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Thread: ok, i need some friends here plz

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    Default ok, i need some friends here plz

    ok, i need some friends here plz.

    My info

    Real Name: Sailor (i know wiered name)
    favorite pokemon: Glaceon
    Aditional info: i created the game Dragonoids [(not a popular game) i would give more info on my site but i cant advertise. srry]

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    You should try joining social groups and find people with similar interests as you. That way, you'll have something to talk about, and it won't be awkward like you just coming out and saying "I need friends". So, I suggest social groups. ; D

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    I agree with Alkaide. Try making a better intro thread that tells more about you.
    the answer we're looking for won't be found easily,
    but we knew that when we took the first step.

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