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    Default Finding the Golden Rule (PG)

    It's been two years, hasn't it? Well, a long time ago, I did this fic, The Battle for Friendship, which, looking back now, wasn't very good grammar-wise, but had an original plot. Well, I asked my viewers about the idea of a sequel, and they all agreed. Because I had already started doing one, I decided to go ahead and work my fingers off to post it up.

    Fall came and went, and I never did post it. In fact, I gave up on it because it strayed off-topic a majority of the time, and was just not working out. However, it never left my mind, and nagged at me, even after I went AWOL and my old laptop died. So, recalling the events I enjoyed (though I'm sad to leave out the Stantler organization of S.A.N.T.A. Stantler Annoy Naughty Trainers Always because it's not worth it), I decided to re-write it.

    And having discovered the site again, I figured: "Why not? I made a promise, so I'll stick to it." So, here it is, the long-awaited sequel my readers have been waiting for two years to read.

    Sorry about the long intro, I just wanted to give a little background history as to why the sequel's so late.

    Some parts won't make sense unless you read the prequel, but it's not quite recommended. This takes place 25 years after the war ended. Oh, and though it doesn't make sense, I ended up still having Mia live in a house xD. It stuck from the first version, so I had to. And as mentioned in the prequel's epilogue, she's married to Mewtwo, who speaks in Italics.

    Rated PG for mild language, mild peril and violence.

    Disclaimer: The Pokémon characters here or mentioned are copyrighted to Satoshi Tajiri. The few original characters in here are of my creation.

    Now, without further ado, here's Finding the Golden Rule. Enjoy!


    Prologue: Discovery

    Mount Silver, the only other true landmark that connects Kanto with Johto next to Tohjo Falls east of New Bark Town, usually is a peaceful place. Many Pokémon species thrive amid the mountain's shadows, their power abnormally greater than those that live further away. The elevation and strong creatures make the trip dangerous. Like Cerulean Cave before it mysteriously collapsed, the Pokémon League had control over it, choosing who went in the territory or not. The rule had always been followed by the loyal Trainers, who took his or her time to meet the special requirement of becoming a Pokémon Master. Only a few had entered and returned unscathed.

    But rules were meant to be broken, whether for good or bad, as was the case with illegal organizations that have spread throughout the land. Team Rocket never was the one to obey and stay broken up. Believed to have ended years ago, no one suspected Mount Silver to be targeted by them, one of their first acts in returning. Neither did they have knowledge of the official satellite that was launched back in the days of their reign. Having cleverly disguised it as the Hoenn's project, it still continued to remain in orbit, taking snapshots of the rain forests, jungles, even the trenches of the sea in their greedy search for rare and powerful Pokémon.

    Their search happened to end up at Silver, sending the headquarters amazing photos of the grasslands and even sneak peeks into the caves if it caught any holes in the rock. The Grunts were astonished, their slow minds barely soaking in anything it was telling them. The few Admins saw the profit they could make with the powerful creatures living there. The pictures were at random, yet very clear and vividly colored. When the satellite passed into the mountains of Blackthorn, they gathered up the photos into a separate file and sent it off to the higher ranks.

    After thoroughly searching them, reports came in a couple hours later with their opinions:

    “We've already sent Grunts over to the mountain, and none of them succeeded, if still alive.”

    “You can find Gyarados anywhere. What makes these so special?”

    “Tyranitar don't agree with us.”

    “Last time we were there, the Pokémon League almost caught us poaching.”

    These were from the different groups who had been assigned a certain amount of pictures. But one found an extraordinary photograph they never commented to the others. Instead, it was immediately sent to the Secretary, and he nearly fainted upon glancing at it. Without another word to the others, he sped for the office of Team Rocket's leader, barging through the door with cries of “Sir, they found it!”

    The man, usually one who lost his temper very easily upon disruption, grew very interested, and didn't even snap at him to leave. From his seat, he shot up very quickly, and reached out a hand for the report. He was handed a single satellite photo of what appeared to be grassland. Clearly shown in the middle was a small, salmon-colored Pokémon, the shape of a cat. The long, skinny tail was in a loop, frozen during its flips. Nearby was a small, greenish-gray Larvitar, lying on its back so its ruby-red belly was seen, arms sprawled out. But it wasn't important, no. The cat was the main interest.

    A sinister grin appeared on the Rocket Boss's face, and an evil chuckle emitted from his throat. “Excellent work,” he congratulated, his dark eyes unable to tear away from the picture. “Where was this taken?”

    “Mount Silver, Sir,” he reported, standing erect. “Our satellite passed by a couple of hours ago.”

    “Well then, by the time we get the copters ready, it'll be around sunset. If it hasn't already left, the Mew would be sleeping.” Releasing the photo so it drifted to his desk, he pointed out the door. “Gather our strongest henchmen and get them on the copters in fifteen minutes. We can't let this one get away.”

    With a salute, the Secretary ran out of the office. A greedy glint to the eye, the boss sat back down, hands clasped together. It's been many years since he last seen it, yes. False reports have been made about sightings of it, but pictures never lie. Not even the rarest of all Pokémon could escape from a spacecraft.

    The power would soon be his.


    Chapter One: Capture

    “Mommy, why do I have to go to bed? It's only summer.”

    Mia smiled at the comment, holding her gently to attempt to wash her daughter's face. “I know, Bianca, but even little Mews have to get their rest.”

    The small kitten kept squirming in her mother's hands, trying to escape from the drenched washcloth. “Mmph, I'm not tired. I could play with Dillian all night long.”

    “There are dangerous predators out at night,” her mother explained, scrubbing Bianca's cheek when the child couldn't bend any further. “Many are Dark Pokémon, and not very friendly. If you were to get hurt, I'd be very sad.”

    “Dillian's a Dark Pokémon, and we get along just fine.”

    A fit of laughter came from the doorway, and the little Mew scowled at her brother. He was slightly taller than her and white instead of pink, but he was the same height as Mia. He was leaning up against the entrance, violet tail swishing in mirth. Pointing at her with a knob-like finger, he gasped, “Doofus! He's a Ground! Everybody knows that!”

    “Andrew, don't call her names,” his mother warned, failing to see the tongue her daughter stuck out.

    His sapphire eyes lightened up when he answered “Yes, Mom,” frowning at his sister's expression. “But she's making faces at me!”

    “Am not!”

    Mia released her when she was finished, sighing heavily. “Kids, not before your bedtime. Andrew, let me wash your face.”

    “I already did!” he quickly exclaimed, backing away from the bathroom. “And I brushed my teeth, too!”

    His twin flew up to him, narrowing her amethyst eyes. “Let me see, then!”

    “No, get away!”

    That was when a blue aura surrounded him, much to his disappointment. Sulking, he was pulled into his mother's grasp. He pouted as he sat on the counter, awaiting his fate. “Oh, Andrew,” she whispered, wringing the washcloth under the running water. “Why can't you get along with Bianca?”

    “Because she's a girl,” he grumbled, his skinny arms folded tightly across his chest. “And girls carry loads of-ACKPTH!” The cold water made contact with his face before he could finish, and his sister enjoyed watching him struggle. She couldn't help but point and laugh.

    It was lucky for him Mia was careful with her children. She was mild in her scrubbing, yet he would complain about his face being rubbed off or getting too clean. Bianca grew tired of poking fun of her brother and instead asked her mother questions. The answers were pleasing, though she would still get confused from it, adding even more queries. Andrew would roll his eyes as he listened, knowing he could give her his answers if she asked. He knew everything, after all. If Mom or Dad weren't around, he did it with a simple statement and left it at that. Sometimes though, he would get in trouble when she decided to get a second opinion.

    Bianca decided to ask another question before she could fall asleep. As Mia tucked her in, she piped up, “Mommy, where'd you get that necklace?”

    The Mew smiled, her fingers wrapping around the golden links. The single, curvy word “Friend” glinted in the lamp-light when it moved. “My best friend gave it to me when I was twelve, around twenty-five years ago.”

    “Who was she?”

    “Her name's Azalea Vanner, though her surname is now Fuji.”

    “Is she a Pokémon like us?”

    Mia shook her head. “She's a human.”

    Andrew turned his attention toward his mother at the word. Human? As in what Nurse Joy was? “What's a human?” was his sister's next question. He rolled his eyes.

    “You remember Nurse Joy from down the hill, in that big round building?” When her daughter nodded, she added, “That's what a human is, and that's who Azalea is. Only, she's not a nurse, but a mother. She has three daughters.”

    Bianca sat up. “I don't understand. Why friends with a human?”

    “Because she's a sweet-heart and a very brave woman. I still have yet to introduce you two to her. The next time I go back to visit, I'll bring you along.”

    “Has Daddy met her?”

    Mia grinned. “Once, back in the first days of engagement. He was...” She briefly looked away as she thought of a word that wasn't very offensive. “...very reluctant to go.”

    “What's 'relactent' mean?”

    “It means he didn't want to go,” her twin spoke up from his bed. “Right, Mom?”

    She nodded. “Exactly.”

    “But why?” the kitten wondered some more, her violet eyes bright with curiosity. “Why didn't he want to go?”

    The Mew sighed to herself. She was afraid the subject would come up. Gently pushing her back down to the pillow, she replied, “When your father's ready to answer, you can ask him. But he still won't talk about it.”


    “Oh, you curious little thing. One day, you'll know the answer.” She kissed her forehead lightly. “For now, sleep. You have much to do in the morning.”

    “Aw, again?” But Bianca snuggled into her covers, turning to her side so she could face away from the wall.

    Smiling, Mia flew over to Andrew. “Good night, son,” she whispered, kissing him as well. “Behave tonight, okay? You know I need my rest. Nurse Joy's orders.”

    “When is it due again?” he asked, wiping a hand on his forehead. He hated good-night kisses.

    She placed a hand on her bulging stomach. “In a few months, sometime after your birthday.”

    “Five-years-old I'll be,” he grinned, laying his head down.

    “And me!” his sister giggled, making him sigh.

    Mia noticed. “Andrew, be nice to your sister. You two are very special twins. Be thankful Nurse Joy was able to keep you both alive until you no longer needed any medical support.”

    Her pregnancy with the twins was a difficult one, as her body wasn't meant to carry them. She didn't know the dangers being a first-time mother, and thus didn't get the much rest she needed. Had it not been for a mysterious miracle, she would've lost them in the delivery. Now expecting again, she was more prepared and had asked for the twins' cooperation. Her powers were growing more limited, and eventually she'll be unable be able to move around. It was very different when it came to her two children. With the due date growing closer, she now needed to be cautious even more. Feeling herself becoming weak again, she turned out the light and proceeded to leave the room. “Where'd your father go, by the way? He's been out since after dinner.”

    “Maybe he's talking to the neighbors?” Bianca guessed. “Or telling the Dark Pokémon to keep away?”

    “No, Bianca, don't be stupid,” her brother snorted. “Why would he?”

    “Andrew, what'd I say?”

    “Sorry, Mom,” he muttered, turning around in his bed. “`Night.”

    “`Night, Mommy!”

    Waving to them, Mia softly closed the door. Exhaling deeply, she made her way out of the house. Opening the wooden front door, the cold chill of the mountain air blew in, stinging her skin with less intensity than it normally would, her delicate fur keeping the warmth close. She glanced around the shadowed yard for her husband. When her keen eyesight didn't see him near-by, she flew off a ways, hoping he wasn't too far from the house. Moaning under the pressure of carrying a child and feeling herself losing her strength, she gazed up at the night sky. Though the moon was out, the clouds from the previous rainstorm kept slinking in front of it, blocking the silver rays. He'd be coming back soon, she knew. Yet, there was a ledge not too far off. One could stand at the edge and see an endless mileage of grassland, the Pokémon Center within sight at the hill's edge below. And at the moment she looked over, she spotted the silhouette of her husband, over-looking the landscape.

    Placing her hands underneath her belly to support it, she floated over to his side, spying the lights on inside the building. Glancing over, she saw he was indeed staring at the Center, a questionable look in his sharp eyes. Mia reached over to touch his shoulder. “Mewtwo, honey? It's time to come in,” she reminded him. “You've been out for a while.”

    He nodded, shoulders heaving in a sigh. “I know, Mia,” he said, turning his attention to her. The eyes, though harsh in appearance, were soft in gaze. “Are the children in bed?

    “Without a fuss.” She smiled, even though she was steadily growing tired and in pain.

    Sensing her fatigue increasing, Mewtwo gathered her in his bony, yet powerful arms, holding her close to his chest. Mia nuzzled up against him, ear pressed to hear his heartbeat. It was a remedy of hers when in stress to be held by her husband, kept warm by his soft fur and soothed by the life inside him. She closed her eyes when he began to rub her stomach. “It won't be long now,” he told her. “You are getting your rest, are you?

    “I don't repeat the same mistakes again,” she assured him. “Hopefully, I won't have problems this time.”

    He wrapped his tail around them, looking back up to face the Center. Mia glanced up to know he was in his thoughts, yet the way he kept staring at the building got her concerned. “Is something wrong, hon?” she inquired.

    He was silent for a few moments, thinking about what to say so as to not get her worked up. If she wasn't in her mood swings, he'd say exactly what he planned. He started carefully. “It's ironic how I promised to not make contact with a human being. And yet, here we live in a quiet, untouchable area with a nurse not too far off. Sure, she's a nice woman, but... I'm just surprised she said nothing about us.

    “She told us herself she would keep our identities a secret,” the Mew recalled from the first day they entered the valley. “It's been kept, hasn't it?”

    Yes, but... sometimes a Trainer would come by and stay at that place for a day or two. Now, no one outside the mountain range has seen hide nor tail of us, but it's only a matter of time before someone does.

    “Well, I trust her.”

    Mia, Mia... You've been around humans longer than I have.” She heard a quiet growl in his sternum, a warning he was beginning to lash out. “I, however, have been with the wrong group for too long. It's harder for me to trust than it is to you. Your human friend wasn't an exception. It's amazing you've kept contact all this time, and yet nothing has happened.

    “Azalea knows what her brother-in-law did was wrong,” Mia said, frowning. “But she's not him. Her husband's the same. He disagreed with his brother and suffered with him. What he did was his choice. But just because they're of the same family now doesn't mean you should judge her.”

    What if her off-spring find out about their uncle's past? Would they act upon it as well?

    “They're wonderful daughters, Mewtwo. Remember, even if there's a bad apple in a family, it doesn't mean the whole batch is spoiled. Tyler, though he looked up to his brother, had gone a different direction long before the other did his. He learns from his brother's mistakes and vows never to act upon them.”

    Children idolize easily. They could take this the wrong way.

    The cat sat up and stared Mewtwo in the eye sternly. She grasped his shoulders before continuing on. “Her children, honey, are grown-up now. They know the difference between good and evil, their parents taught them that. I promise you they're good people, and I trust them with my life. When will you learn to look at the world optimistically and find out for yourself not everyone's like... him? As long as there's still love in the world, there's the good. I learned this as a child many years ago. And our children are interested in life. One day, they will know the good and the bad. They can't be protected from the world for very long. It'll catch up to them.”

    He shook his head. “No. I don't want them mentally scarred. They're not ready for reality. They can't learn this yet.

    “We're not going to throw everything in their faces, dear,” Mia sighed. “Little by little, we'll be teaching them. Every day, they're learning something new, for the good and bad. Just today, Andrew discovered exploring unknown territory can get him lost.”

    Mewtwo groaned inwardly. He had spent the morning looking for his lost son when he wasn't in his room, growing impatient—and worried—with every unsuccessful hiding place he could be in. Upon finding him stuck inside a small hole in Silver's cave (“How in the WORLD did you get in there?!” he had yelled at him in disbelief before widening the opening), he nearly caved in part of the tunnel getting him out. After the scolding from his parents, Andrew was grounded. “Oh, how can we forget?” he dryly wondered.

    “Whether he chooses to do it again or not will be his choice in life,” she continued, ignoring his satire. “But we gave the lecture to Bianca in hopes she wouldn't do it as well. These are small lessons, Mewtwo, but as they get older, they will be taught bigger things.”

    We have plenty of time for that talk,” he pointed out.

    “There's that, but also about you.” Mia hugged him around the neck. “Bianca asked me why you didn't want to go visit Azalea at first. I told her to wait until you were ready.”

    He raised his eyes worriedly to the heavens. He was afraid that certain question would come up. “I don't want the kids to think they have a... false father.

    “You aren't false!” she chided, surprised. “You're real, just like the rest of us! This proves it!” She grasped his hands and placed them on her stomach, just as the child inside kicked. “The twins prove it. I prove it. You just don't take pride in yourself, dear. And even if you do turn out false for whatever reason, just be real for the children. They have a father figure to look up to. Don't destroy it. Build it. For them.” She leaned her head up against his throat. “For me.”

    Mewtwo slid his hands to her back, hugging her close. He closed his eyes, thoughts now turned to the twins. They indeed looked up to him, sometimes mimicking nearly every movement he did if they found it interesting, or even taking his words seriously. There were nights he heard the children arguing who acted like him the best, and he would chuckle about it. As their parent and current teacher, he knew what a figure he was to them. But the most important thing was caring for them. He was scared in the early hours, yes, frightened and worried about his son. Grounding him was the least bit of severity he could give, though thankful he was unharmed. It was a blessing, yet a curse all the same. With Mia, however, he knew it was more of a special gift than something he was stuck with unwillingly. And he couldn't say no to her.

    They parted from the sweet embrace when his wife perked up. One of her ears flicked. “Do you hear something?” she whispered, looking around the area keenly.

    Indeed he did; the source was coming from the sky. It wasn't a flap of wings of passing Murkrow, the whistling soar of the occasional Skarmory, or anything that came from a living creature. It was more the sound of beating fans at a very high speed that grew to a roar. The wind started to pick up swiftly, almost knocking the Mew over. Turning their attention to the above, they saw with horror the shape of a man-made flying machine against what little moon was shining. With the one came a few more, the whirs of the blade-like fans tuning in intensity. Its metallic shell gleamed perfectly at an angle, revealing a printed crimson “R” on the side.

    The psychic cats gasped at one glance. “It's them!” Mia breathed heavily, eyes unable to tear away from the fleet of helicopters. “They found us!”

    Mewtwo took action at once. “Mia, fly back and get the children!” he ordered, standing up, still clutching her to his chest. “Take them to Mount Silver immediately! They can't all follow you there.

    “What will you do?” she queried once released from his grip.

    I'll keep them at bay to give you some time. Don't argue with me and go.

    “No! I can't leave you alone!”

    There isn't time!” he growled, eyes blazing in rage. She backed away a bit from the sight, shivering in fear. “Take the kids and hide! I'll catch up.

    Mia wasn't very eager to leave him alone to fight off the Rockets. But the one look in his fiery eyes, and she didn't have any choice. Choking out a “Good luck”, she hurried to the house as fast as her body was enabling her to go. Her stress was beginning to slow her down, but the thought of protecting the twins dulled the pain. Upon arrival, the door swung open as Bianca flew down toward her. It wasn't from fear of the invasion, but of a sign she had been bothered. Andrew wasn't too far behind. “Mo-ommy-y-y!” she cried out. “Andrew was throwing his things at me, and I told him to stop, but he wouldn't!”

    “It's not true!” he shouted quickly over her little voice. “It's Bianca who's keeping me awake with her questions! She started it!”

    The Mew didn't hear what they had to say, and instead began demanding their attention. “Children, now is not the time to tattle on each other,” she quickly responded. “Head to the cave, and into the emergency room where we showed you.”

    The children were confused, not taking heed of the strong winds. “Why, is it another drill?” the girl kitten guessed.

    “Are we spending the night there?” her twin took his turn.

    Her mood swing immediately took effect, and she angrily pointed in the cave's direction. “I don't want to hear another word from you two!” she yelled. “Just follow my instructions and get into the cave, now!”

    Bianca looked behind her mother. “Where's Daddy?” she pointed out, before being ushered away by a pull to the arm.

    “He'll come in few minutes, now hide in the cave!” Mia's voice was ready to holler, and she wrenched the kittens from the area. They were becoming fearful, one from the anger in their mother, and the other from the void in front of them. Their eyesight hadn't sharpened as their parents', and had never seen what the area looked like at nighttime. The experience was a shock to them, and they could only whimper at the surrounding black.

    Suddenly, there came the crack of a scream from far behind them, and it caused the Mew to drop Bianca's arm at once. She gave a gasp and spun around, eyes wide with dread. The twins searched the sky, wondering where it came from. They noticed something was missing. “Where's Dad?” Andrew muttered in worry.

