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Thread: Platinum Help Thread.

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    It say the region it's from and the level it arrived, regardless if it's trading between D/P/P copies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Joker View Post
    ^^ More then once. However I am not sure if after you challange them X times they will no longer battle you.

    Another question(s)
    1. What is the Time Limit in the Wi-fi Plaza?
    2. I was lurking around the Platinum Wi-fi subforum and it had the mini-games. Do you have to go into the Wi-fi Plaza to do this or is it in the union room?
    3. Can you choose who you want in the Wi-fi plaza (Connect with friends) or is it all random all the time?

    1) ~20 mins. As for per day. I've only had it not let me in if I quit early, cause it sent me to an empty roon.
    2) You can do the mini games with friends, in the "friends roon" (basically they changed the friends list you see in D/P to a room with sprites)
    3) No, the wifi plazas are all random. Like I just said, you can do mini games with friends by inviting them in the friends room.

    What bugs me about the new GTS: When you upload a box of pokes to show off, it only displays the box with their sprites. No summaries, and all names are set to the language of the game. Sadness, since my box of shiny floatzel I gathered over the past few months will just look like a box of all the same poke :/

    And to answer further up: you can battle each trainer in the cafe once a day. They change at 0:00, and what oens are there depend on what furniture you have bought for the resort house, supposedly.
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    How do I get out of Hearthome city? I've already talked to the people in the Contest hall and then went to the gym but I don't know what to do now?
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    I know you said you went to the gym, but did you get the gym badge?
    Fantina's the 3rd gym leader now.
    You should definitely be set to head to the east exit if so.

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    Indeed. Well, I'm restarting this thread because Platinum is about to be out, but I'm not going to be here when it happens.


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