married the beautiful swordfighter, Marissa. He succeeded his mother, Ismaire, as ruler. Two years later Marissa gave birth to twins. When L’Arachel’s uncle, Pontifex Mansel, died, she became the queen of Rausten. Prince Innes became King of Frelia and was wed to Princess Eirika. Due to the death of Prince Lyon and Emperor Vigarder, Grado was left without a ruler. The people chose General Duessel as their Emperor. Because he had no children, when he died seven years later, he chose Cormag, a great wyvern knight of Grado, as his successor. However, Cormag declined. Peace was everywhere in Magvel.

    Twenty years after the Demon King was sealed away, the first dark creature was sighted in Rausten. The creature was creature fled from sight but was hunted down immediately. The Rausten soldiers chased the being for hours until finally it stopped. The soldiers prepared to attack the creature but were stopped by a creature three times the size of a human. This new creature murdered all the soldiers but one. The remaining soldier fled to the Rausten capital to tell of the happening. Queen L’arachel ordered a search of the Darkling Woods to find the hideout of the creatures. With a group of one hundred brave soldiers, the hideout was quickly found. However, this is not all that was found. They discovered a circular portal in the ground. The soldiers could feel the dark aura flowing from the portal. They felt as though their souls were being sapped away slowly as they stood. Suddenly, they saw a hand reach out of the portal and grab one of the soldiers. They shuddered as the agonizing scream of the soldier pierced the air. The hand scraped the ground and out came a creature that resembled the Demon King. He spoke. “You humans have destroyed my brethren. Twenty years it has taken me to break into your realm. And now my servants will wreak havoc upon you fools.” One soldier asked the being who he was and he replied with the name Nesjorla. Nesjorla retreated back into the portal and out poured a swarm of dark creatures resembling human corpses. The attack on Magvel began.


    1.Border Mulan
    2.Frelia Castle
    4.Borgo Ridge
    5.Za'ha Woods
    7.Adlas Plains
    9.Tower of Valni
    10.Fort Rigwald
    13.Za'Albul Marsh
    14.Grado Keep
    15.Port Kiris
    16.Teraz Plateau
    17.Caer Pelyn
    18.Hamill Canyon
    19.Jehanna Hall
    20.Renais Castle
    21.Narube River
    22.Neleras Peak
    23.Rausten Court
    24.Lagdou Ruins
    25.Black Temple/Darkling Woods
    26.Melkaen Coast

    Carcino-located between Renais,Jehanna and Rausten


        Spoiler:- Classes:

    Character Sheet

    Country of Origin:
    Appearance: (a good detailed description. around 5 sentences)
    Background: (good well-thought. around 3 sentences)
    Personality: (how your person acts. around 3 sentences)

    Character Info
    Please put some thought into your character. Try not to make him/her too stereotypical. Remember to have fun with it.

    1.Basic Rp rules
    2.No overpowered characters
    3.Don't control other characters without permission from that person.
    4.Pg-15 Rp

    My character:

    Name: Klaus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Class: Wyvern Rider (wants to be a Wyvern Lord)
    Country of Origin: Grado
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Appearance: He has short wild black hair to his shoulders. He has dark blue armor with a missing shoulder. The armor has battle scars on the chest and leg armor. The armor fits loosely due to his small size. He always carries his lance in his right hand.
    Background: Due to being born after the fall of Grado, he was forced to help with the reconstruction. The hard work helped him build muscles. At the age of 16 he decided to join the Grado army but was initially rejected. He challenged one of the recruiters to a duel and lost--injuring his left arm. The recruiter saw his potential and determination to prove himself and allowed him to join. He rides on his dragon, Vicious.
    Personality: Klaus has great determination to succeed. He fails frequently but takes his failures to heart and learns from them. He has the tendency to being overly optimistic. He earns the respect for others because of his willingness to help those in need. Easily approached due to his calm and nice demeanor. A fierce fighter.
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