    Mia could only mouth her husband's name, her heart in shock. And with a wail, she fell to her knees, sobbing into her hands. “Mewtwo... no... NO!” It was over. She knew better than to leave him alone, but he insisted. He couldn't handle the Rockets' advanced power of technology. Only they knew what hideous machine they used to snag him.

    The kittens turned to each other frightfully. What had happened? Bianca inched up to her mother, wanting to know what was going on. “Mommy? Where's Daddy?”

    The small voice only caused her to weep harder.

    Over the hill, they heard gruff voices, shouting to one another. Squeaking, the girl shot behind her brother, who floated frozen in spot, confused. “Mom? What's happening?”

    Abruptly, the sobbing ceased, only allowing the tears to fall in silence. Slowly, Mia raised her head to face the source of the Rockets, and her grief was depleted. They were advancing, armed with terrible weapons that would harm her and her children. Being several months pregnant wasn't a wonderful advantage when in need of protection. But her motherly instincts kicked in, and launching into the air, she pushed the kittens into the safety of the dark cave. “Hide yourself,” was all she told them before turning around to face her perpetrators.

    Being the youngest, Bianca wasn't the one to do clearly as she was told. Her curiosity at the age of four got a good hold on her, keeping her back. She wanted to know exactly what they were hiding from, and why her father had gone missing. Her brother, though he had as much knowledge as his sister about the whole thing, knew better than to disobey his mother. Sensing his sister wasn't behind him, he turned back in time to watch her pause at the entrance, staring out at the scene before her. He shot back to her, grabbing her hand to her surprise. “Come on, Bianca! We have to hide, Mom said!”

    She shook her head. “No, I wanna see the humans some more.”

    He stopped. “Humans? Here?”

    “See for yourself! Mom's fighting them off!”

    Before their eyes, they were able to see the hidden powers of their protective mother. One by one, she was throwing them aside like how they have seen her with pillows at their father in one of her moods. They were picked up by an invisible source, save for a mysterious rosy glow, and tossed to a random direction. The children could hear them land not too far off, and little, strange words would come from them. What was interesting about the humans was how they were dressed in all black, seen from the light of the moon, and always wearing caps on their heads. In their hands, they carried unidentifiable, shiny objects, though Andrew thought one looked like the dart gun he had before it was taken away for misusing it. And yet, none of them had a clue what was happening and why they were there. “Who do you think they are, sis?” he murmured to her.

    She shook her head, shoulders raised. “I don't know. But it looks fun.” She watched as a human was thrown into a group standing by, knocking them over.

    “Think we should help? Mom's getting tired.” He pointed at how she was dropping altitude and was slower at dodging fired shots of the nets.

    “Dunno, I'll ask.” Taking a deep breath, Bianca shouted out, “Mommy, can we help?”

    Mia gasped, snapping her head back to see the children exposed to the Rockets, who spotted them as well. She was angry at them for staying, but it consisted more of fear for the children's safety. “Kids, run!” she called out to them. “You're not supposed to be here!”

    The small rosy kitten tilted her head. “Why?”

    That was when Andrew yelled out in astonishment, pointing at the nearest human. The man had stepped up to them when he exclaimed “I have the kittens covered!” He raised a long, wide item onto his shoulder, aiming the barrel of the weapon at the kittens. She looked up as well and began screaming without knowing why.

    Her powers fading, Mia grew unconcerned for her own safety in exchange for the kids. Gathering the last of her available strength, the mother spread out her arms. The dying wind came to life on her silent command, scattering the Rockets around her. Aiming for the kittens, she swung around once and a narrow twister shot from the ground before her, speeding for the twins and the threatening Rocket. In the corner of his eye, the man spotted the funnel and dove for the ground, dropping his weapon. Andrew and Bianca caught the sign too late. Being light in weight, they were sucked into the funnel, grabbing for each other and screaming.

    “Andrew, I'm scared!” his sister shrieked, her hands loosening from the winds.

    He could barely open his eyes to see her, his mind believing they were going to die. He wasn't even sure if he was breathing. But his grip on the only family he had with him, though it squeezed the hardest he could, was starting to slip. By letting go, he was destined to perish. Gathering the little air in his lungs he could get, he hollered to her over the howl, “Don't let go! It's our only chance!”

    Their strength not fully developed, they fell away from each other, and were lost inside the spinning vortex. The lack of proper oxygen caused the two to pass out even before they knew what was befalling them.

    Mia began to tremble in weakness and anxiety as she swept her arms to the side, guiding the tornado away from sight, carrying the children with it. The tears welled up, but only a few trickled down her face as she watched the storm she created pass by, knowing it would last until it passed the mountains. She feared for their safety, but believed they would be taken care of. She could only pray they make it to the destination together and in one piece.

    Her strength used up, she collapsed with a struggling breath. Seeing her weakened and their chance, the Rockets gathered around her for the tranquilizing, evil triumphant grins on their shadowed faces. Mia's vision started to blacken even before they powered up the gun. The last thoughts were on the kittens before she fainted when the needle pierced her neck, accepting her fate.


    A/N Originally, it was to start without a prologue and where they had been chased out of their house.

    I'll try to post a new chapter every Saturday when I can. Otherwise, I'll notify you. Thank you!

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    Weeeeeeelcome back hun! *pummels with cookies* x3

    The intro's fine - It's nice to know, although I wouldn't have been treated you any different of you hadn't included it. *hugs* It really is good to see you back.

    And Mia! Her relationship with her hubby and children was wonderful to read, and by god, woman - you've gotten so much better. :3 The children, especially Andrew (why do I always prefer the guys?), are delightful. x3

    A timeskip! Always fun. :3 As I said, it's great to see Mia again, and you've written her pregnancy well.

    That cliff hanger, by the way, is evil. I demand the next chapter promptly next saturday. *waves walking stick like a crotchety little old lady*


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    Exclamation Chapter update!

    katiekitten: *covered with cookies* Oh noez :O! Snickerdoodles!

    I love writing about family relationships, if not about friends. I really don't know why; maybe it's because I don't have a love life and thus I don't know anything about it xD. But yeah, I like chapter one. I love writing about the children. And Andrew... *grins* You'll like him even more. He's not going to be the same four-year-old again, I'll give you that.

    See what a year-long absence can do to you? Descriptions everywhere! Muah ha ha ha, I'm still evil after all this time >D. There's more evil cliffhangers to come. Thanks for replying, dear! *huggles*

    Alrighty, the second chapter! This time, I've now introduced the new, main characters. I must warn you, it's a bit... weird. Maybe it's because of the youngest Fuji girl, or because I was having too much fun writing it, I don't know. However, I'm very sure you'll all enjoy this one.

    The plot continues! Introducing-- chapter two!


    Chapter Two: Rescue

    Pewter City had seen better afternoons. The blue-gray sky was still recovering from the night storm over twelve hours earlier, the wispy clouds floating lazily along. The sunlight wasn't strong today from the cover, but it still managed to leak through. The morning dew still existed from the drizzles at sunrise, the heavy droplets dripping steadily from the leaves, and gleaming in the rays. The sidewalks and streets were swept clean of dust, puddles of various sizes spotted in shapes and patterns from where they formed. Soil had become pints of muddy water overnight, a sight small children squealed happily over. Small, scruffy Pidgey and Spearow gathered to pluck up any worms that had squirmed up in response to the moisture. From a plain, white two-story, a narrow waterfall slipped down a drainpipe, feeding a growing garden planted next to the house.

    The house belonged to the Fuji family, consisting of three daughters. Daisy Fuji was the oldest girl at the age of fifteen. Everyone could say she was a mixture of her father and mother put together. Her hair was a unique shade of magenta, a combination of short and long. It was short enough to grow to a horizontal line behind the shoulder blades, yet it extended in waves down her back, curling at the ends. Two corkscrews fell over each of her ears, thinning as it came to the tips. Her face, even in harsh circumstances, was one of calm status of angelic posture. It was commonly her most recognized feature, even when she was a Trainer on the road. But if it wasn't that, her eyes of dark indigo would show the real emotion of excitement, anger, or sadness.

    When she was barely five, her mother conceived with twin girls. They turned out to be her companions in childhood before leaving for her journey. They were named Mia and Bree. Mia Fuji was the oldest by an estimated four minutes. She was a beautiful child, which everyone complimented on. Her hair at birth was a very fiery red, darkening as she grew older. Her bangs split into four curls that eventually arched over her eyes, two straight pieces curved over and past her ears, and she kept her hair shoulder-length. It was a unique growth, for it tightly curled at the ends, almost ending up with two large rolls resting behind the shoulder blades. Mia always commented it made her look more tom-boyish, seeing as she never fussed over her hair vainly. And she normally dressed like how a tom-boy would, though with feminine style to it. She had a likeness for button-up shirts—many long-sleeved, and preferred jeans to skirts and shorts. Her eyes were of a dark purple, and the gazes were usually serious-looking, making her seem stern.

    She blames her twin for the characteristic. Bree Fuji was the almost exact polar opposite of her, though she has never classified herself as girly or tom-boyish. While her other sisters looked more like their mother, she herself seemed to get her looks from her father's side. Her face was similar to his, but her hair was different when it came to untidiness. The color was aqua like her father, however, she had her grandmother's style. Her bangs were three, identical clumps that were almost uneven, resting just above her eyes of childish blue. Because she always grew it out long, she kept it up in two ponytails, making it seem bushier than it already was. They were usually kept up by ribbons her mother had given her, sometimes of the same color. Her dress attire consisted of a plain T-Shirt as long as it was short-sleeved, and shorts, with the occasional jeans, sometimes skirts, and never dresses. She disliked the dresses more than the skirts, even if they were frilly-free. No one seemed to understand why.

    With Mia the one who seemed more like other children, it was unimaginable the two were twins in the first place. Bree had a different way of thinking, they all agreed on that. She was a very intelligent person, but she apparently couldn't understand idioms and figures of speech without taking it the other way. Sometimes, the girl would blurt out random questions without thinking, disrupting conversations and making children snicker rudely. Distinguishing certain body language was difficult, considering she never looked at the person directly. Her speech was very unique in how she used certain words, such as “probably” before “might”. Her low finger dexterity made her very clumsy, sometimes dropping even light objects without meaning to. She loathed hugs and touches with a passion, and would freak every time someone even tapped her shoulder. When sitting down, she constantly rocked, claiming moving made her seem more land-based. Her interests were very limited to anything dealing with science, something her parents were excited about, but she would bore anyone about the formation of the planets, photosynthesis, and so forth. This even limited friends, though she never did like playing with others anyway.

    Indeed, she was a strange child, the very opposite of her twin. So strange, her parents had her checked out by doctors when problems had gone overboard. They were baffled, saying she would outgrow it. A professional eventually declared Asperger's Syndrome when she exclaimed his mustache wasn't properly clean and gave a lecture on the water cycle from out of the blue (“I just wanted to remind you guys!” she had stated when interrupted). And with the diagnose came the counseling and an IEP. But Bree remained Bree, refusing to change her care-free attitude. Mia seemed mortified about why her twin had to be different.

    And it continued to the present day, when she and her opposite were being watched by their sister while the parents were gone on anniversary. The house had never been as chaotic, with argues over every little thing and fights over turns for this and that. Daisy, though the sitter, left them be until it would grow violent, where she pried them apart and placed them in different rooms. After one over the hairbrush going missing in the morning, they were ordered away from one another until the rage passed. Bree was assigned her bedroom—her half, anyway, the cost in sharing a room. She remained on her side of the bedroom, lying on top of her unkempt covers. She was planning on fixing her bed and picking up her things, but the previous debate left her in resting mode, the volcano inside her calming to a dormant.

    The ten-year-old was sleeping it off, trying to forget the event altogether inside her dreams. On the floor was the hacky-sack she had been tossing in her anger as a way to get her mind off Mia. Her window was open half-way from when she felt a need to cool off, having noticed her body temperature rising when she was raging. The air was still wet from the previous night, leaving the room with a damp scent and windowsill slick. A small, yellow mouse found itself struggling to land on it without slipping backward outside with a squeak of surprise. It eventually decided upon gripping the edge and climbing inside, which proved to be even difficult to keep itself from sliding. A few tries more, it was able to pull itself up and hop to the carpet below. With black-tipped ears flicking, the Pikachu gave a leap onto the bed, barely making the springs creak under its weight. The lighting-shaped tail swished when a small breeze hit it, and it glanced back and forth from the window to the sleeping girl. Chocolate eyes blinking, it crawled over to the pillow, sitting on its rump to watch her rest.

    Entering through the window as well, a tan cat its same size crept in carefully through the same way the Pikachu attempted. With a graceful leap, it landed on the blankets, withdrawing its claws. The single gold coin on its forehead shone beautifully even in the weak sunlight, the pupils slightly dilating for the fainter light inside. The four whiskers fluttered in the small breeze, brown-tipped tail flicking in time with the black ears. Wanting to sit by its friend, the Meowth walked on all fours to the pillow. It stared at the sleeping Bree as well.

    The Pokémon waited patiently for her to wake. When time had passed that she didn't stir in her sleep, they tired as well, curling up next to her. They were light sleepers, ears picking up any soft sounds from the room and outside. Every time the girl snored or even shifted, they perked their heads up, wondering if she was awakened. Disappointment was at every opportunity. She was the only human companion in the room, and they wanted to play with her. Batting at the other's ears and tail became dull after a certain amount of smacks.

    There came another chance for playtime when a voice called up the stairs. “Mia, Bree, lunch!”

    The Pikachu and Meowth stretched and turned to the girl. She didn't appear to have heard it. Taking the matter into its own paws, the yellow mouse rubbed its face on her cheek, hoping to wake her. With a moan, she stirred to her side, but made no other movement. It tried again. “Pi!” it squeaked, peering into her closed eyes. “Pi! Pika!”

    Bree flipped to her other side in response. The Meowth gave it a shot, leaning over her shoulder. “Nya!” it meowed into her ear. “Nya nyaa!”

    The voice came again, only louder. “Bree! Did you hear me? I said 'lunch'!”

    Pikachu ran over to the closed door, staring up at the knob above it. It jumped, stretching its arms to reach, but to no avail. “Pika pi!” it cried out, hoping the voice would hear it.

    “NYA NYAA!” the cat yowled to the girl. It worked, for Bree jumped up with surprise and irritation.

    “Wha-a-at, I'm up already!” she shouted. Her face, scrunched up with anger, softened upon seeing the Meowth in shock, fur standing on ends. “Oh, it's just you, Sidney. Sorry about that.” Yawning and stretching her arms, she closed the window, shuddering. “Gah, can't believe I slept like that. Hey, Jeffery,” she waved to the Pikachu, who had jumped back onto the bed.

    It grinned. “Pi, pikachu!”

    A loud rap sounded at the door, making her shout out in astonishment. “Bree, come downstairs!” the voice commanded from beyond. “For the third time, lunch is ready!”

    “Whaddya mean 'third time'?” Bree asked. “I just got up.”

    “Well, I called you three times, so it doesn't make a difference. Now come get some lunch!” Footsteps faded down the hall as the sister, whom she recognized as Daisy, left for the kitchen.

    Sighing, the girl stepped over her things scattered on the floor and left the room, Jeffery and Sidney following. She didn't smell anything that exclaimed “Lunch!”, but she hurried down the steps to avoid getting in more trouble. Gripping the entranceway to the kitchen, she spun herself into the room, pausing with a skid at the sight of bread, meats, salads, and cheese set out on the counter, the jar of mayonnaise and bottle of mustard off to the side. Mia had already gotten her sandwich and was eating at the table. Spotting her twin, she smugly raised a brow until she swallowed. “Disappointed, aren't you?” she asked in a falsely sweet tone, smirking. “The way you came in, it looked like you were expecting a banquet.”

    Bree sneered at her. “How was I supposed to know we were having sandwiches?” she growled, stuffing her arm into the bag for two bread slices. She pulled it out and cried out in disbelief, waving the pieces of crust forward in front of her twin. “Why the ends?!”

    “Just to annoy you,” was the immediate answer, the redhead chomping into her lunch.

    Daisy stepped in the way just as the youngest raised her hand to smack Mia's head with the bread. “It's still the same bread you know and love,” she told her calmly, arms folded, “it just has more crust on one side.”

    “That's what makes it gross!” Bree commented, slapping together an unbalanced sandwich, ignoring the lettuce. “The wizards in charge of this thinks it's funny that people who hate the crust are the ones ending up with it. It's a mean and very unfair trick.”

    Her twin sister groaned loudly, rolling her eyes. “Not the wizards again.”

    “It's true! If they can solve math equations, they can totally make a terrible joke about bread ends!” In her rage, she tore off a large morsel of her sandwich in her mouth, chewing furiously. She abruptly paused, and her face scrunched in pain. Swallowing down a good amount, she squeaked weakly, “I bit my tongue.”

    Mia snorted into her lunch, getting a glare from Bree. Their older sister once again stopped them from fighting once again. “Bree, go get the mail,” she commanded, stepping in between the twins.

    “What! I just got here!” she exclaimed.

    “As soon as you calm down, you may come in,” Daisy continued, eyes focused sharply on her sister. “Now go.”

    “Can I finish eating, first?”

    The oldest jabbed her finger toward the door. “Mail! Now!”

    Dropping her sandwich onto the counter, Bree trudged to the living room for her shoes, not noticing Jeffery staring up at her sandwich. As soon as she slipped them on and opened the door to the outside, she grumbled to herself, “I'm always getting the mail.” Pulling the knob sharply, she slammed the door stepping onto the porch, making her jump at the bang. The sudden sound startled any Pidgey in the front yard, and the timid birds flew down to across the street, peering at her irately. Flinching at the thought the neighbors could hear it in the silence, she hurried down the steps for the mailbox, not caring about soaking her shoes in the puddles. Glancing down both sides of the sleek street, she opened the tin door to spy a small pile of envelopes. She pulled them out and started to examine them, growing disappointed with every one.

    She counted them off, placing them between her fingers doing do. “Let's see, bill, bill, TV Guide, Daisy's stupid girly magazine, a report card that isn't mine... I never get letters!” Bree scowled down at the envelopes, silently vowing to herself to get a pen pal by the end of the month. Even though she knew she'd never keep in touch very often, she strangely wanted to get letters. It was a curious, hopefully short-lived desire she had.

    At that moment, she heard a small cry from behind. It was faint, but it made her look around, spotting only the Pidgey pecking at the ground. The neighborhood wasn't usually the noisy one, and a certain group of chatty people could catch attention easily. But having not seen a single person a few minutes earlier, she was confused to where it was coming from. The tiny voice eventually called out, “Help us!”

    Bree spun around, letters still in hand. She could almost hear curtains or even doors open to see who the troublemaker was. Risking bringing attention to herself, she replied back, “Is something wrong?”

    It answered immediately, in an almost relieved tone. “Hello? You hear me?”

    She spread out her arms, still trying to find the source. “Of course. Your voice is probably carrying across the neighborhood. Unless it's a real emergency, you're in trouble.”

    “I'm already in trouble! Me and my brother!”

    “You have a brother with you?”

    “Yes! Can you help us?”

    The girl turned back to face her house, waiting to see if Daisy or even Mia was coming out to check the commotion. When not even a drape swayed, she took a breath. Checking the neighbors' houses, she didn't spy one eye peeking out. She was on her own, then. “Uh... where are you guys?” she asked, backing away a few steps.

    The voice she identified as a young girl's squealed, “Ahh! Up here!”

    Up...? Bree tilted her head back, eyes widening and jaw dropping when she saw a good-sized branch of a healthy tree drop at an angle for her head. She quickly stepped to the side with a shriek of surprise, allowing the limb to clatter on the street, snapping in two. The commotion caused the tiny birds to take flight, cooing loudly as they got away from the noise. The girl stared at the spot she was in with horror, and shakily looked back up to where it had broken off. Above her, stuck between two other branches near the edge, were two cats. Because of the height they were up in, she could only make out colors of pink and white. She gasped, dropping the letters on the ground. “How...? I didn't know the neighbors had cats.”

