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Thread: I'm New to Serebii

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    Default I'm New to Serebii

    Hi, I'm Jirachi08, but you guys can call me Mike. I own a forum like this with a forum-based RPG so i know how much stress it can be to update.

    I hope to be welcomed kindly into the community and have some fun chatting with my fellow members. I will have to find myself around the forum first, though.

    Okay, a little information about myself. I am 14 years of age, I know, quite young, but that doesn't mean I'm not intelligent and literate. I am completely devoted and addicted to pokemon, so I'm sure I will fit in right here. I love roleplaying, hopefully I'll find a few unique forum-based RPG's here.

    Thanks for your time, Michael
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    Welcome to serebii. have fun and stuff!
    and please read the rules and stuff.

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    Hi, I'm 14 too and I hope you enjoy the forum... I don't really come here much so I don't know much about it....
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    Welcome to Serebiiforums, Jirachi08. Have fun, and of course, the usual, read the rules.
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