    Being the Aipom of the family—and the only one around available—the ten-year-old dashed to the tree, and leapt for a lower branch. She grasped it tightly and pulled herself up, reaching for another one. Within a few minutes of climbing and squawked at by any nesting birds, she approached the cats, which turned out to be the strangest kittens she saw. The littlest one was the pink kitten, the only one conscious and the less scratched-up. It was trying to pull the bigger white cat out from the branch with its stubby paws, the long, skinny tail swishing around in emotion. Though it had large, hind-feet, it levitated in mid-air as it tugged on the skinny arm of the unconscious kitten. It was stuck, as Bree could see, and the most beat-up. What was unusual about it was how it differed from the little one in size and appearance. The ears weren't triangular, but instead looked more like horns bent backward. An unidentifiable cord attached the back of its head to behind the shoulder blades. Its midsection was violet, as was its long tail. The legs seemed more muscular than the bony arms, and it only had two toes on each foot. Cuts and scratches covered the body in more places than the girl could see, a bleeding gash on its left cheek.

    Bree couldn't believe her eyes. “What happened here?” she wondered out-loud, shaking her head. “You poor kittens.”

    The rosy cat looked up at her with pleading, amethyst eyes. “Can you help my brother? He's hurt.”

    At the sound of its young voice, the child almost fell out of the tree, yelling out in astonishment. “No way! You can talk!”

    It stared at her with a curious look, tilting its head. “Yeah... I guess. But I thought only Nurse Joy was the human around here.”

    “Well, I'm not Nurse Joy,” she told it, still shocked about its ability. “I'm Bree Fuji, and I live in that white house over there.” She pointed at the building across from the tree, with the mailbox out front still open and the garden flourishing beautifully.

    “I'm Bianca,” the kitten answered, following the finger to the house. “And I don't remember that house being here. Or that one, and that.”

    Bree blinked, still not believing her ears. “You... have a name... I guess you must be someone else's Pokémon if you have a name.”

    Bianca blinked back. “What do you mean? Doesn't everyone have a name?”

    “Well, sure, but... Oh, never mind,” she sighed, reaching for the unconscious kitten. “I'm here to rescue you two, not give you a lesson about names.” With ease, she pulled the cat out, unprepared for the size. “Holy crap, it's the size of a baby!” she gasped, shocked.

    The smaller kitty was confused. “Um... we're not babies,” she pointed out. “We're almost five.”

    The girl continued to shake her head. “It doesn't matter, he's huge!” She looked between the one in her hands and the other levitating in front of her. “He's bigger than you!”

    “My brother is the oldest, after all. Mommy says he'll be as big as Daddy one day, just like I'll be as big as Mommy.”

    “How in the world did your mother carry him?!” she exclaimed.

    Bianca shrugged. “I don't even know how our baby brother or sister got inside her tummy anyway.”

    Stammering and even growling to herself, Bree made the slow journey back down to earth. “Never—never mind, I'm just crazy. Mia was right, there is something wrong with me. I'm seeing... t-two kittens that I've never even seen in books.”

    The pink kitten gave a grin, flying around her in excitement. “Hey! My Mommy's name is Mia!”

    “That's strange, I didn't think Mia was a popular name.”

    “She calls me a little Mew sometimes.”

    “A MEW?!” Bree almost dropped the brother at the mention of the specie name, scaring a nesting Pidgey. With wide eyes, she stared disbelievingly at Bianca, who only continued smiling and nodding her little head. “Tha-that's impossible,” she breathed. “I thought Mews were some form of myth! No one alive has seen one or even heard about it for almost—” She gripped tighter at the branch, feeling herself lean in gravity's direction. “—a few decades! There haven't been reports on sightings during those times! People have gone to believing it's extinct. No... actually, there have been reports on sightings when my parents were younger, and when Daisy was my age, but... I-It's still impossible! How can a creature so powerful evade extinction this whole time?! It's not logical!”

    During Bree's little rant, the Mew kitten watched her with a puzzled look. Slowly shaking her head, she replied, “I don't know what you're talking about.”

    Exhaling deeply, the girl waived it away, continuing her descent. “Never mind, I'm just freaking out right now. From what I heard, a Mew is considered a mirage, yet—mmph, this is hard—a protector of the world. It does fly around to watch over us, but... not many people get to see it. But even if they do, they're not believed. Humans need evidence to believe in something, it's in our nature. Many argue over the Mew about being extinct or even still alive, declaring a want for photographic evidence or a live specimen.” Glancing at Bianca, she frowned. “Having you and your brother here isn't a very good idea. Not because the neighbors here are nosy, they're nice people, but you and him would cause... panic. And there are poachers out there who'd love to have you as a trophy.”

    “What do you mean by 'trophy'? Like winning a game?”

    Bree grimaced. The kitten, if the claim of being only four was true, was too innocent to plague her mind. With a weak grin, she replied, “Ehh... maybe that's where your parents come in to explain this.”

    The Mew lost her smile, and she hung her head. “I don't know where Mommy and Daddy are,” she whispered sadly. “Me and Andrew were carried away by this twister thingy last night.”

    “A tornado? I didn't think Kanto had tornadoes.”

    Bianca tilted to the side, glancing up. “What's Kanto?”

    “It's where we are right now, a region.” The girl gestured to the surrounding area. “It's not just Pewter City. There's a whole handful of other towns and cities around here, but further away.”

    “Never heard of Pewter City.”

    Bree glanced down from the branch she was on, trying to calculate the drop below her. She found only one other branch, protruding out of her reach. “Where did you come from, then?” she asked, scowling at the height. “I'm very certain Pokemon know where they live and everything.”

    The kitten flew in a circle around her. “The huge white mountain, of course! I'm sure you know the white mountain!” She pointed her finger off to the side. “It's right over—” There was an abrupt pause. Her purple eyes blinked rapidly as she twisted herself around, looking at the horizon. Though there was an opening free of trees and houses, she couldn't see a mountain close by she recognized. “Where'd it go?”

    “What white mountain are you talking about?” the aqua-haired girl wondered, raising a brow. “I don't exactly know if there is one in this region.”

    “But there is a mountain, I know it!” Bianca squealed, breathing quickening and eyes watering. “Th-there's a cave inside it, and lots of grass, and... small lakes! And Nurse Joy lives just down the hill...”

    “We don't have a hill here.”

    Having never known how loud cats could yowl, Bree wasn't very prepared for a shrill wail. Though a tiny kitten, her vocals were powerful in frequency. Tears rolled down her face, head thrown back to project her voice further. The girl's ears began to throb at once, and her grip on the bigger cat started to loosen, as was her footing. She could barely hear curtains draw back, and sensed the many eyes peer at the tree in suspicion, curiosity, or annoyance. She needed to get the Mew inside, and quick. “Bi—gah—Bianca!” she screamed. “Bianca, quiet down! I'm very sure I know where your mountain is!”

    “WHERE'S MOMMY-Y-Y?!” was the ear-splitting response. The tree seemed to shake from the sound waves, in Bree's opinion, and the ground ready to crack in half. It was more of an attack than an emotional reaction to a terrible, thoughtful-less answer.



    “DIDN'T YA HEAR ME?! YOUR MOTHER IS—” She never finished. Though her footing was still with the branch, her balance had depleted, adding to the extra weight she had to carry. With nothing to reach out to catch herself, the girl fell sharply. From the sudden accident, she couldn't bring herself to scream, to bring attention for help; her voice had caught on the word she couldn't say. Yet, Bianca had looked down a little too late when she didn't hear her yells. She sniffled, and stared at what had happened to Bree.

    The descent was speedy, the landing prickly. The kitten was still clutched to her arm, the girl gazing up at the cloudy sky with wide, frozen eyes. Her back was itchy, and she reached to scratch it, only to brush the skin against the leaves beneath her. In the corner of her eye, she saw a couple of crimson spots, indicating large, beautiful flowers. Much to her luck, and shock, she had managed to land in a rosebush in her neighbor's yard. Sitting up, she winced at the small cuts on her legs where she scraped them on the thorns. Glancing down at the unconscious cat, she found no other added scratches on his form. Softly floating down to eye-level, Bianca tilted her head, looking to her and Andrew. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

    “Lucky break,” she muttered, wriggling herself out of the bush. “Who would've thought the neighbor had a bush just underneath a tree? It's ridiculous.”

    The Mew looked up at the inside of the tree, drawn to the height of where she and her brother had landed. Her eyes then trailed to the broken branch in the street, laying in splinters where Andrew would've fallen to. She recalled breaking the branch in her struggle, and at how close her twin was near it. “Now that we're down, we can go home.”

    “Still, I have no clue what you mean by white mountain,” Bree pointed out, “and your brother is still unconscious. Let's get him healed first, then you can leave.”

    “Ooh, ooh, you have a Nurse Joy?” Bianca grinned, her tail flicking in excitement.

    “At the Pokemon Center in town, yes. But we have medical supplies here.”

    The kitten thought for a couple of seconds before speaking up, “Then you have a Nurse Joy at home.”

    The girl slapped her forehead, shaking her head with a sigh. She had a lot of explaining to do. “If you have Pokemon living with you, you have to stock up in case of emergency. We have plenty to spare for your brother.” She held out a hand for the Mew. “Come with me.”

    Bianca zipped into her free arm at the request, smiling up at her. Groaning to herself, Bree ran to the house. Upon reaching the porch, she recalled the scattered letters on the road. She dismissed them first glance, believing healing the Pokemon was more important than the TV Guide. The second she opened the door, she called into the house, “Hey! Look what I found!”

    Within a few moments, Mia came into the living room, officially finished with her sandwich, and having been accompanied by Sidney. Her arms were crossed at first glance, yet they fell limply to her sides when she laid her eyes on the kittens, which widened immediately. Her jaw dropped, and yet she mouthed like a Magikarp in a struggle to speak. The Meowth stretching over her shoulders lazily peered curiously at the visitors, whiskers twitching. At last, the twin started, crazed at what her sister brought. “We leave you outside to get mail for a few minutes, and you come back with two CATS?!” she exclaimed with disbelief.

    The pink kitten tilted her head, taking note of the red, tightly curled hair. She seemed to have been familiar with the hue and even the style. “What a strange Nurse Joy you are,” she stated, amethyst eyes blinking.

    The red-head shrieked, retaliating from the unexpected response. “HOLY MOSES, IT TALKS!” Sidney meowed in agreement.

    “Mia, must you react like that?” Bree sighed, raising her brow. “Of course she does. She's a Mew.”

    “A WHAT?!”

    “Mia, keep your voice down!” Daisy called from the kitchen. She poked her head around the entranceway, indigo oculars narrowed irately. Jeffery, having been perched on the girl's shoulders this whole time, hopped down to approach Bree. “I don't want to separate you two in different rooms until dinner. So be nice to each other.”

    “Bree found something!” she cried out, pointing to the kittens. “Something she wasn't supposed to find!” The said girl scowled at her twin.

    With a heavy sigh, the teenager entered the room, standing in front of the girls, arms folded and gaze bored. “What is it this time?” she inquired, eyes narrowed slightly. “Did you get worked up over another 'way of life'?”

    Bree shook her head vigorously. “No, no! It has nothing to do with an Ekans this time, I swear!” She gave a shudder at the memory, glancing down at the Pikachu. “I swear it isn't,” was said more quietly.

    Daisy twitched a finger on her right arm, glancing down at the bundle in her sister's arms. The smallest kitten blinked up on her, large eyes brimming with innocence, curiosity, and a yearn to learn. Unlike her other sibling, however, she remained calm in her actions, raising a brow looking back up to the face of meekness. “You brought kittens home?”

    “Yes! I found them stuck up the Kae's tree in the front yard,” she pointed out the door where the foliage would be. “Remember that rainstorm last night? Somehow, it did rain Skitties and Snubbulls!”

    “Bree, that's a hyperbole, not a true fact,” Mia corrected with an irked tone.

    “But the Mew said they got carried away by a tornado last night,” Bree exasperated, voice rising steadily. “Does that count as a fact?”

    The oldest grew interested. “A tornado? I don't exactly remember a tornado warning on the weather news.”

    “Weathermen LIE, you know that.”

    “Bree, enough!” her twin exclaimed, throwing her arms up above her. “Every single forecast is a hypothesis or a proven fact. You've always liked facts. Now accept the fact there wasn't a tornado watch in the area!”

    Brow furrowed in frustration, the aqua-haired sister added, “You never know. Wizards could've created one behind their backs.”



    The sisters and Pokémon (save for the unconscious kitten in Bree's arms) became startled at the sudden eruption of the ever-mild eldest. Her smooth face was distorted in rage, eyes blazing in dark blue explosions tinted with purple that seemed to swirl like the resulting smoke from her discharge. Having never seen her this angry before, the children shrunk back in horror, not wanting anymore of her outbursts. Daisy was able to speak when she inhaled sharply; Jeffery leapt up on his friend's shoulders for a better grip in case the storm was to blow in. “Bree... you mentioned a twister brought the kittens here. How did that happen?”

    Bianca, having been silent this whole time, decided to tell her part. “We came from the big white mountain wa-a-a-ay over there.” She spread out her arm in exasperation, pointing it off to the west where she was certain it was located. “Filled with grass, and lake water, and caves, and Nurse Joy's place down the hill. Mommy and Daddy, Andrew and me, and my baby brother or sister live there! I've never knew there was so many humans besides Nurse Joy. The world must be bigger than I thought.”

    Mia still couldn't get over the shock of a talking kitten, nervously looking to and from her siblings. “A white mountain?” she echoed. Her twin shrugged.

    The teenager was regaining her bearings, breathing slowing to a relaxed state. “There aren't any white mountains here,” she told the kitten, “not at this time of year, anyway.”

    Bree quickly spoke up without waiting for Bianca's reaction—she didn't want to risk another fissure. “Daisy, they may not be from this region. She didn't know what Kanto was.” Looking down at the Pokémon in her arms, she blinked once, focusing on Andrew. “Oh, yeah. Um, the real reason they're here is because of this guy.” She raised up her crossed arms, bringing everyone's attention to the unconscious cat. The Mew slipped out of the grasp, levitating near the redhead. Sidney stared up at her before turning back to the other.

    “What'd you do, hug it to death?” Mia muttered, brows raised in suspicion.

    Her twin flinched at the word, nervously glancing over at Bianca. She didn't seem to have heard it. “No!” she hissed. “He's unconscious, yet hurt! Have you any compassion?”

    “Knock it off, you two,” Daisy warned them, glowering. Holding out her hands, she asked for permission to take him. Bree acquiesced without another word, handing him over. The teenager, though she didn't show it, was taken aback at the size of the kitten, but nevertheless strolled for the bathroom with long, quick strides. The sisters looked to one another, and then at the rosy kitten.

    Jeffery leaned over as far as he could from Bree's shoulder, blinking, and eyes slightly growing wider. He and the Meowth turned to one another slowly, blue meeting brown. Sidney twitched his tail as he nodded once. The rodent did the same before looking back at Bianca. None of the girls saw it; they were too entranced from the mysterious cat in front of them. Mia was the first to speak. “So... you're a Mew, huh?” she recalled.

    Bianca spun around to face the twins, nodding, her lengthy tail swishing in many directions. “I am. Why do you wanna know?”

    “Well...” For once in Bree's life, if she couldn't remember another time, her sister sounded nervous, even embarrassed. She cleared her throat to start over. “For one thing, Professor Oak has stated that there are... oh, how to put this lightly... no signs of a living Mew, not in the last few decades, anyway. And sightings really aren't that necessary as living evidence. Scientists need physicals, not mental or spiritual evidence. None have successfully found fresh nests or anything. Just... fossils.”

    Her twin could only hope the Mew didn't understand, like before. But like many children, she had questions, and/or comments. “Bree told me the same thing, except for the 'fasills'. What's 'fasills'?”

    Bree was too late at getting the signal to Mia. Her head swishing side to side rapidly didn't get her attention, and she quickly answered, emphasizing the correct pronunciation, “Fossils are the remains of once-living creatures, even plants.”

    “You mean dead things, right?”

    “That's right.” The aqua-haired twin slapped her forehead. It was the movement the redhead caught. “Oh, what, Bree? Did I answer incorrectly, Fuji-sensei?” she groaned in a mocking voice.

    “Yes, you did,” Bree retorted, feeling her temples pulse at the suffix. “Did I mention she cried when I mentioned I couldn't see her white mountain?”


    Without another word, their eyes focused on the kitten in front of them, Mia tensing up at once. Bianca had been normal and curious in her questioning, but the definition had sunk in. Her calm, yet sorrowful face, had quickly turned into a scrunched up face with watery eyes that overflowed. Interpreting what was coming next, the youngest covered her ears tightly, while the other paid for her mistake. With a shrill pitch, the Mew bawled once more. The two Pokémon yowled, or squealed in Jeffery's case, pressing their paws to their ears as well. Out of the corner of Bree's vision, she could swear the lamps were rattling soundlessly in the waves.

    But even the screams could pierce through skin and bone. “WA-A-A-A-AH! MOMMY'S DE-HEH-EAD?!”

    “NICE GOING, GENIUS!” Bree shrieked at the top of her voice, cowering at the cries.

    “WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!” her twin screeched.

    With the risk of her eardrums disintegrating, the youngest reached out for the small kitten, gritting her teeth by cause of the decibel. “BIANCA, CALM DOWN!” she had to yell to get the Mew's attention.

    “BUT MOMMY'S DEAD!” she wailed.

    “NO, SHE'S NOT! I'LL PROVE IT TO YOU!” Bree thought she heard glass breaking behind her, unless it was the ringing in her ears.

    Bianca relaxed when the words reached her, but she still continued to spill tears, and sniffles. With a small hiccup, she whispered, “She's not?”

    Shaking her head, the girl answered, “No, she isn't. I'll show ya.”

    She barely managed to take a step when another scream came from down the hall. Everyone in the living room took a glance in astonishment, just catching a glimpse of a white blur streaking out of the bathroom. The shouts of “Stay away from me!” were male, and the petite kitten beamed. “Andrew's awake!” she happily exclaimed.

    “Bianca, there's a human in our house!” The cat's voice was frantic, equal to the face of horror like he saw a shocking event. His eyes, a brilliant blue, were wide with fear and paling in emotion. Though he was white enough as he is, he only seemed to become more pallid, brows raised as high as they could go. He was even trembling when he grabbed his sister's arms. “Where's Mom and Dad?” he asked, breathing increasing.

    Mia rubbed her ears, staring at Andrew. “He's a peculiar one, indeed,” she noted.

    His pupils narrowed when he whirled around to face the girls. “IT'S AN INVASION!” he freaked, breath caught in a panic attack. “Oh, gosh, where's Mom and Dad?! This can't happen!”

    The rosy cat was confused at his actions. “Why're you all shaky like that, Andrew?”

    He didn't have to open his mouth to blurt out who was with him, for Daisy came into the room calm as usual, Potion still in her hand. “Why did you flee like that?” she asked him, who shrieked. “I was only taking care of your cut.”

    “IT'S HER! Bianca, save yourself!”

    Mia leaned toward Bree, concerned. “Remind me to get the mail next time.”

    “Calm down, cat!” their sister kept calling out over the Pokémon's screams of fright. “I'm not here to harm you!”

    “Yes, you are! You're the humans we saw last night!” Andrew pointed a shaky, accusing finger at her. The teen was taken aback. “You were going after Mom!”

    The girls glanced at one another in disbelief, unsure what he was talking about. Bianca tilted her head. “But they were all black,” she reminisced. “They're not wearing any black now.”

    “That's because they're in disguise! We can't trust them, Bianca! They took our parents!”

    The youngest took a step forward, hands out and head shaking. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. Whaddya mean we took your parents? I've never realized Mew still existed until your sister mentioned her specie. And we have no clue where you live, besides the 'big white mountain' that I'm telling you doesn't exist in this region.”

    “Bianca, don't listen to them!” Andrew warned her, grasping her arms. “They're trying to lure us into dark places!”

    Her large, purple eyes blinked at his behavior. The skinny tail twitching, she said, “Since when did you talk like this?”

    He scowled, releasing her. “They've gotten to you already,” he growled. “Great, just great. How will we find our parents now?”

    The magenta-haired teen dropped into a nearby chair, hands clasped on her kneecaps. “Look. We're not dressed in any black,” she tried coaxing. “In fact, we don't have any clothing of that color. We don't know who you are, where you came from, or why you're here.”

    “We're here because Bree brought us in from the tall tree,” the little Mew squeaked. She pointed out the window at the said object. Only Jeffery followed the finger. “Andrew here doesn't remember it, because he was asleep or something.”

    “Well, all we know is you're here,” Daisy corrected. “You are lost kittens, and you've been rescued. Now, if you'd give us your home address, we'll take you home.”

    “I told you, the big white mountain!”

    “Bianca, are you still calling it that?” her brother grumbled, rolling his eyes, arms crossed. “Mom and Dad says it's Silver.”

    The twin girls and their sister gasped, and Bree snapped her fingers. “Ah ha! I knew it!” she cried out in realization. Mia slapped her forehead, muttering to herself.

    Daisy leaned forward. “Why don't you tell us the story,” she suggested. “It'll help us get to know you better, and possibly to find out your parents' locations.”

    The kittens blinked one at a time, turning to face one another. Andrew had a frown of concern and confusion on his face, a sign he didn't trust any of the humans in the room, even with the Pokémon nearby. Bianca copied his expression, not sure what to do. She trusted the girls, sensing nothing wrong from their presences; they rescued them, after all. Taking a breath, she looked over at the oldest girl. “Well... from what I can remember, it was from last night...”
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    “...and this is our room. You'll stay here until we leave either tomorrow or the next day.”

    Mia finished the tour of the house in the bedroom, deciding that the young Mews deserved to know where they were going to live for a couple of days. The younglings gazed at the room for a long time, taking it all in the best they could. Bianca grew preoccupied with the dresser-mirror, flipping this way and that. Andrew stared at the window by Bree's bed, healed from scratches and the gash on his cheek. He wasn't happy with his sister for telling the previous night's story to strangers. To him, she gave away everything that was important and secret. And besides, maybe the humans knew where their parents were, unless they were planning on kidnapping them as well.

    His sister giggled after a roll in mid-air. “I'm going to like it here!” she exclaimed. Craning her neck to glance behind her, she asked, “Can we visit after we find Mommy and Daddy?”

    “Come anytime, as long as Mom approves,” Daisy said when she poked her head in. “I just called her and Dad. They'll be back sometime tonight.”

    “Did you mention us?”

    “Um... I mentioned 'visitors', but not specifically. She's eager to meet you two.”

    “Whoopee,” Andrew muttered dryly, arms crossed and scowling at a corner. “More humans.”

    The girls looked at each other, the teenager with raised brows, the redhead blinking numerous times, and the little Mew frowning. “He never was like this before,” she whispered sadly. “Nurse Joy was pretty much the only human we knew.”

    “So I take it Nurse Joy helped deliver you two, huh?” Mia surmised.

    Bianca grinned. “Yup! And soon she'll help with my baby brother or sister!”

    Bree walked in with a handful of cookies, Jeffery sprawled across her shoulders, trying to fall asleep. Chewing on a bite, she mused, “How ish it Mewf can bweed if they're Lechenary?” The mush slid down her throat, and she hacked. “It makes no sense.”

    “Bree, that's too much!” Daisy groaned, spotting the treats clutched in her hand. “You're going to lose your appetite for dinner!”

    “Why? It's a good few or so hours away. I can eat what I want until then.” She stuffed another cookie in her mouth and bit down. “Befide, fu sa' I can't eat cookies befor' dinner anyway?”

    The oldest folded her arms. “The house rules.”


    So, that means you must wait until after the evening meal before you get dessert. Don't want to get sick now, do you?”

    The girl thought about it, gulping down what was left of the cookie. She lifted a finger slowly into the air. “Uh... depends...” She held it out in a hissing sound, making her twin narrow her eyes. “How long will I be sick?”

    “A good night, at the least.”

    “Bree, in other words: be grateful it's not making you ill before you get your license,” Mia added her own comment.

    The kittens were curious about the word. “Lice sense? What's that?” the little Mew questioned.

    “A certified permit that says you have the right to be this or do that,” the redhead replied for her, still glaring at her twin. “At the age of ten, for example, kids can go get a license from a Pokémon professor or expert to own a Pokémon legally. Well... actually, to travel around with a Pokémon without getting in trouble with the police. Bree and I were scheduled to get one last week, but because our parents want to see us off, we're waiting for about another couple of days.”

    “But you have Pokémon.” The little cat pointed out Sidney, who was licking himself on the bed.

    “But we don't go travel around the world, that's different. To be a Trainer, you must have a good survival kit and skills, smarts and stamina, and maturity to make it through.” She side-glanced at Bree, slightly sulking. “Which makes me wonder why Bree is allowed to get a license,” she mumbled darkly.

    The said girl made a sneer.

    Bianca turned to Daisy. “What about you? You have a lice sense?”

    She grinned. “Sure do. Let me go get it.” She slipped out of the room quickly, disappearing into another room nearby. Bree, seeing her chance, quickly stuffed the rest of the cookies into her mouth, and suddenly preoccupied herself with fixing her hair. The girl returned just as the youngest pulled out a couple of colorful ribbons. The Mew's attention went to the plastic card stuck in between her fingers.

    Gracefully, she flipped it over in a gleam. In a small picture on the side was Daisy, her name printed neatly next to it, and a line of numbers in the upper corner. She tapped the area. “That's your Trainer ID, used to truly identify you and as a tracker, in case you need to be contacted or you're lost,” she explained. “You get a picture retake if you end up changing your appearance in height, weight, or whatever. And at a small fee, you can get stickers of your Pokémon team on the back.” Turning it over, the youngest cat gasped, eyes wide.

    Six sticker-photographs of different creatures littered the back in a circle. Though tiny, she could recognize half of the Pokémon she remembered seeing back at home, or who were her neighbors. The first her eye caught was the tangled ball of numerous, flailing vines, eyes staring blankly ahead from the shadows. It didn't like she knew the Tangela personally, but her knowing of the specie clicked to mind. Tilting her head, she stared at the one with a Skarmory, whose own frozen golden eyes gazed back sharply. The steel beak and crest having gleamed during the picture, it glared slightly. Skipping a couple others, Bianca blinked at the Tyranitar, wondering why the sickly-green reptile didn't look like her friend's own parents. The look in its eye had a sassy attitude, something she was puzzled at.

    Pointing at it, she asked, “Why is your Tyranitar all... moody like that?”

    Daisy turned her wrist to take a look. “Gloria is a bit prideful of herself, I'm afraid.” She sighed, shaking her head slowly. “I found her as a Larvitar at Silver, and I must say, she was a difficult one to get and even train. Stuck-up, she is, but I love her. In fact, she's my MVP in the team.”

    “Emvy pee?”

    “Short for 'most valuable player'. Never go anywhere without her.”

    “Oh...” The Mew turned back to the stickers, looking at the large tortoise-like creature, head tilted at an angle with a single crimson eye looking down at the camera, a silver cannon aimed off to the side. “What's that?”

    “Jael, my Blastoise. First Pokémon I received as a new Trainer. Intimidating, I know, but in person, she's the sweetest thing you'll ever meet, next to Ruth.” She tapped her ring finger on the picture of an egg-shaped, feathery creature with tight curls pressed against its temples. A shiny smile was on its tiny face. “It's a Blissey's nature to be motherly, you know.”

    “Yeah, Nurse Joy's Blissey is always nice to me and Andrew. She gives us treats. Right, Andrew?”

    He answered with a grumble, waving his hand. “Yeah, yeah... whatever.”

    Bianca frowned, hands down her sides. “Big brother? What's wrong?”

    His azure eyes glinted upon sliding to her direction. “I wanna go home, that's what's wrong. But where are we? In some stranger's home, awaiting the same fate as Mom and Dad.”

    “No, we aren't. We're safe. Isn't that what Mommy wants for us?”

    “Yeah, safe at home. But it's not home.”

    Mia spoke up, being silent for a few minutes. “Home is anywhere you are being cared for,” she assured him. “It's where you're comfortable being in, and the people are nice to you. Do we look like the kind who go around abusing everything and everyone?”

    Bree yanked on her hair to free it from being a loop on her head. “Mmph, those are the creepy guys we see at the other side of town, Mia.”

    “I wasn't talking about them!” the middle-child groaned. “Why must you butt in at the wrong time?”

    “Comedic relief, of course. Dad says it's a sign of intelligence if you have good humor.”

    “Well, your humor is anything but intelligent, if you blurt out things off-topic.”

    Daisy interceded, holding up her hands. “That's enough, you two.” She glanced at the digital clock on the dresser. “Now, I need to go to the mart for a little bit to get some things. I'll be gone for at least an hour. I want you two to stay here, and please keep an eye on the kittens and on yourselves. I don't want complaints from the neighbors again about constant screaming bloody murder because you steal a hairbrush, for example.”

    “Hey, Mia was the one who started it!” the youngest accused, pointing at her. “She used it last!”

    “But technically, whose hairbrush is it?” the twin retorted, leaning forward, hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

    “I couldn’t find the other one, anyway, and you allowed me to use it. And I quote ‘Bree, I don’t care, just put it back where you found it’ end quote.”

    Mia’s eyes narrowed in annoyance. “And where did you find it?”

    “The dresser, duh.”

    “Well, it’s not there, is it?”

    “Because you used it afterwards!”

    “GIRLS, KNOCK IT OFF!” Daisy screamed, smashing her fists against her temples. “I don’t want to hear about the stupid hairbrush anymore! Now please, behave so I won’t have to report to the neighbors or, God forbid, the police. And keep an eye on the kittens.” Sighing heavily, the teenager walked out of the room, muttering to herself.

    The children watched her leave, the Pokémon returning to what they were doing before the argument. Jeffery hopped off Bree’s shoulders to sit next to Sidney, where he squeaked to the cat. Bianca’s attention went to the conversation, triangular ears flicking; Andrew spaced out again when the tension passed. The twin girls turned back to one another, still boring their glares into each other. Mia broke it walking harshly to the dresser, scowling at the untidy surface. “So. You say it’s on the dresser where you left it?”

    “Yes,” Bree grumped, looking away with cheeks puffed. “It’s where it belongs.”

    “But I don’t see it.”

    “Maybe it’s because your hair is in the way.”

    The redhead cocked a brow at the comment, fists on her hips as she searched for the hairbrush. “Well, though you have a large amount of hair, there obviously wasn’t enough room for a brain.” Her violet eyes finally paused at a corner. “Apparently, you don’t think very well.”

    “What’s THAT supposed to mean?” her sister wondered dryly. “If I was to stop thinking, then I’d apparently appear to drop dead because I’d be brain-dead, and thus a vegetable. Is that what you’re saying?”

    “No,” Mia growled. “I meant this.” Spiraling around, she held out the brush loosely by the handle. It was pointed menacingly at her direction. “I found this somewhere else on the dresser.”

    “But at least it was on the dresser, right?”

    The little Mew flew over to stare at the object in Mia’s hand, flipping this way and that to look at it in different positions. “It’s pointy,” she noted. “Doesn’t it hurt?”

    No one answered the kitten, even when Bree passed by her to walk to her side of the room. “You know what, we need to make a new rule for this bedroom,” she announced, jabbing her finger into the air, staring out the window.

    Her twin rolled her eyes. “And what’s that?”

    Swinging her leg around almost awkwardly, she turned to face Mia. Standing erect like she was a commander, she walked to the edge of her bed’s foot. She pointed to the empty space between the two beds. “This is our invisible line that separates our two beds,” she proclaimed. “You stay on your half, and I’ll stay on mine.”

    Everyone, girl and Pokémon alike, sweat-dropped, staring at the “line”. Sidney and Jeffery tilted their heads to try and get a better look without great success. Even Bianca flipped upside-down to see if it was there. Mia, however, gave a shrug, turning her back to her sister. “Fine, then,” she agreed. “I’ll just walk out my door and go watch TV.” She stiffly waved a hand. “See ya.”

    “Hey, wait, I’m not finished!” Bree started after her, stomping past her bed.

    The redhead looked behind her shoulder coldly, pointing at her harshly. “Stay. You can’t break your own rules,” she mocked, smirking.

    Blinking, the youngest looked down at the floor, measuring the space between the beds. Her foot was poised over where her “line” was by inches, swaying slightly. With a scowl, she shouted after her sister, “Why didn’t you stop me?!”

    “It was funny?” Mia inferred, smiling cruelly. She gave a small laugh. “Yeah, I’ll see you at dinner when you take back your rule.” With a simulated salute, she disappeared around the corner.

    The twin glared menacingly at the door, mentally cursing herself for creating the idea. “Taking back my rule, my butt,” she snarled, thundering across the room and out the door. The Pokémon were silent, eager to listen for any sounds of argument. When a shout of “Maybe I jumped!” from Bree reverberated in their ears, the Pikachu and Meowth hopped off the bed and ran out. Andrew and Bianca levitated where they were, dazed and amused.

    When no sign they were returning came, the Mew decided to leave, whistling for the door. Her brother stopped her, grabbing her tail. “Bianca, no!” he hissed.

    She glanced back, blinking. “Why? I don't want to stay up here all day.”

    Why?” he scoffed. “It's obvious, Bi! They're humans, and thus dangerous!”

    She looked to the doorway into the empty hall. The bickers still continued, and the cries of the Pokémon mixed in. “What's so dangerous about them?”

    “They hurt our parents!” he slowly growled through his teeth, shaking her. Bianca flinched from the cold glare in his eyes. She sensed there wasn't anything very brotherly in them. “Humans took our parents away! We can't trust them!”

    A silence fell over them. The girl kitten searched her brother's eyes, seeing nothing but a new-found anger. He's changed, she thought, unable to see the old Andrew inside. Maybe landing in the tree did something to him. Or... Another thought came to her. Wait, the way he screamed about Bree and her sisters...

    She gave a frown, and pulled herself away. “Well, I trust them. If Dark Pokémon can leave us alone at night, then so can humans. Besides, what would Mommy and Daddy say about them? You heard Mommy, she has a human friend. And I'm sure Daddy does as well. They may not be Dillian or even Jamie, but they're nice. And nice people are the ones we should be with, right?”

    Andrew didn't answer, hands balled into fists at his sides and his scowl hardening. Sorrowful for her twin, Bianca hung her head and flew out of the room. He leered at the entrance for a little longer before turning to the mirror. He was a minature version of his father, he knew that. Even the glower looked like him. Imagining the glass shattering, and even for the terrible nightmare to as well, the kitten reluctantly exited, following his sister.

    Shortly after he left, the dresser mirror cracked down the middle.


    I hope that was good (sorry for the length, I've decided to not have a certain page limit). I'll return next Saturday with chapter three! Thank goodness I'm on the two-week break, I was so sure I wasn't going to get far on chapter three.

    See ya all later!

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    Default New chapter!

    Hmm, guess no one liked the last chapter. Oh, well.

    Sorry I'm a bit late updating. I would've gotten it posted Saturday, but 1) I wasn't finished with it (not even close) and spent all day typing out the rest of the chapter. And 2) It was Conference this weekend, and thus I never got the chance to get on the laptop. So forgive me for updating on a Monday.

    I've apologized for the length of chapter two, so now I'll have to apologize for the length of this one, too. It looks like I'm going to have to start making a page-count limit. Hopefully the next chapter will be a little shorter.

    Now, for the beginning, I'm having a little scene with Mia and Mewtwo in captivity. Since it's not all about the children, I figured having every few chapters with a scene about the two would help give people an idea what's happening that's making them... mmm, I wouldn't say insane, but more like unable to... Gah, can't explain today. I'll just let you figure it out yourself, then x).

    This should be a bit more exciting, the children encounter the Viridian Forest!


    Chapter Three: Bugged

    Dusk was falling, the sky turning a brilliant golden shade as the sun began its descent over the mountains. Through the rusty, iron-barred window, the rays slipped in as thin beams, lighting not even a good range of the cell. The chipped bricks cast skinny shadows inside the mortar spaces and outward, enveloping the moss and dirt away in the dark. Cobwebs hung around in the far corners, covered with dust from desertion. The guards, ordered to watch the captives, had gone to take a small break for their sake. Seeing this as the only chance he could get, Mewtwo began to slam his forearms against the wall.

    The Rockets had a hard time sedating him the previous night, discovering with bewilderment his tremendous telekinetic ability. With every weapon they had, he bent them into amorphous shapes, making them useless. When they brought out the net bazookas, they had managed to update it before so it was more tolerable to such attacks. The nets had sprung with dark electricity to paralyze him enough they could stick a needle in the neck. It was unfortunate the material was of the silk of Bugs, created from String Shot. He struggled the best he could, the added electricity was almost unbearable to handle. Seeing him vulnerable, the Rockets stuck a tranquilizer in his neck—rather harshly—and with a scream, he fell unconscious.

    By the time he awoke, he was handcuffed with restraints that suppressed his powers by a current he couldn't solve by looking at it. The material was very similar to what was used as armor in his early days, back when he was under Giovanni's influence—it was what seemed to be the wrist-part of it, shielding his entire hands from view. He figured smashing it numerous times would help weaken it, if it could dent the metallic surface. So with the dim-witted guards gone, he hammered the manacles the hardest he could against the bricks.

    “Mewtwo, it's not working,” Mia gently pointed it out, trying to pull him away. “It's too resistant.”

    Every metal has a weakness,” he growled, bashing it again and showering more dust.

    “This is a different mixture, possibly with diamond.”

    If hammered long enough a single gem can chip.

    The Mew floated down to the wooden bench hanging from long chains, gripping the sides. Due to her state of weakness in the pregnancy, those in charge of the capture had noticed how she gave in easily and ordered to leave her be. With powers depleting, she could only transport herself around for a short period of time. Sitting was all she could do. “But that's not enough,” she whispered. “Besides, you're not using enough work to shove it into the wall.”

    If my powers weren't so limited, then I could.” Mewtwo rammed the cuffs once more.

    Shaking her head, Mia looked away. “Even so... you still wouldn't be able to break them.”

    With a snarl of defeat, he backed away from the wall, glaring icily at his cuffs. “Damn these manacles!

    “You can't damn inanimate objects.”

    Then damn the Rockets! Anything to get them out of here and to where they belong!” He dropped to a sitting position and slumped up against the bench, breathing out heavily. His wife watched him worriedly, caressing her belly. “Anything that'll take us back home,” he muttered darkly, scowling at the ceiling.

    The Mew placed a tiny hand on his shoulder blade as a way of comfort. “They won't keep us for very long, honey,” she murmured softly. “We'll be freed soon.”

    No, we won't,” he snapped. “The Rockets are going to keep us as mindless slaves for as long as their boss hungers for power.

    “We'll be free to go by the time the baby is born—”

    They'll keep the child for their own selfish purposes!” Mia withdrew, a small gasp of terror escaping her throat. Mewtwo turned to face her, eyes narrowed and cold. “Once it's born, the child will be taken away for aggravated training! Anything they'll do to make it stronger, more powerful than the body can hold. Even if it survives, Mia, we won't be able to get it back, not even when it needs us.” His expression slightly softened sincerely. Hers, on the other hand, grew fearful. “We won't be able to keep it any longer than when the twins were born. But instead of being rushed away for proper treatment immediately, the child will be rushed away from our lives. If it somehow dies, we won't ever know.

    The Mew glanced down at her stomach, placing her hands on either side. Feeling it stir, she carefully leaned forward almost to cover the unborn child from view, hanging her head sorrowfully. “We're trapped here for a long while: you, me, and the child,” he breathed. “There's nothing we can do.

    Mia shook her head slowly, shoulders tensing in her attempt not to cry. “N-No,” she gasped. “No, tha-that's not true. We-We are going to make it, I-I know it.”

    The psycat hung his head as well, closing his eyes thoughtfully. “Believe what you may... the Rockets don't care.

    His weakened wife lifted her gaze. “H-Have you no faith?” she sobbed. A glance in her direction, and Mewtwo could see her aqua pools overflow. “Don't you... be-believe we'll make it?”

    Even years ago, I wasn't entirely sure I'd escape from Giovanni's clutches, only to result in my near-death.

    “We won't die!”

    He gave a dry scoff. “Who said we were going to die? I only brought it up because the Ketchum boy just happened to be in service.

    “Well, he's not here!”

    Are you changing your own beliefs?” he abruptly pointed out. “Are you saying the only way we can make it is if he's here?

    Mia, feeling her hormones beginning to flare, exclaimed her reasoning again. Her tiny voice ricocheted through the deserted room when she cried “The twins!”

    Silence overtook them with astonishment, Mewtwo struck dumfounded at the realization the two were missing. His eyes were wide, breath caught in his struggle to speak. The Mew gazed up at him boldly, face straight and serious despite her tears. Stretching out his hands, palms face-up, he echoed, “The twins?

    She gave a curt nod. “They're still out there, I made sure of it. I sent them away.”

    To where? To whom?

    “The only one I can trust at the moment to take care of them.” She reached up to her throat, feeling nothing but fur. The Rockets had taken the necklace while she was unconscious, possibly to sell for money. She wasn't too sure, however, if it was worth anything, but it was vaulable when it came to her life. “When they're ready, they'll come for us.”

    Mia, they're only children,” Mewtwo reminded her, ready to give a laugh of disbelief. “They barely started learning their own abilities. They won't survive by themselves if they decide to leave.

    “Azalea has two daughters getting their license very soon,” she backed up, eyes very stern. “They won't be alone.”

    Unless the human girls decide to abandon them in the middle of a forest,” he grumbled, a low rumble forming in his throat. “If that's the case, why would you still send them there?

    The squeaky creak of the entrance door swung open, and the chatter of the two guards flooded the room. Both cats turned to see two shadows heading around the corner, the door being closed shut. One of them, a voice of such obnoxious naselly pitch, was drawling on about a tournament that happened supposedly not too long ago. The other was trying to quiet him down by consantly shouting “Kyle, shut up!” and groaning loudly.

    The idiots have returned, much to their disappointment.

    “Eh ha ha, yeah, and the kid just totally wiped him out!” the voice of Kyle continued to yak, guffawing in between. Rounding the corner, the freckled-face of the dark-auburn haired man appeared, a dopey grin on his face. In a hand, he carried a Walkman, ear-buds stuffed into his ears. The way his voice was on the verge of yelling, he was listening to the radio or a cassette. His pale green eyes, though bright with a light the Rockets disproved of, grew into a state of disgust at the sight of Mia and Mewtwo, a bottom lid twitching. “Eew, this isn't a nature program,” he gagged.

    The other man, a tall, lanky personage with a mop of dirty-blonde hair and lack of patience to his stance, smacked him with a hat that was tucked into his belt. “Shaddup,” he muttered. “Ignore them, and listen to your news crap. They're not going to be stayin' long anyway.”

    Lowering her eyes, Mia stood up with a soft moan, grasping her husband's shoulder and supporting her belly. Pressing her forehead against his, she weakly sent, “For the same reason you would.

    He became inert at her quiet response, staring into her tired eyes. She returned it sincerely, giving a small nod. Her hand reached for his face, fingers lying softly against his cheek as she leaned up to kiss his forehead. With an exasperated sigh, she lay down on the bench, needing her rest. Avoiding her husband's awed gaze, she turned her head to face the opposite wall, only to close her eyes in thought.

    The sunset slipped into darkness without their knowing.


    Andrew wasn't willing to meet the parents, wishing to stay upstairs until they could leave. Bianca persisted in her belief everything would turn out for the best, playing with the Pokémon like she would with Dillian. The girls, except for Bree, waited patiently for their parents to arrive and meet the kittens. The youngest kept pacing the floor and checking the dark windows every several circles. Never the one to like waiting, she would fidget, talk to herself, and occasionally ask how much longer until they'd come home.

    “Bree, I told you for the twelfth time, any minute now!” Daisy moaned, holding her head. “Are you really this anxious to tell the whole story?”

    “Well, it would sound weird if Mia was to tell it,” she backed up her opinion. “She doesn't like climbing trees.”

    “That apparently are off-limits to every single kid in the neighborhood,” she added, arms crossed as she sulked into the sofa.

    It was silent for a few minutes longer, save for the giggle of the Mew kitten as she flew around Jeffery and Sidney. The Pikachu, in his excitement, occasionally sparked. “Why does it do that?” she wondered, flipping upside-down.

    “Jeffery emits sparks when he's excited, or very happy,” the teenager explained, watching the mouse leap to catch Bianca. “Not other Pikachu are known to do that, from what I heard. They usually do it when they're in danger or are angry.”

    “But he's not, is he? I can stop flying so he can catch me.” She turned herself back around, tail snapping behind her involuntarily.

    The girl smiled, shaking her head. “No. He's just too strong for his age.”

    “How old is he?”

    Mia took her turn, seeing as Bree wasn't willing to say other sentences. “We don't know,” she shrugged. “We're estimating ten to fifteen years, but with him being so energetic, he could be younger. It's difficult to tell.”

    “How'd you get him?”

    “Bree found him wandering around the streets when we visited Goldenrod City a good number of years back.”

    “Six,” the said girl corrected from the window. She pulled away from the curtains to face the Pikachu. “Found him six years ago. Poor guy was scavenging in the trash, and was thin for a Pokémon. He seemed tame back then, but didn't seem to like company much. Remember, he zapped Mom when I showed him to her? Almost didn't get to take him home. But I liked him so much, we brought him back to Pewter.”

    “Actually, you cried until Dad gave in,” her twin recalled, smirking. “You were causing a scene.”

    “Was not!”

    “You did, too! Officer Jenny came up and asked what the problem was.”

    “Oh, yeah? Well, you begged Mom to get Sidney!” At his name, the Meowth looked up eagerly, meowing.

    Bianca, having found Bree's explanation interesting, wanted to know more. “How'd you get him?”

    The redhead glared at the youngest before breathing out heavily. “Oh, shortly after getting Jeffery, Mom took me to a pound. Having a Pikachu as a pet didn't seem to be working out; he was still some-what wild, and she figured the pound would take him off our hands. Well, while she was talking to the worker there, I wandered into the other room to look at the abandoned Pokémon. I didn't understand back then how they felt, they all looked fine to me. I came in front of his kennel and he hissed at me, trying to claw me through the gaps.” She smiled at the memory. “I was scared, but I grew interested in the Meowth. Though he was feral, as they described him, he looked really cute. I asked Mom if we could get him, but just taking one look, she said 'No'.”

    “And that's when you got down on your hands and knees, like this.” Bree dropped to the floor, trying for a dramatic pose, and raised her clasped hands. “And she said, 'PLE-E-EASE, MOMMY! Let us take the Meowth home with us! PLE-E-E-EASE!”

    Daisy leaned forward, drilling her scowl in her direction. Grinning nervously, she fixed, “Err, actually, she threw a fit.”

    “I did not!” Mia exclaimed, eyes flaming dangerously. “I got into a huge discussion about how cute he was and everything.” She paused, raising a brow. “Now that I think about it, it was pretty childish of me to do so. I don't even think I made my point. But still, Mom wasn't willing to get him. When I asked the lady at the counter, she said he was expected to be put down later that week.”

    “Put down?” the kitten repeated, blinking. “What's that?”

    The girls glanced worriedly at one another, Bree vigorously shaking her head and making gestures. “As I was saying,” the middle child continued, slowly, “I finally asked her if we could take him. She seemed pretty happy at my answer, and Mom gave in, though she wasn't happy. All the way home, Sidney, as I called him the moment he was stuffed into his carrier with lots of yowling and claws, kept fussing around inside and screeching loudly; Mom carried him the whole way. Dad was shocked about our new addition to the home, yet we all were as soon as we opened the door. Sidney came bounding out and ran into a corner, hissing sharply, claws extended, and fur standing on end. That was when Jeffery came around to check out the noise, and he just froze.” At the emphasis, Bianca's eyes widened. “Sidney calmed as well at the sight, and went to normal. They sniffed at each other for a while before sitting on their rumps and chatting in tones we never heard them in before.”

    “Nyaa!” Sidney agreed happily, rubbing up against Jeffery. The Pikachu sweat-dropped.

    “And to make a long story short, they became friends, and eventually we all got along,” Bree hurriedly finished. “Everyone's happy, yay. When's Mom and Dad going to be home, I'm bored already!”

    Daisy happened to look out the window at that exact moment and beamed. “Ah! They've arrived!”

    Bree excitedly hopped up, hovering by the door while dancing nervously on the spot. She heard their voices behind the wood, and she chewed on her nails. When the doorknob turned, she squealed quietly. As soon as the door opened up, she shouted hastily, “IFOUNDTHEKITTENSSTUCKINTHETREE!” without a breath.

    Bianca flew up behind her, staring wide-eyed at the two adults standing in the doorway, blinking down at their daughter. The first one was a man in his late thirties, still holding the knob, a suitcase in hand. He was a bit young in appearance for his age, but experience was visible in his eyes; blue, but slightly dull with exhaustion. His hair of a dark aqua was untidy, simply because he couldn't keep his hair down very well and let it grow wildly. On his lower face, whiskers were beginning to grow, as prickly as could be. Beside him was a woman of the same age, still pleasing to the eye. Her hair was of a dark red, shoulder-length, but curly at the ends. Two skinny pieces hung over her ears in an arch, as though growing away from her, yet long enough to skim the earrings. Her eyes were dull as well, but a pleasant shade of purple. She was fit, despite having had three kids, much like her husband still managed to stay thin over the years. She also held a suitcase, her wedding ring gleaming in the porch-light.

    The father spoke first, chuckling slightly. “Slow down, Bree, we just got home. Couldn't you wait until we got inside?”

    “BUTDADIHAVE—Oh.” She took a deep breath. “Dad, I have to tell you something! Bad!”

    “Bree, let Mom and Dad come in first,” Daisy sighed, coming up to pull her away. “The suitcases are heavy with hotel soap and all that.”

    “We didn't take any this time,” the woman laughed, walking in. She set the case up against the wall, and stretched her arms over her head. “Now, what was it you wanted to tell us? Something about the visitors, I hope. Where are they? Hopefully not hiding in the other room.”

    Glancing upstairs, the youngest muttered, “Well, one of them, anyway.”

    The Mew kitten came up to the woman with a zip, curious about the other “Nurse Joy”. The redhead was slightly taken aback, eyes widening and hands raising up. Her husband dropped the suitcase in surprise, splitting it open and spilling the contents. (The children jumped at the click of its opening.) When she stared longer at Bianca, her fingers slowly slid to her necklace, a curvy word of “Best” sparkling at the movement. “Oh, Mia,” she whispered with a smile. “You're the visitor Daisy mentioned.”

    Tilting her head, the cat said, “My Mommy, you mean? No, I'm Bianca.”

    She laughed. “Why, of course you are! Mia wasn't that small for a long time.” Taking a small breath, she continued, “Ah, Bianca. You were just a baby when I last heard of you.”

    “You know Mommy?”

    “Why, yes, I do! We're good friends. I'm Azalea Fuji, and my husband is Tyler.” She turned to him, smiling sweetly. He was still in shock from seeing her. “He's met your mother as well not long ago.”

    “So much for mentioning names,” Bree murmured to her sisters, who shot her warning glances.

    Bianca beamed. “Mommy just told me and Andrew about you! Oh, yeah, Andrew.” She paused, remembering her brother was still upstairs. She looked up at the stairs, thinking he was there, when he wasn't. “He's upset right now.”

    “Your parents are probably on vacation,” Azalea guessed. “He must still be worrying over them.”

    “Since when was being captured a vacation?” the young girl wondered out-loud, making Mia groan loudly and Daisy to slap her forehead.

    Their parents turned to her swiftly, a small gasp coming from the woman. “Captured? What do you mean?” Bree instantly regretted speaking, grinning sheepishly.

    The kitten hung her head. “Some bad humans took away our parents,” she whispered. “They looked different than I heard about them. Mommy made them sound good.”

    Azalea covered her mouth in appall with a gasp, quickly looking away. Tyler rushed to her, placing his hands on her shoulders. The children, mainly the youngest, felt bad for the little kittens. Daisy slipped out to head upstairs, possibly for Andrew. Mia only hung her head, Sidney gazing up at her worriedly. Jeffery hopped up to clutch her arm. She spread it out in front without another word, allowing him to climb up and to her shoulder. A small mournful cry caught the twins' attention, glancing up at their mother. Her face was hid behind her hand, shoulders shaking. From the muffled hiccuped breaths, she was trying to keep herself from weeping too hard. Bianca grew sad as well, having not liked seeing people cry.

    A few moments passed, silent and quick. The teenager had managed to talk the oldest kitten out of their room to meet her parents. She paused abruptly at the spot, catching her mother's expression. Andrew, glancing around her shoulder, raised his brow at the scene. He found it confusing. Weren't humans supposed to be heartless? Frowning, he turned to Daisy. “Can I go back? I saw them, at the least.”

    Shaking her head, she sped down the rest of the steps towards Azalea. She leaned slightly forward to try and see her face. “Mom? You okay?”

    Sniffling, she lowered her hand to gaze across from her. Her eyes were over-flowing, vision too cloudy to see properly. Walking forward, she reached for the bureau that was leaning against the Wall of Memories, as the family called it. The wall was that of pictures, both from Azalea's childhood and Tyler's. In the middle, connecting the two, were favorites from the family. Few were special enough to stand on the dresser underneath the family pictures. She picked up the frame near the middle, staring at it nostalgically. The Fuji girls have studied the photographs enough that they knew their mother was looking at their aunt's picture.

    Their dead aunt, Daisy Vanner. They heard about her from stories Azalea would tell them, at how she had to live with a rare, potentially deadly heart disorder. She managed to survive the hard years until she was eleven when an attack killed her, though she was physically healthy. Playing soccer kept her in good shape, yet never seemed to strengthen her weak heart. The picture, they remembered, was of the young girl at soccer practice, a soccer ball tucked under an arm and a bright smile on her pale face. She was very pretty, her hair bright red and wavy, two corkscrews spiraling over her ears. In her hair were ribbons, the same ribbons Bree wore in pigtails. Her eyes were closed in it, but in other pictures, they saw she had bright, violet eyes.

    The woman sighed, turning around to face the children. Her eyes moved over to Andrew's direction, where he flinched. “I was afraid this day would come,” she muttered, placing the picture back in its spot.

    “Afraid?” Mia echoed, confused.

    “Mia is a very special Pokémon, after all.” Azalea brushed at her bangs, closing her eyes. “She is a Legendary, and thus is hunted down by poachers. We were so sure Mount Silver was the best place for her and her husband to live in peace and raise a family. It seemed to work, I guess.” Opening her violet oculars, she gazed lightly at Bianca, and then her brother. “She has two beautiful children.”

    “We're having a baby brother or sister soon,” the Mew kitten spoke up. “That makes three.”

    The redhead's breath caught. “She's pregnant?”

    “Yeah, I guess, if that's what you said. Andrew here told me Delibirds put our baby brother or sister inside her.” She turned to him, who hadn't moved from his spot since he arrived with Daisy. “He said that's how Mommy got 'pregant'. Though I don't know how that happened.”

    “While we're all asleep,” he groaned, rolling his eyes. “That's why whenever she wakes up, she throws up. But it doesn't explain the yelling over anything.”

    “Sh-she never told me she was,” Azalea stammered, pressing her fingers to her temples. “How far is she?”

    The kittens thought back to when she mentioned the due date. Andrew spoke up, “Uh, after our birthday in... how many days?”

    “Uh... how long is a month and a half?”

    “Oh, God...” The woman leaned against the bureau, paling and eyes widening. Tyler rushed over to support her; the girls turned to one another. It wasn't a good sign when someone was succumbing to astonishment. They never guessed the mother of the kittens was closing in on her term. Their father started coaxing her to calm, and all would go well. Azalea, though a woman of patience and sang froid, couldn't help but believe her friend was in danger.

    Bree leaned toward her sisters, keeping her voice low. “I think we shouldn't have mentioned the parents in the first place,” she murmured.

    Mia glared at her. “More likely it's directed to you.”

    Her twin hissed. “That was uncalled for!”

    Daisy bopped the youngest on the head to silence her. “Enough.” Sighing, she walked up to her mother, gazing up at her sadly. “Mom. Is this a problem?”

    The redhead looked up at her oldest, lips pursed nervously, and eyes simmering with tears. Slowly, she shook her head. “It's not,” she fibbed, smiling. “Mia is strong for her age. I'm... certain she's safe, and she and her husband are at home, waiting for their children. Nothing to worry about.”

    The girl raised her brow, placing her hands on her hips. “You don't look like you're very certain.”

    Tyler nodded, agreeing with his daughter. “Honey, you can't lie to yourself. It's not—”

    “They're fine!” she snapped suddenly, raising her hands to pause by her head. “I know, as a friend, they're safe and sound at home! Now girls,” she addressed to her daughters, “tomorrow, when you head for Pallet Town, drop the kittens off at Mount Silver. And send Mia my regards and congrats.”

    Bree's eyes brightened. “Wait, we're leaving tomorrow?”

    “You promised you'd leave after we came home, right, girls?” their father asked. When they nodded, he tilted his head to the side, at the stairs' direction. “Go pack and we'll have some family time before bed.” He turned to the kittens, who had grown worried over Azalea's episode. “You're welcome to join us. I hope the children treated you well.”

    “They did,” Bianca responded, grinning. “`Specially Bree. She was nice.” Behind her, the said girl flushed, hurrying up for her room with Jeffery still perched on her shoulder. “What about you, Andrew?” she inquired her brother.

    He only shrugged, azure eyes to the floor. “Eh... I'm not sure. It's okay, I think...”

    The kitten frowned, brow creasing in worry. “You don't like it here, do you?”

    Andrew grew silent, arms folding.

    Mia and Daisy stopped behind the kittens, turning to one another. When the teenager nodded, they gathered one into their arms. The female squeaked a little, relaxing at the sight of the violet eyes above her. The other, however, gasped and began to squirm. “I knew it!” he cried out. “They ARE kidnapping us!”

    At the sound of Andrew's scared voice, Azalea lightened up, grinning. “You have nothing to fear,” she assured him. “My daughters would never hurt a living being.”

    “Like you're one to talk,” her husband whispered, smirking. She punched him in the shoulder.

    “Let's get you ready, kiddo,” the magenta-haired girl said, ascending the steps. “I'm going to give you and Bree a few tips so you won't leave empty-handed.”

    “I thought you were bringing your Pokémon along,” the curly redhead recalled, following her. Sidney bounded along, meowing. Bianca had turned around to stare at him, amethyst eyes wide and focused, her ears flicking at his voice.

    “I am, I just have to call the Professor in the morning and have him send them over.”

    They disappeared to the second floor, their voices fading as they entered the twins' room. The parents were left to themselves, the sound of ticking from the clock next to the kitchen entrance breaking the silence. Certain the girls couldn't hear a thing, the woman turned back around to face the pictures. Her fingers trailed back to her necklace, clutching it tightly. Tyler ran his fingers through his aqua hair. “Is it true, Azalea, that she's in trouble?” It wasn't a true question, but it was anxious enough to be one. Though he knew the Mew personally for a certain amount of time compared to his wife, he trusted her enough Mia was a friend to the family.

    Closing her eyes, she nodded. “Yes. She's... in major trouble. The Rockets know she is capable of having children they could use her for more than she's able to handle. And with her husband a unique creature of his own, they'll believe... they could build a powerful army.”

    “How do you know this?”

    “Experience from knowing the Rockets.” She moaned, raising her gaze to the ceiling. “They're very power-hungry. They believe a Mew is the most powerful Pokémon in the world. Combining one with another powerful specie could theoretically create a new, super specie. It's not everyday a Legendary procreates.” Her voice caught, shoulders racked with silent sobs.

    Tyler turned her around to squeeze her to him. She clung to his shirt, burying her face in his chest. “If she's powerful as you say, then they can get out of this.”

    “Not during her pregnancy!” she exclaimed, staring up at him. “Her powers grow limited to preserve her strength! It's a restriction so she doesn't kill herself during child birth, it's natural! With her being so far into it, she's helpless in this situation!”

    “What about Mewtwo?”

    “He wouldn't dare leave her. Besides...” She hung her head. “...they might have figured out his own psychic abilities and restrained him. For all I know, they could be separated, not to see each other again until the Rockets want... more.”

    The man scrunched up his face, looking beyond her head. “Where do you think they are?”

    “Anywhere but at home...” Bursting into tears, Azalea wept into her husband. He leaned his head against hers as he hugged her tighter, trying to keep himself from crying as well. Thoughts on the kittens, they hoped for the best of the family. But most of all, for the sake of the unborn child of Mia.

    The clock chimed half-past eight in a sorrowful tone.
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    Morning drifted in slower than it usually did on a summer. Gray clouds hovered over the mountains by Mount Moon, a sign of possible showers later that day. Everything was quiet, the Pidgey and Spearow swooping down for food in individuals rather than flocks. There was little breeze out, the trees barely rustling in the usual silence. It was turning out to be a peaceful day for two girls to start for Pallet Town for the next couple of days—if it wasn't extended for stopping by to drop off lost kittens. Bree was still in her room, making last-minute checks and add-ons before her leave. Her items were spread out on her bed, chin resting on her finger and thumb, eyes narrowed in concentration and shifting between objects. Jeffery was sitting on her pillow, staring at the many supplies she was taking. It was his job, after all. She was asking for opinions, and he was the only one willing to do it.

    “Hmm”ing, the girl pointed to the science book. “Should I take that?” she asked him. “It could be useful along the way.”

    The Pikachu shook his head, ears flapping slightly. “Pika.”

    “Well... how about a hand-book? Smaller and lighter.”

    “Pika pi.” He crossed his arms.

    “You're crushing my future, you know,” she muttered, taking the book off the covers. She slipped it under her bed and stood back up, searching once more. “Are my clothes all right?”

    “Pikachu pi.”

    “Oh, wha-a-at, you want me to have different clothes than these?” she whined. “Ya know I don't like long sleeves and jeans.”

    He spread out his arms. “Pik pik pi pika.” He simulated a posture of shivering. “P-p-pika. Pikachu.” The Pikachu pointed at the dresser, pretending to sneeze.

    Making a face, she opened a drawer and drew out a few of the clothes he had suggested. “Is this enough, as long as I wash them every time I wear them?”

    Sighing, Jeffery nodded in defeat. Bree stuffed them into her backpack in reply. “Should I take slippers?”


    “No fair,” she grumbled.

    The voice of Daisy then rose up the stairs, loud and clear for her. “Bree! You better hurry up! We're getting ready to leave soon! You had breakfast, right?”

    “Does a strudel count?” she called back, throwing her savings into a smaller pocket. “It was filling.”

    “Yes, it counts,” came the sigh. “Now hurry up. I got my Pokémon from Professor Oak and Mom and Dad want to say good-bye.”

    “`Kay!” Quickly, she rushed for her closet, opening it up wide for the sunlight to shine through. At the sight of nothing but hung-up dresses, heavy sweaters, boxes, and junk they never used, her face fell. She stared dumbly at the spot where a hat of hers used to be in, hanging off a hook in the front. Snapping her head down to the closet floor, she got down on her hands and knees and began pulling items out. From clothing that fell off hangers and racks, of dolls, old toys, and accessories and hand-me-downs from Daisy's to anything school-related, everything was thrown out into the room that once was clean for the departure. Jeffery looked toward the door, thinking one of the sisters or parents would come in and stop her from making a worser mess than before.

    Nothing came up that looked like the item she was looking for. She stood up, growling and gritting her teeth, fists hanging down stiffly and shoulders raised. She stomped across her room, pulling open the door and glared at the head of the stairs. Taking a large breath, she screamed, “Mia-a-a! Where's my hat?!”

    It didn't take it very long for a shocked answer to reverberate up the stairs. “How should I know? And why do you want it so bad?”

    “I want to wear my hat!”

    “You never wore that thing anyway! Why do you care now?”

    A new voice, her mother's, took over. “Bree, honey, we need you down here. Can you hurry it up, please?”

    Sighing, she entered the room, glaring at the mess she made searching for the hat. Her arms twitched like they usually did when under pressure, and she grabbed armfuls to throw them back in, not caring how it fit or not. “This sucks, why today of all days?”

    The Pikachu jumped off the bed to help, though his small paws only allowed him to carry one or two items at the most. “Pika pikachu,” he chirped, his tone of reasoning.


    The couple of minutes on cleaning the pile was done in silence, Bree cursing herself mentally for idiotically creating the mess. When she was able to close the closet doors, she squished the remaining items into her backpack the best she could. However, upon reaching her pine-green sleeping bag, she fumed even more. When she spotted the buckle on her backpack, though she was still upset with herself, she did her best to connect the two with a “click”. Though she knew it would snap open sometime sooner or later, she flung it over her shoulders, stretching out her arm for Jeffery. He bounced for the claim of her shoulder, and when he was settled, she ran out for the room and flew down the stairs.

    “Gah! Bree, not before we leave!” Mia exclaimed in astonishment, flinching at the movement. Sidney almost fell off her shoulders, but dug his claws into the yellow-orange shirt for support.

    She stuck her tongue out at her. “It was all for you, as revenge for taking my hat.”

    “What makes you think I did that?”

    “Who else would torment their twin for being different?”

    This is pointless, the redhead thought, folding her arms and rolling her eyes. “Who wouldn't?”

    “People who show respect to the disabled.”

    Mia snorted. “Disabled,” she echoed, harshly. “Speaking of disabled... Well, I at least don't go yelling and pointing at people who I think are wizards.”

    Blue eyes widening, Bree stood her ground, pointed at her twin, and yelled, “You take that back, you evil witch!”

    Daisy hurriedly stepped in between the two, PokéBalls gleaming from the belt around her waist. It managed to fit snugly, despite her wearing a white dress. Frowning at the youngest, she warned, “Not before we leave.” She turned to the other girl. “And Mia, don't encourage her.”

    “She's blaming me for taking her hat, which I didn't!” she pointed out, snarling at her sister. “I wouldn't dare touch it.”

    Bianca flew in with Andrew, pausing slightly above them. The girls ceased squabbling at the sight, causing the Mew kitten to give a childish grin. “You all nice, now? We could hear you way in the kitchen.”

    “Bi, the kitchen is next to the living room,” her twin muttered. “You can hear everything in there.”

    The parents entered on cue, smiles on their faces, though Azalea looked ready to cry upon seeing her twin daughters leave. When Daisy had left, she was excited for her, but worried day after day. Whenever she could, the girl would call her up and give updates on her journey. Though the twins were still too young to remember the year she was absent, they had that feeling they were going to miss their parents. How terrible homesickness would be, they could only guess. But as they glanced at each other, with glares of annoyance, the thought passed. “You two will be good to each other, right?” the woman asked the girls.

    “She took my hat!” Bree spoke up, pointing at her accusingly.

    “For the umpteenth time, I never wanted to touch it in the first place,” her twin growled, eyes blazing.

    “Girls, please, not before you leave,” Tyler sighed, palms facing forward in a gesture for them to pause.

    “Why all these 'not's?” Bianca breathed to her brother. He only shrugged.

    The girls' mother stepped forward, arms stretched outward in gesture for a hug. Mia went first, wrapping her arms around the woman tightly. Sidney lifted his tail before it could get caught in a hand. “Mia, you're a very beautiful girl,” Azalea stated, “and special as well. While you're on the road, please be considerate to your sister and be wary. Be strong, confident, and hopeful. And don't forget to call whenever you reach a PokéCenter. Keep an eye on the dangers that are our there, and use your talents wisely. Okay, dear?”

    She nodded, smiling. “I know, Mom. You told us this last night.”

    “I'm just refreshing your mind.” She kissed her daughter's forehead. “You're an intelligent young girl. I just know you'll do fine on the journey.” Patting her shoulder, she passed her on to Tyler, who hugged her as well.

    “What your mother said,” he said lightly.

    “Dad, I'll be gone for about a year,” Mia sighed. “You going to give me advice, or not?”

    He laughed. “Alright, then. Be a good girl and trust your senses. You need them while out on your own.” With a grin, he added, “Is that good?”

    Giggling, the redhead hugged him some more and stepped back. The Meowth flicked his tail, batting it against her hair, whiskers twitching. He meowed a “Nya nyaa” before laying his head on Mia's shoulder.

    It was now Bree's turn. Hesitantly, she stepped over to Azalea, who gave her a light squeeze, Jeffery rubbing his nose on her cheek. The girl tensed up in her mother's arms, eyes wide. Bianca tilted her head at the expression, wondering why she did that and not the other ten-year-old. When she was released, the youngest quickly took a step back, shivering slightly. “Bree, you're a special girl as well,” the woman started. “You need to, however, start growing up over the next year. If you want to survive the challenges, you need to be like Daisy. You know... she wasn't like this when she was your age.”

    “What, Daisy?” She snickered. “Yeah, right. She's the most calmest person around.” Looking over at her oldest sister, she blinked at how red she was. “I think.”

    The said girl grinned sheepishly, placing her hand behind her head. “I was overly excited to go on the journey. During my first few battles, I was just... making loud remarks and everything. I was pretty annoying. It wasn't until I ran into an experienced Trainer that he gave me good advice. He said I needed to train myself along with my Pokémon to grow in mind and spirit. It's okay if I get excited, but I must always remain alert, keep on my toes, and remember to take breaths when I start feeling jumpy. It wasn't much back then, but it helped me keep quiet, calm, and patient by the time I reached Cinnabar. When I came home, Dad almost didn't recognize me.”

    “Jokingly,” he chuckled.

    Bree turned to her mother, who smiled. “Words from an experienced Trainer. You follow her example, and you'll be a grown girl by the time you come back home.”

    “But, uh, the Gym is here, though. Shouldn't I at least come visit you?” she proclaimed.

    “Surprise us, `kay? Besides, we'll see you on the communicator anyway.”

    Nodding, the girl turned to her father. He ruffled the top of her head, making her squeal and duck, Jeffery hanging onto her shoulder. She patted her hair to make sure it was still intact. Tyler laughed. “Oh, you were just like me as a kid. But I grew as well, everyone does. There's not one kid I know of who has not changed over the journey. But... just in case, I want you to behave. We don't need another incident like at the market, okay?”

    “Yes, Dad.”

    “I mean it, behave yourself.”

    The Pikachu squeaked in reply, a large smile spreading his cheeks and lightning-bolt tail swishing. Andrew twitched a small smile, his sister giving a small giggle. Sidney gave a happy “Nyaa!”, raising a paw. Bree was confused, yet raised her brow looking at her companion. “What did you say?”

    “Pi pika pi.” His little smile looked devilish, concerning her.

    She turned to the kittens. “What'd he say?”

    “'I'll make sure of it',” the oldest translated.

    Everyone but the girl laughed. She glared at Jeffery, who still felt proud of himself. Daisy managed to look at the clock and break the giggle fest by announcing with a clap, “Time to get going! If we leave now, we may make it out of Viridian Forest by late afternoon.”

    The psychic kittens cheered (mainly from an excited Bianca) and flew to the door, which opened upon their silent command. Andrew disappeared outside, but his twin looked behind to the girls. “Let's go!” she exclaimed, waving her arm in an arch. “Oh, and thanks for letting us stay!” She glanced back outside, then to the adults. “Andrew, too.”

    “You're welcome, dears. Come visit us anytime. Bring Mia with you!” Azalea felt guilty for mentioning her captive friend, regretting bringing up false hope for the kittens' sake. She still waved and smiled at the female, fighting back tears.

    When Bianca followed after her brother, she turned to Daisy. “Once the kittens are safe at home, and the twins have their Pokémon, come home once you two reach Pewter's entrance, all right?”

    The teen nodded, corkscrews bobbing. “I will, Mom. It's not like I'm going off anytime soon.”

    “Well, that's true,” Tyler commented. “But what about Hoenn, or even Sinnoh?”

    “They can wait. I'm always finding something new here in Kanto, and even Johto. How can I leave so soon?” Gripping her bag's straps, she stepped in between the twins, having noticed they were sending each other cold sneers. “Okay, girls. Let's get going.”

    “About time,” Mia sighed with relief, hurrying for the door. “I don't think I can stand to look at her eyes any longer.”

    “I find that insulting!” Bree shouted, running after her. Daisy gave an irked sigh as she walked for the exit, telling herself it was only going to be a few days.

    Azalea and Tyler paused at the doorway, watching their children stroll (or dash) for the road, toward where Andrew and Bianca waited. They raised their hands to wave, calling out “Be good, girls!”, “Behave!” and “Good luck!”, knowing their voices would reach the neighbors in the silence. They were prideful of their daughters to care about what the others would think. It wasn't long ago another child in the neighborhood left for a journey of his own, so why not?

    “Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!” they all managed to cry, though not in unison. “Thanks for everything!” were the twins' farewell, the oldest promising she'd be home soon. Jeffery and Sidney said their good-byes as well, waving around their paws from the girls' shoulders, Bianca thanking them again. Andrew, though thankful the humans had taken him in, felt he shouldn't show his gratitude. It was trust, and in his eyes, they still weren't trustworthy.

    Not one bit.


    New-come Trainers never expected the Viridian Forest to be a challenge, too preoccupied with what lay in their futures to see it coming. Even though they lived in Pewter City, Mia and Bree never stepped foot inside or gone near it in the first place. All they knew of it was the amount of Pokémon that lived inside, having studied that forests were filled with the creatures. They had a guess certain species lived inside, having recalled seeing a few Bugs crawling around Pewter when they were younger. However, when they passed the gate to the inside, they never figured how dark it was going to be, despite how healthy the Bugs were. Sunlight wasn't very abundant, barely just peeking through the trees of tremendous heights. The grasses were tall, and thick, bushes littered around the area. Caws of Pidgey and Pidgeotto came from the tops of these trees, or even inside the grass. Buzzes from Bug Pokémon were faint, but those that were in the foliage were sleeping or feeding. There was no path to be seen, and the weak light gave little help to find any bare spots paved just for Trainers.

    Unfortunately, there was none to be seen.

    The girls stared up at their sister with disbelief, still shocked at how she was smiling, gazing up at the green lovingly. Bree piped up, raising a finger. “Uh... Daisy? Why didn't you tell us... about this during your travels?”

    “That would ruin the fun,” she answered, looking down at her. “And this is to show you two how lucky you guys are to get to know this before you actually start your journey. In this way, you are a little bit ahead other new Trainers. Of course, you needed a guide to get you through here safely, since you're not officially certified Trainers.”

    “But Jeffery can hold off anything!” He nodded in agreement.

    “But you're still inexperienced. You don't know if he can.” She turned her attention to Mia, wondering if she had a question as well. When she didn't answer, she started off. “Let's get going. The sooner we get out of here, the sooner you get your Pokémon.”

    The twins faced one another, still shocked and confused. “Uh... how big is this?” the redhead wondered, aiming for her older sister.

    “A little over half of Viridian City.”

    “No, really.”

    “About 31.05 kilometers from here to the exit. 50 miles approximately.”

    “WHAT?!” Bree screeched, her voice carrying over. “But that's too long!”

    “If you lolly-gag, it is. Now come on!”

    Complaining, the twins hurried after their sister, the kittens not too far behind. They were a little slower, taking time to study the forest and to keep an eye out for any Pokémon. Andrew racked his memories to find if he and Bianca could hold off anything. His sister, on the other hand, didn't care much. She never seen a forest, except heard about them from her mother's childhood stories. All she knew was that it was usually bright and filled with life. The Viridian Forest was almost the complete opposite, except she could see the Bug larvae crawling around, peering at them curiously, or ignoring them. “This place is noisy,” she pointed out, hearing the buzzing again. “And too dark.”

    “The trees cause it to be that way,” Daisy explained from up front. “Trainers easily get lost because of this. That's what I mean about it being a challenge. Next to the fact you have to face Bugs, you may also step off the path.”

    “But there is no path,” Mia corrected her, gesturing to the wild grass. “If there was, the officials would've left one.”

    Pointing at the ground, the oldest explained, “See this? The grass isn't as dark as the others are. That's because of the many people who've walked here and crushed the grass. We're walking on dying grass, the “hidden” path.”

    Indeed, the girls could make out a difference in the shade of hue in the grass. There wasn't a large radius of it, but so narrow was the path, they never noticed it before. While the other grasses were as dark as the leaves, the dying parts were turning a lighter green. Even in the thick shade, they could still see, if not barely, the small path other people have made before. “That's cool,” Bree whispered, staring at the ground. “But what about the lost Trainers?”

    “Oh, they eventually find their way back on the path,” came the reply. “Most of the time, it takes a new Trainer a couple of times before they finally reach the exit for Pewter City because they get themselves turned around.” She looked behind her shoulder, brows raised. “You understand?” When they nodded, she glanced up at the cats. “How about you two?”

    “Huh, what?” The Mew kitten switched her attention to the teen when she heard she and her brother were being addressed. She hadn't been paying attention through the whole explanation.

    Thankfully, her brother was one to bring his hearing to any speech he heard. “She just told us what the path looks like,” he said, pointing at the grass. Bianca followed the finger. “The grass that is turning yellow is what we should follow.”

    “Ooh, I see! But I thought yellow was a bad color.”

    “No, Bi, that's for snow.” The Fujis sweat-dropped and/or held in sudden laughter. “In a forest like this, yellow is a good color.”

    “So we're walking on pee?”

    “No! Weren't you listening?”

    “Nope. I was looking at the Pokémon climbing trees here. They're really cute.” As they were passing a nearby tree, she happened to look on the trunk, meeting eye-to-eye with a green worm, staring up at her with dark eyes, and reaching up for her. The antennae was of a light pink, moist from water or other liquid. She paused to float in front of it, almost touching noses with it. She grinned, purple eyes glowing brightly. “Especially this one here, though they all look alike.”

    Bree stepped to her side, gazing wide-eyed at it. Jeffery leaned forward to sniff it, only to withdraw, wrinkling his nose. It smelled acidic like vinegar, only sourer. “Hey, a Caterpie in its natural habitat!” she noted. “Though its not really doing anything but looking at us.”

    Mia came over, folding her arms. Sidney blinked at it, smelling it as well. His fur stood on end, the whiskers vibrated, and his eyes watered. No one noticed it. “Bree, I thought you were willing to get out of here,” she recalled, narrowing her eyes, “not go Bug-watching.”

    She waved her away, raspberrying. “Whatever, Mia, it's still interesting to see Pokémon in their natural habitat. And besides, Caterpie are cute.”

    Daisy was so into walking down the path, she almost left her sisters behind. Having heard their voices fading, she had glanced back to see them huddling around a tree. With a sly smile, she spun around and headed for them. When she got closer, she saw the Caterpie they cooed over. “Discovered your first actual wild Pokémon, huh?” she inquired, almost teasingly.

    “Yeah!” the youngest Fuji squealed. “Isn't it cute?”

    “They're one of the easiest ones you can capture, and it's actually worth it. And they're thankfully docile, unlike the Weedle, sometimes.”

    The young girls flinched, remembering the time one had wandered into their yard one year. The hairy worm had crawled in while the twins were playing, and when they noticed it, grew curious over the creature. But when they saw the horn on its head, having drawn their eyes away from the bulbous nose, they screamed. It provoked the Weedle, and it lunged for them. They were chased for a few minutes, dodging it and throwing rocks at it to get it away. Thankfully, Jeffery and Sidney were in the tree, and saw the Bug attack their friends. They leapt in front of it and frightened it into a corner until Tyler was able to get it and return it back to the forest. It didn't affect the way they thought about Bugs, but they were jumpy since then. “Yeah, thank goodness,” the redhead muttered.

    “What's a Weedle?” Bianca queried, tilting her head.

    “It's like a Caterpie, only hairy and with a horn,” Bree described, placing her hands on her forehead. “They're pretty wild. I don't know why anyone would want one.”

    “What about a Caterpie?”

    “They're more friendly. And yet...” She paused, thinking back to her studies. “Uh, isn't there something about Caterpie we should be cautious about?”

    Her twin's eyes brightened. “Oh, yeah. What was that again?”

    Because no one had taken notice of the curiosity of Sidney, they never caught his swift movement of smacking the poor creature. The Meowth paid for his mistake. At the impact, the worm gave off a squelchy screech, frightening the group. Suddenly, everyone began to gag at a terrible, acidic stench, covering their eyes when they began to sting. “AAHHHH! GASEOUS LEAK!” the youngest shrieked, backing away as she hacked from the taste. Her Pikachu howled loudly, making her ear ring. The yowls from Mia's companion didn't help.

    The kittens had never experienced anything like it. Having never smelled anything so bad in their life, it burned their nostrils and made them cry out in surprise and pain when it got into their eyes. “IT BURNS!” Bianca wailed, running into Andrew when she turned.

    Coughing and spitting, they fled into the depths of the forest, slightly opening their eyes to allow fresh air to rush in. Daisy still remained up front as guide, peering at the light path. Lifting her head, she saw it was twisting to the left. Motioning with her arm, she ordered, “Left!” before turning. Bree tripped on a rock while arching, but retained her balance.

    When they were certain the scent and stinging had passed, they slowed, catching their breath. “I... I forgot... a-about that,” the redhead Fuji gasped, leaning forward. “Its de-defense... squirting...”

    “But we... we didn't touch it,” her twin sister gulped, eying Jeffery, who still had managed to hang on.

    “Nyaa-a!” came from Sidney.

    “He said 'sorry',” Bianca told the girls, tears streaming down her face. “Oh, it hurts!”

    “Oh, Bianca, you doofus,” Andrew groaned, rubbing at his oculars. “It'll go away. Just stop crying. Gah, it burns...”

    “No, let her,” Daisy sighed, glancing up at what little sky she could see. “It'll clean it out.”

    Mia faced her Meowth, whose head was hanging in shame and fur still standing on end. “You curious little thing, you. Now you know not to smack things, right?”

    He nodded, meowing quietly.

    “It was Sidney's fault we got gassed?” Bree shouted, eyes wide. “He smacked it?!”

    “He can't help it, you know. He always bats at things.”

    The youngest threw her hands up in the air. “Well, now we know where 'curiosity killed the Skitty' came through'!”

    “He's a Meowth, though!”

    “Same thing!”

    The teenager, ready to scream at her sisters to be quiet, suddenly grew silent. Despite the arguments between the two girls, there was nothing else to be heard in this certain area. It even seemed a bit darker here than anywhere else. Glancing at the tree trunks, she was very sure the type of gnarled wood wasn't growing where they previously were. Slowly turning to the bottom of the tree tops, she saw a small gleam when her head moved. She paused, staring up at it. Tilting her vision, Daisy spotted a golden color within the dark shade. Her indigo eyes widened, cold sweat forming on her forehead. “Bree, Mia?” she quietly said, still not taking her eyes away from it. “Can you two be quiet for a few minutes?”

    They couldn't hear her over their own voices, bickering over another topic, involving intelligence. “I too am smart! High-functioning people are very intelligent!” the aqua-haired girl yelled, pointing at Mia angrily.

    “You don't even know what 'high-functioning' means,” she snapped, arms tightly folded.

    “Well neither do you!”

    “I understand it more than you.”

    “Girls, can you calm down?” Daisy tried again, louder this time.

    Andrew and Bianca flinched at the fighting, feeling the emotions tensing into a battle. The female covered her ears, skinny tail curling around her. “I'm not liking this, Andrew,” she whined to her brother. “Mommy and Daddy don't fight like this.”

    “Ya know what?” Mia expelled, tightening her grip on her backpack's straps. “I wanted to do this on my own, and not with some bratty sister! But no, I have to be with you!”

    Bree scowled, her leer icy. “You can leave if you want.” She folded her arms and turned her back to her. “I don't frickin' care.”

    “I will!” And with a “humph”, she began stomping back the way they had ran. “This'll give me more time to myself.”

    “Gives me one less mouth to feed! And it happened to be a big one!”

    That comment burst Mia's anger into rage. Swiftly crouching, she grabbed a few rocks and flung them at her sister with a grunt. She missed, not having a good aim in the first place, hitting the tree nearby. The older Mew kitten “ooh”ed at the scene, having grown interested in the humans' fight. His sister scrunched her eyes shut, pressing her ears closer. Her stomach fluttered, making her tremble. “I don't feel good,” she mumbled, slightly opening her eyes. She looked over at her twin. “Are you, Andrew?”

    “It's strange, I didn't think humans could—WHA-A-AT IS THAT?!”

    His unexpected yell of astonishment brought everyone's attention to what he was staring at. They all turned to see a golden cocoon hanging by an invisible thread in above them not far off. It was a peculiar shell, shining like armor in the flowing sunlight. It seemed to have bulges of arms in the midsection, but there was no other appendages to be seen. The eye sockets, however, were dark, but eerily had a light to it. At the sound of Andrew's voice, it seemed to switch its eyes over in their direction. At the movement, everyone backed away, gasping. Daisy slowly began reaching for a PokéBall. “I told you two to be quiet,” she muttered.

    “W-why?” Bianca whimpered, shivering at the frightening gaze.

    There was a cracking sound coming from the cocoon, making the children, save the oldest, jump. “Kakuna tend to fall from the trees when they reach evolution.”

    “And that's a problem, right?” Mia nervously inquired. Sidney began to hiss, claws extracted and fur ruffling.

    The small group gasped when a thick, silver needle slitted itself free. “They metamorphic in swarms. Where there's one hatching cocoon, there's more to come.”

    “A-a swarm?”

    A loud tear ripped through the forest as the remaining shell fell apart, floating gently to the ground. In its place, newly-hatched and in a buzz, was a large bee-like creature, a stinger protruding out of its striped abdomen, and two more in place of front legs. The red, divided eyes glinted at them wildly, wings beating rapidly to keep it afloat. It buzzed ferociously, frightening the kittens, who dove down closer to the girls. They were scared as well. Bree, however, immediately jumped into action, grabbing rocks and throwing them at it. “Go away, insect!” she hollered at it. “You're not welcome here!”

    “Bree, that's only going to make things worse!” Daisy gasped. “Beedrill are aggressive! Yelling and throwing things at them don't help!”

    The stones missed the Pokémon, and smacked into another tree. The clatter caused more cocoons to fall out of the leaves, startling the girls and companions. Bianca screamed. “Oops,” the young girl murmured, feeling embarrassed.

    “You dimwit!” her twin groaned. “You only made things worse, now!” She grew quiet at the echo of cracks.

    The Kakunas' eyes moved, glinting in the sun rays as though they narrowed. They all froze, watching in horror as one by one, they broke free of their shells, revealing the new Beedrill, aiming their stingers at them. “Let's go, let's go!” the teen declared, grabbing her sisters by the collar and pulling them away. Andrew and Bianca screamed and shot off with the Fujis.

    Buzzing in rage, the swarm swooped after them, forming a cloud of blood-thirsty bees. The girls ran as fast as they could, not daring to look back in fear of angering them even more and even possibly slowing. They tried their best to stay on the path, hoping no other Trainers were traveling on it. Bree, being a clumsy girl, tripped a few times over her feet, still managing to get her balance back. Jeffery had climbed to her head when the Kakuna had hatched, and was clutching at the hair best he could. Sidney decided to run beside Mia, not wanting to slow her down with extra weight. Daisy, scared as she was, grabbed a PokéBall off its hilt and enlarged it. Throwing it behind her, she called out, “Jael, quick! Use Hydro Pump!”

    The dual-colored sphere split open, a large beam of white light spewing out from its contents. It formed into a large tortoise shape before fading to reveal the Blastoise, cannons fully exposed. She stood her ground, letting the flow of water stored inside her special cavity rush up to fill the inside of the artilleries. With a bellow, she allowed it to blast out speedily in large amounts, splashing the front lines of Beedrill. Wings drenched, they fell from the sky, unable to fly, though they fluttered their wings fast they could. The teenager skidded to a stop, spinning around to face her Pokémon, the dress' rim twirling about her legs. Her sisters, having seen her pause, ceased running as well, Bree stumbling trying to stop.

    The other Beedrill who weren't soaked moved to the front, darting for Jael. “Withdraw, Jael!” she commanded.

    Quickly, the tortoise retreated into her shell, arms, legs, and head in unison. The attacks only hit the shell, a few bending or breaking their needles, or jamming their stingers. The sisters who never saw Jael fight, except on TV, were amazed at how powerful her defense was. The Blastoise, however, couldn't stay hidden for very long. She had to eventually come out for air. When she was certain the coast was clear, she extended out her limbs and head, only to see the swarm still hover over her. Scarlet eyes narrowed, she rose. At her movement, one zipped forward, tips of its stingers secreting a strange substance. It made contact to her arm, where she flinched and drew back. A wound was made in the flesh, one that stung. With a shudder, Jael growled weakly, dropping to her knees.

    Daisy gasped. “Jael's been poisoned!” She slung her backpack around to search through the contents. “Oh, I hope I have an Antidote here... yes!” She pulled out a spray bottle filled with thick golden liquid and rushed over to her Pokémon. She quickly sprayed it empty on the wound, the Blastoise not making a twitch. When she finished, she stood up, placing the empty bottle into her backpack. “All right, Jael, you'll be okay. You ready to try again?”

    She nodded, and stood up, pumping streams out at the insects once more.

    Andrew watched with interest the battle between the Blastoise and Beedrill, Bianca the same. Never had they seen a fight before their eyes. Their powers used in training weren't to another Pokémon, but on objects their parents chose for them. It was usually on psychic abilities, but occasionally, special attacks not natural to them were taught. Watching the Blastoise fight off the Bugs gave them new insight on how battling worked. The young Mew looked over to her brother. “What is going on, do you know?” she queried him.

    He shrugged. “Something Mom and Dad never taught us.”

    “I don't know why, but it reminds me of Mommy throwing the humans away.”

    His cerulean eyes blinked, head tilting to her direction. “You think... that whatever the Pokémon is doing, is the same as Mom throwing the humans?”

    She nodded, smiling. “Sure. Why not?”

    He returned his attention back to the fight before him, the Beedrill bombarding Jael with all they had, the tortoise reacting by blasts of water, a few orders from Daisy. Andrew frowned at the thought of her ordering such a large creature to use attack against her will. Wasn't Pokémon supposed to be able to do as it pleases? All the Pokémon at home did what they did; even Dillian and Jamie did what they wanted to do, even though they knew they'd get in trouble. Why was the Blastoise bound to a human? Why did it obey her?

    “There's too many of them!” Mia squealed, noticing there wasn't an end. “Jael can't hold all of them off.”

    Bree scowled at the swarm and looked up where Jeffery sat. “Jeffery, I think it's time to do some teamwork of our own,” she told him. The mouse looked down at her, hazel eyes blinking. When she nodded, he brightened and hopped off her head. He stood in front of her, hands in fists of determination and cheeks surrounded by an electrical field, tail straight up. Pointing at the Beedrill, the girl enjoined, “Thundershock `em, Jeffery!”

    “Pika pikachu!” Sacs charged and full of voltage, he released it without so much as a push to the muscles in his cheeks. The bolt of lightning sparked for the Beedrill, zapping a good handful to paralysis, if not fainted. The power was electrifying, none taken, strength not seen in other Pikachu before that they could remember. He was indeed powerful for his age.

    The redhead turned to her sister, jaw dropped. “I thought it's illegal to having battles when you're not certified as a Trainer!”

    “No one's here to stop us, right?” she grinned.

    Pursing her lips, Mia gazed down at Sidney, who peered back. The excitement in his narrow, blue eyes pleaded with her, and she gave in. “All right. You may attack. Um... Fury Swipes!”

    Meowing, the cat leapt into the air, claws extended and paws reaching for the bees. Pouncing on one, he swiped it from the air and went to another. In a row, he scratched at several Beedrill before landing gracefully upon the ground. The fallen lay around him, unconscious. “Nyaa nya!” Proud of himself, he began to lick his arm.

    The girl stood dumbly at the ring of fainted Beedrill around the Meowth. Andrew and Bianca were impressed. “Is that normal?” the female asked.

    “I... I don't know.” She blinked. “Other Meowth aren't like that at all.” A flash of light caught their attention as a combination of Jael and Jeffery's attacks hit a few, knocking them out. Bree whooped, while Daisy smiled, still in awe at the intensity of the powers. “But each to its own accord, right?” Shrugging, she cried out another attack.

    One by one, the Bugs fought and fell. The kittens as spectators could only watch the majestic skills of the creatures as they gave it their all to keep back the swarm. The remaining had fled, sensing the growing strength of the opposer exceeding far beyond their own. The buzz of them faded into the far reaches of the forest, the fainted Beedrill left on the ground to revive on their own time. The Fujis rejoiced, the twins feeling proud of themselves for helping fight off an aggressive Pokémon. They congratulated their partners, hugging them and squealing happily. Bianca joined in as well, taking note of the powers she could one day use. Andrew, in the meantime, kept to himself, still pondering about the determination of the Pokémon fighting for their human masters. And why they were very willing to do so.

    “Shouldn't we heal them?” the Mew kitten pointed out, a bit worried about the Beedrill.

    “They get their strength back eventually,” the teenager explained, recalling Jael to her PokéBall in a beam of ruby light. “It's sad, maybe inhumane, but that's life. It's good exercise for your Pokémon, however. But depending on if you really wanted to capture the fainted Pokémon, you carry around extra PokéBalls in case. You can't always rely on just one. You need a whole team if you want to survive out here. There will be times when a wild Pokémon is too much for one of your own.”

    “Can we use one of your PokéBalls, Daisy?” Bree suggested, Jeffery perched on her shoulder.

    She frowned. “No, get your own.”

    Mia snickered at her twin's face of disappointment. She looked down the worn path and up at the sky. “We still have time to make it to Viridian City before... late afternoon, right?”

    “Sure do. But it will only happen if we hurry.” Gesturing with a hand, Daisy started to run. Shrugging, her sisters followed suit, the Mew kittens behind them.

    “This is a bit weird to hear it from a human, right, Andrew?” the girl cat stated, violet eyes skimming to his direction.

    “It is... Mom and Dad never mentioned this to us.”

    “Maybe they were going to before—”

    “Don't!” he interrupted, scowling. “Let's get away from that topic for now, okay? I don't want to talk about it.”

    Bianca frowned, lowering her eyes. “Sorry,” she whispered before speeding up to fly next to Bree.

    He kept an eye on her the rest of the way, his brows knitted almost suspiciously. The way she hangs around that human... it's like she never learns. His thoughts were bitter, feeling like his sister was heading for deep waters. He knew better than to hang around danger. Keeping a safe distance from them would prevent harm coming to him like what happened to his parents. But with Bianca not following the same beliefs, he was growing worried he could lose her.

    The only family he had going to the other side...

    He wasn't going to risk that.


    Again, sorry for the length. But I hope it was okay. ^^;

    Originally, Andrew and Bianca were going to attack the Beedrill with Tri Attack. And the Blastoise never had a name.

    See you all Saturday, then!

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    Hello Kutie Pie.
    I like ze story
    Is caterpies having that kind of defense already a known fact or did you think of it. If you did you're adding some nice originality to the pokemon.

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    shadowlight: *GLOMP* Tankies for the review! I'm so glad you like it so far! Lol,the Caterpie part, it still makes me giggle. I remembered hearing/reading somewhere it's a defense mechanism they hold when frightened or attacked. Gotta find it again, though. Thanks for asking that! *hug*

    I'm so sorry for the delay, I've had computer, er, problems. Yeah... so updates will be slow. But don't worry! I'm not dead yet, so we'll see what happens!

    Enjoy chapter four, the chapter that nearly killed me with writer's block!

    Chapter Four: Pursuit

    Sunlight never felt so good when the Fujis departed from the Viridian Forest. They tumbled out of the gate entrance, bright smiles on their faces and shielding their eyes. Bianca had to duck her head and blink down at the ground in order to get her vision to normal. Rubbing at her eyes, she glanced back at the trees, hoping to see at least one more Bug before they left. She couldn't see through the thickness of the green, disappointing her. But when she tossed her head back to stare up at the sky, she was happy to see the many clouds bunched together high above them. Her twin, on the other hand, was more than happy to be out of the forest. He knew he was closer to home, and that complaining would only slow them down.

    The less talking he did, the faster he'd get back home.

    With a sigh of relief, Daisy stretched her arms over her head. “Well, we have plenty of time to get to the city by evening. Shorter if we run.”

    “No, I'm through running,” Bree groaned, waving half-heartedly at her. “I'm winded out.”

    “We all are,” her twin corrected, fussing over her bangs. Reaching behind her, she grasped the water bottle from the side pocket. She looked up to the kittens. “You two thirsty?” she asked them.

    “Uh... yeah!” The young Mew flew down to Mia, who loosed the cap for her. Her tiny paws had to hold onto it tightly, though the sides were dripping from melted ice.

    “Want me to help you hold it?” the redhead insisted, hands hovering cautiously close.

    “Wait, wait! I can hold it! Just give it a squeeze!” It was unfortunate the bottle was plastic, and that pressure easily crushed it. With no where to go but up its skinny neck, the water gushed out in a rushing stream through the small opening. Straight as an arrow, it squirted into Bianca's face, between the eyes. She gave a shrill shriek and dropped the water bottle, fur on her face sagging and dripping. Frightened from it, she darted around a few times, yelling. Andrew pointed and laughed hard at her, holding his stomach. The girls tried to calm her down, assuring her she was fine, but nothing worked. Eventually, she ran into her brother, hugging him tightly and whimpering.

    He stopped quickly. “Hey, don't get me wet!” he protested, trying to push her away.

    “I'm scared, Andrew,” she whined, burying her face into his shoulder. “It attacked me...”

    “Bianca, it was an accident,” Mia said for the third time, slipping the bottle back in its spot. “I was going to warn you it can squirt you.”

    “But you didn't,” her twin pointed out, almost accusingly. She received a glare, but ignored it when she decided to look around the area. She blinked, noticing a small opening not too far off, a visible dirt path on the other side. “Hey, Daisy? Was Viridian Forest the only way to get here?”

    Everyone turned to the oldest, who grinned, hands behind her back. There was a devilish look to her eye, startling the group. The middle child stared at her in disbelief, brows raised and eyes wide. Bree scowled. “There was another way, wasn't there?”

    “I just wanted to give you guys a taste of adventure,” she confessed, shrugging like it was nothing important. “Taking the short-cut would've been boring.”

    “Yeah, but if we did, we wouldn't have been chased by the Beedrill.”

    “Well, who was it who angered them in the first place?” the redhead growled, folding her arms.

    “You! You threw the rock!” her twin exclaimed, pointing menacingly at her.

    “You threw the second one that brought them all down!”

    The teenager groaned, holding her head. Jeffery and Sidney only shrugged at one another from their arguing companions, looks of worry on their faces. Andrew and Bianca only glanced to each other, concerned. Is this normal? crossed their minds, making them anxious. The youngest flew down to Daisy, frowning. “Daisy, are we gonna do something?”

    “You mean shut them up?” she guessed, raising a brow. “It's not even going to stay temporary.”

    “Well, Mia, once you choose your Pokémon, I'm going to choose the one that'll defeat yours!” Bree shouted, jabbing a finger in the air. “So there!”

    “You're going to eat those words, Bree. We're not going to be the only ones there,” Mia retorted, arms crossed tightly.

    “Just you wait! I'll be the one who'll kick your sorry—”

    “Bree, Mia, enough!” their sister intervened, glaring at them. “I'm getting a headache from you two! Now pipe down, or you'll cause more attention than you actually need! Will it help you two be quiet if I tell you we're entering a peaceful neighborhood?”

    “She started it!” they chanted in unity, pointed spitefully at each other.

    “I don't care!” Daisy growled, pinching the bridge of her nose. “I just want you two to keep quiet or we'll get in trouble. And you don't want that already before your journeys, do you?”

    The twins sneered in the other's direction before jerking their heads in opposite ways, “humph”ing.

    Feeling the storm has ceased for the moment, the girl turned heel for Viridian. “Let's get going, then. Not going to get anywhere standing around yelling at each other, I suppose.” The kittens flew after her when she walked, Bianca glancing back at the others.

    Grasping their straps, and with harsh steps, the sisters followed without another word.


    Daisy wasn't kidding when she said Viridian was a quiet city. It wasn't a metropolis, bustling with large crowds of people and skies covered in smog. Suburbs seemed to make up the area, and there were few tall buildings. Trees took up the empty spaces, giving the city a greenish hue. The houses they could see were of bricks and plaster, roofs built with grass-green shingles. Many had gardens in their yards, others had bushes on one side or another. The sky here was bluer than at Pewter whose endless skies looked abnormally gray. There also seemed to be more abundance of Pidgey, as flocks constantly filled the sky migrating from street to street. Despite this, everything was still like their neighborhood. Even the few people walking around were silent, except for quiet conversations between friends here and there.

    The twins were enchanted by it all, never expecting cities to be the opposite what they heard—one of them, anyway. Their companions took interest in this and that, Sidney easily distracted by sudden flights of Pidgey. The kittens, feeling uncomfortable in such large space, crowded together and closer to the Fujis (much to Andrew's realization). The oldest only grinned, sighing quietly. “Oh, I miss this place,” she whispered, looking over at a nearby house. “This has to be my most favorite city next to Olivine. Such peace...”

    “I thought Pewter was your favorite,” Bree piped up, raising a brow.

    “Your hometown doesn't always have to be your favorite. To tell you the truth, we didn't always live in Pewter. Heck, Mom and Dad used to live around the Fuchsia area before Dad got a job transfer. I was born there before we moved shortly after.”

    “How'd you know all this?” Bianca interrupted, having grown interested in the conversation. “You were only a baby! I don't remember my baby years!”

    “Of course we don't, Bi,” her brother sighed, rolling his eyes. “Mom said our memories weren't working properly yet.”

    “But your parents' memories were,” Daisy said, smiling. “They may tell stories out of the blue, or answer when you ask. Mom can still recall that day clearly now and again. She said a terrible storm was occurring that day, and she and Dad had just made it to the hospital when the streets closed. I was born just as it calmed.” She shrugged, laughing quietly at her sisters' expressions of disbelief and puzzlement. “It's a weird story, but everyone has a bizarre tale about their birth.”

    Mia turned to her Meowth, who was staring up at the clouds. “Even Pokémon?”

    “Even them.”

    Bree's eyes suddenly lit up. “Hey, wait a sec! Daisy, where's the Pokémon Center? I thought every town and city has one.”

    She snapped her fingers. “Ah, I almost forgot! I need to give you two a tour of the place. Thanks for mentioning it, Bree!”

    The said girl grinned smugly at her sister, who only sneered back.

    Jeffery's ears perked up at that moment, blinking rapidly as he turned to the direction of an adjacent street. He raised a paw to point down it, chirping “Pika pika.”

    “What is it, Jeffery?” his friend wondered, following his finger.

    Walking their way was a group of Cooltrainers, dressed up in snazzy gear of warm colors and wild hairstyles. They all were male, and almost looked alike except for the eyes, and hair-color, if not the style of dress. All wore jumpers of any color of warm hue they desired, long pants touching the toes of the shoes. Only one had hair that flowed over an eye, others had used gel or professional hair-cuts to get them to stick up. The front one, a blonde with a gleam of pride in his pale oculars, had spotted them, particularly Daisy, and a shining grin appeared on his face. He strolled right up, hands in his pockets. “Hello, my good ladies,” he greeted coolly, flashing his smile. Bree had to squint. “What's a couple of beauts doing hovering around here?”

    “We just got here,” Mia answered, frowning. “Is... something wrong?”

    “This is our turf,” a brunette in the back gruffly replied, peering behind his glasses. “And no one, not even girls, comes on without a punishment.”

    “Except this young lady here.” The first, possibly the leader, gesturing to Daisy, who only stood her ground. “Mmm, not every day a delicacy comes this way. What's your name, sweets?”

    “Hey, you can't talk to my sister that way!” the youngest shouted brusquely, pointing at him. “It's wrong the way you say it, and it sounds too mushy!”

    “Bree, be quiet!” her sister groaned, slapping her forehead.

    “It's like dialogue from one of those sappy stories Daisy reads!” The Pikachu smacked her with his tail, eyes narrowed. “Hey, what was that for?”

    “Ah, Daisy. Named after a simple, yet pretty flower. You know, a daisy can be orange or yellow, not just white.”

    “I know.” Her voice wasn't strained, but remained calm, her indigo eyes the only sign she wasn't liking the boy. He was oblivious to the flames. “But they can also be pink.”

    “Well, how about you and I go get acquainted at a party us guys are heading to?” he smirked, wiggling his brows. “People would just love to meet you. `Course, you may want to change out of your dress, but it just looks lovely on you.”

    “It's part of the family.”

    “Is it, now? Well, part of the family will be there, then.”

    “Hey, Casey, how about inviting the others?” an auburn-haired Cooltrainer suggested beside him. “We could use a little more feminine touch to it.”

    “Sorry, but my sisters and I have to get to Pallet Town. They're starting their journey officially tomorrow.”

    The boys whistled, looking one to another. Casey raised his shoulders. “What a shame. Professor Oak hasn't been getting any younger, so he relies on other youngsters to do what he couldn't do. But, it's your choice. I won't stop you, but I'll miss you.” He flicked his hair. “Shame you can't come.”

    “And it's a good thing, too!” Bree quickly commented. “You are a poor excuse for a Trainer!”

    He glared down at her, brows knitted and hand paused at his bangs. His group gave a round of “ooh”s before quieting down. “What's that supposed to mean?”

    She raised a finger, but paused, blinking. “Uh... I just had it.”

    “You were about to say that making comments about Professor Oak that aren't praiseworthy makes you a bad Trainer,” the Mew kitten told her out of the blue.

    “Oh, yes, thank you. What she said.”

    The boys were taken aback, hearing a tiny voice speak from behind the girls. A few tilted to get a good glimpse of the kittens, and hollering words of surprise, whether mild or vulgar. The leader flinched. “Who said that?” he asked breathlessly, glancing around with wide eyes.

    The Fujis turned to Bianca and Andrew, tensing up. They had almost forgotten the two were exposed in the open. And with their appearances, especially Andrew, they were classified as their own unique specie. It was dangerous to have them in public. Very quickly, Bree grabbed Andrew and held him in front of her, grinning nervously. “Oh, that was my... puppet, Keith! Sorry about that!” She then glared at the Mew kitten, and growled to him, “Apologize for scaring the poor boys.”

    Andrew was disconcerted from the sudden “disguise”, much like how the others were puzzled and astonished at the action. Mia had slapped her forehead and turned away, Daisy twisted her hands, and Bianca levitated motionlessly, staring at her brother with wide eyes. The Cooltrainers had jaws dropped, unable to believe their eyes and ears. When Casey spotted the male in her hands, he only raised his brows, blinking rapidly. Sapphire eyes darting from the boys to Bree, he said, “Uh... pay no attention to the talking cat,” aware slightly the girl was moving his head.

    The blonde looked from sister to sister. “She's a ventriloquist?”

    Daisy decided to play along. “Why, yes! Yes she is! This little puppet was crafted from her own hands!” She gestured to Andrew. “In fact, it's so realistic, even the fur feels real, and the tail moves! Isn't that wonderful? She's very gifted!”

    “Uh, what about the pink one?” a boy from the back pointed out.

    “A Ditto!” the red-head spoke up, snatching Bianca from the air. “It has a hard time getting back to its original form! We're going to Nurse Joy to try and fix it! Right, girls?” With a small, near-apologetic smile, she hurried off, Sidney grasping her shoulder.

    The teenager, hinting this as the time to leave, turned to the Cooltrainers and bowed. “I apologize again for the inconvenience. It was a pleasure to meet you all.” Tugging at Bree's arm, the two hurried after their sister.

    They strolled across the city to a large, cream building with a gleaming red dome for a roof, a matching “P” plastered over the entrance. The veranda was held up by two pillars, where a few people hung around. Beyond the sliding glass doors, they could just see a counter across the room. However, the Fujis didn't immediately walk in. Upon noticing the boys were gone, Mia spun around and glared sharply at her twin, who flinched. “What were you thinking?!” she shouted, tightening her grip on Bianca, who started to struggle. The few citizens standing around turned their attentions to her. “We could've been mobbed!”

    She sneered back. “I saved our butts, didn't I?” she retorted, letting go of Andrew, who flew forward to rescue his sister. “You could at least say 'thanks'.”

    “It was a stupid idea, Bree! And to think you had to sass to that one Cooltrainer! We could've been in big trouble!”

    “The jerk was hitting on Daisy!”

    “Girls, girls!” the said person interrupted, stepping in between them. “Enough! We got out of there without any other problems, so please, drop it!” Looking from one to the other, she pointed out, “We're at the Pokémon Center, and just to let you know, it's a hospital. That means you two need to behave. You listening?”

    In response, the twins turned their backs to one another, and nodded curtly. Sighing, the oldest took her sisters by the elbow and lead them to the doors. The Mew kittens almost missed them, having stared up at the building the whole time. Inside, the children were met with a homely appearance. It was a small waiting room, but everything was cozy, and cool. The sofas pressed against the walls were soft yellow, pictures of landscapes hanging over them. Tables with glass surfaces sat in front of the furniture, a couple of other mats laid out on the sides. The floor was smooth, macaroni-orange, shining cleanly from the fluorescent lights. Installed in a corner were phones, where a couple of Trainers occupied them talking to their parents. Sitting on the counter, a computer with its screen-saver of various dancing Pokémon faced them from an angle. It was connected to a machine that had six holes perfect for PokéBalls, a transparent lid lifted above it, and an empty space next to it, used for Pokémon who didn't have PokéBalls. At the moment, the nurse in charge wasn't available, but a Chansey took her place.

    When the girls had entered, the egg-shaped assistant turned to them, a large smile on its small face. On top of its head was a nurse's cap, and it wore a uniform. It waved a stubby arm. “Chansey chansey!” it greeted.

    “She said 'Welcome to the Pokémon Center',” the small Mew translated, though it wasn't needed.

    Daisy let go of her sisters and stepped forward. “May you heal our Pokémon? We exited the Viridian Forest, but had a battle with some Beedrill.”

    The Pokémon nodded. “Chansey chanse!”

    Jeffery and Sidney leaped from their companions' shoulders for the counter, landing gracefully. The Chansey was surprised at the agile jump from a ways, but gestured to the empty part of the machine. Then it turned to Andrew and Bianca and pointed at them. “Chanse?”

    “We're fine,” the youngest answered, not bothering to wait for the teenager's response.

    The nurse Pokémon was taken aback, and stepped away quickly with shouts of surprise. Its commotion attracted the attention of the other Trainers in the room. From the sound, the nurse of the Center came rushing in from the back almost immediately. “Chansey, what's wrong?” she asked quickly, almost jumping to its side.

    Bree and Mia stared blankly at the woman, wondering why she looked so familiar. Her short pinkish hair was all curls, though it hooped at the ears, vanishing underneath the cap. Her dress was typical of a nurse's uniform, a rosy dress complete with an apron, and cream stockings and buckle shoes. Her eyes were of a plain blue, but gentle. Tilting their heads, the redhead raised a finger and said, “Nurse Joy?”

    At her name, she glanced up at the girls, blinking. “Yes? What happened?”

    “Uh, why are you here in Viridian instead of Pewter?”

    The question confused the woman at first, having run out in belief her assistant was in trouble. But she gave a soft smile. “Oh! There's always a Nurse Joy in every Pokémon Center, simple as that. You seem to know my cousin in Pewter City.”

    “WHA-A-A-AT!?” the youngest Fuji screamed, stepping back a ways. “But you and your cousin—I mean Nurse Joy, no, your... GAH! I'm so confused!” She grasped her head in emphasis. Behind her, the Trainers had rushed out the door, glancing back behind them.

    “Don't think about it,” Daisy warned to her. “It's not that important on your journey.”

    “You sure? I really doubt appearances are given to all the girls, it's nearly impossible to do. Not unless you generically do it yourself!” She then pointed at the nurse, and cried out, “You're a clone!”

    An awkward silence filled the room for the next moment, everyone gawking at the girl—Nurse Joy was the most puzzled. Bree shortly added, “Or plastic surgery, whichever comes first.”

    Mia swung her backpack at her twin, who ducked quickly. “YOU IDIOT!” she screamed. “YOU DON'T GO JUDGING PEOPLE AS SUCH!”

    “Well, what'd you want me to say, then?” she retorted, standing back up and glaring at her sister. “'Gee, Nurse Joy, you and the other Nurse Joy look exactly alike. How did you do it?'”

    The nurse began feeling embarrassed and quickly interrupted. “Did anything happen to my Chansey?”

    Andrew turned to Bianca, who was beginning to feel guilty for startling the poor assistant. He shook his head at her as a warning, but she never took heed. The kitten floated forward to the woman, who gaped slightly. Hanging her head, she softly said, “I'm sorry, ma'am. I was the one who startled your Chansey. I was only telling everyone else what she was saying. I didn't think she'd freak out like that. I'm very sorry for that. Can you forgive me?”

    Another moment of silence hovered in the waiting room, and Nurse Joy seemed lost in her thoughts, having seen and heard a small, unknown Pokémon talk to her directly. The girls turned to one another worriedly, and then at Andrew. He only slapped his forehead. Bianca patiently waited for the response, but none came. Even the Chansey remained silent, and she became concerned. Leaning closer to Joy, she whispered, “Are you all right, ma'am?”

    The answer came suddenly when the nurse tilted backward rather stiffly, thudding to the tile ground in a faint. The nurse assistant squealed out in shock and rushed out of the room. Bree gave a loud shout and ran to the counter, supporting herself up on the surface as she looked over at the woman. “Nurse Joy clone, are you oka-a-a-A-A-Y-Y-Y?!” came the yelp as she flipped over, disappearing under the counter. Jeffery hopped off the machine, squeaking worriedly and began helping his companion up.

    Mia turned around in embarrassment, holding her head with a groan. “Why me?” she muttered, staring out at the streets. That was when she blinked, spotting a boy standing at the doorway, hands in his pockets. It was hard to see what he looked like, for a hood was over his head, casting shadows over his face. The jacket seemed too large for him, and his jeans were saggy, almost piling up at the toes of his shoes. He only stood there for who knows how long, watching them. With another blink, she spoke up. “Uh... hi. Um... the nurse is out right now...”

    “I know,” came his answer. It was slightly deep, hinting the boy was a teenager around Daisy's age. “Normally, Nurse Joy never leaves her position unless she has other duties.”

    Daisy glanced over her shoulder at his voice. “Oh. You're here to heal your Pokémon?”

    “No. Just hanging out.” And he stepped forward.

    Sidney, upon spotting him from his seat, suddenly arched his back, hair standing on end and hissing. The redhead brought her attention to the Meowth, scowling. “Where are your manners, Sidney? He probably wants to use the phone or something.”

    Bianca and Andrew, though cats themselves, knew better than to hiss and extend claws. They could only gaze at him, feeling a strange aura emitting from him. The youngest only grew confused from the sense, but her brother was familiar with it. He stood his ground, grasping his sister's hand defensively. When the boy looked over at them, the two tensed, seeing the glint in his dark eyes. None of the girls noticed, even when Bree shot up to her feet, exclaiming, “The Nurse Joy clone has fainted! Please come again when she's fully awake, which I don't know when it'll happen. And what's taking that Chansey so long?”

    The Pikachu began sparking at the sight of the boy, nicking his friend. “Ow, Jeffery! Knock it off, what's wrong with you?”

    The stranger spread out his arms in apology. “I'm afraid Pokémon aren't my greatest strengths. I don't blame them. They've never liked me when I was younger, and it was very difficult to be a Trainer. It just takes practice to train them to feel more comfortable around me.”

    “Why don't they like you?” the youngest Fuji wondered.

    He only shrugged. “They're very sensitive. They must know something about me that I'm unaware of.”

    Bree looked him up and down, finger at her chin thoughtfully and frowning at his attire. “Maybe dressing up like a gangster or drug dealer freaks them out,” she blurted out.

    Mia reached over and smacked her. “Apologize!”

    “Why, I'm being truthful!”

    “It was a rude thing to say! Now apologize, or you'll be delayed another year!”

    In reply to it, the boy only raised a hand. “I don't mind. I get comments a lot about my appearance. To be frank, I don't give a damn what people say. You are who you are, even if it means you are judged wrongly. I can tell just by looking at you,” he pointed to Bree's hair, “that you are immature for your age, but I sense intelligence in those eyes of yours.”

    Smugly, the girl grinned at her twin, who only rolled her eyes. He turned to the redhead. “You are intelligent as well, and a fighter. Fighters generally have short hair. I'm sure you strike fear in hearts of people you run into. No one wants to get on your bad side.” Then he pointed to the oldest. “And you... you are strong for your age, and mature. So mature, that you have the virtue of patience, and always is suave, sang froid, filled with equanimity. You also are a leader, and is very loving to everyone around you. And I can tell you are an experienced and kind Trainer, and your Pokémon have grown powerful because they know you care for them.”

    An awkward silence fell over the Fujis, mainly the twins, wondering who this boy is. Daisy, feeling complimented, commented, “Well, you're good at reading people, aren't you?”

    He only shrugged. “Just by appearances. What I told you is how everyone sees you.”

    Bree raised a hand. “Does this make you a wizard?”

    She was ignored when the boy looked over at the Pokémon, who still were edgy. A smirk tugged at the corners. “Reading Pokémon expressions is similar to humans,” he added. “You can tell just how loyal, powerful, and loving a Pokémon is just by looking at the eyes. These two, the Meowth and Pikachu, are the same. They are very powerful, I bet, and protective. It only happens when the Trainers are kind to them. They remind me of a Gardevoir when its own Trainer is in danger. They protect them because of their loyalty and love for that person. And that's what they're doing.”

    Jeffery made a strange hissing through his teeth, making Bree flinch. He only laughed quietly. Then his head snapped to the kittens, frightening Bianca. Underneath his hood, his eyes widened as a large grin grew. “Now these two... they're very different. It's almost like I can see human qualities as well as Pokémon in them. It's... unique.”

    Daisy forced herself to giggle. “Well... don't all baby Pokémon do that when they're more exposed to human activity?”

    “A good possibility,” the boy mused, not tearing his gaze from the cats. When Andrew glared, the girls felt a slight shiver run up their backs looking at him. The stranger was impressed. “Except this one doesn't fit in that category. Just by looking at it, I can see a dislike for humans.”

    “I'm not an 'it'!” came the sudden snap. “I'm not a thing to be called an 'it'! Only non-living things are called 'it's!”

    The Fujis froze, afraid of what the teenager was going to do. He became more surprised, but moved at the kitten's action. “Ah... a Pokémon that speaks a human language. Interesting... it's almost unheard of.”

    Bianca grasped her brother's arm, whimpering. “Andrew, don't,” she whispered. “We'll get in trouble.” She then gave a small gasp when the boy towered over them, violet eyes widened to the max and ears lowered.

    He tilted his head. “Correction... two Pokémon. Now that's unusual. Normally, Pokémon are only liable to understand humans. I only heard of one other to actually speak and also read the language. It proved it can be possible for other Pokémon to be bilingual, but there hasn't been another record since. These two would go down in history.” His smile grew bigger, more manic. “It's not every day you find a talking Legendary.”

    “What are you talking about?” Andrew growled, tail twitching.

    “What's a 'Legendary'?” his sister wondered.

    “Rare, powerful one-of-a-kind Pokémon everyone's after. Rumor has it they're worth millions, maybe more depending on the specie. From what I hear, an extinct Legendary is where the profit is.”

    The oldest girl saw his hands reach into his pockets, and caught sight of a piece of rope. She gave a gasp. “Stop!” she exclaimed, reaching out to grab his shoulders. “You don't know what you're doing!”

    He turned his head sharply, a dark brown eye glinting from underneath his hood, and elbowed Daisy in the chest, pushing her back. She stumbled backward to the floor breathlessly. Her sisters and their companions cried out in astonishment, Bree yelling, “That was uncalled for!”

    Withdrawing from his pockets a long piece of rope, he lunged at the kittens and looped it around them. They screamed, the capture too quick for them to react. With their arms pinned to their sides, and the rope tied tightly, they couldn't move. Cackling, the boy tucked them under his arm and rushed out the door, almost crashing through the glass. Immediately, Sidney and Jeffery leapt to the floor and chased after him while the sisters helped the oldest up. When she was stable, they followed them out, keeping the teenager in sight. “That creep!” Mia snarled, trying to keep up with the Meowth.

    Daisy unhooked a PokéBall from her belt, and enlarged it, throwing it forward. “Damien, pursue the hooded boy and rescue the kittens, quick!”

    From the light came a spiky yellow fox, who automatically kicked its long hind legs into gear and sped off for the boy. A battle cry of “Jolt!” came from him as he ran ahead, catching the attention of surrounding passers-by.

    The kittens heard the new voice, but couldn't turn their heads to see who it was. Running out of breath from screaming, Bianca resorted to wailing and Andrew tried to struggle his way out. “Let us go!” he gritted through teeth. “You'll be sorry!”

    “You're only kittens,” came the scoff. “What's the worst you can do?”

    “I'll, uh... bite your legs off!”

    He harshly guffawed. “Really? I'd rather have my head blown off.”

    “If Dad was here, he would so blow your head off!”

    “The same dad who abandons his own offspring? I bet!”

    “I'M SCARED, A-AN-ANDREW-WAAAH!” was the choked sobs of his twin. “I WANNA GO HO-HO-OME!”

    “Well so do I, but I'm not crying about it!” Andrew shouted to her, ears beginning to ring.

    Behind them, the “Jolt!” grew closer, making Bianca slow her crying when her ear twitched. “Wh-who's that?”

    The boy glanced over his shoulder at the approaching Jolteon, hissing a swear. Hoisting the kittens up to keep them from slipping, he rushed down a nearby alley, speeding up at the sight of a fence. The fox ricocheted off a lamppost after him, Sidney and Jeffery not too far off. At once, Damien and the Pikachu released a spark of a Thundershock. The attack arched over the teen and zapped the fence, turning it electrical, forcing him to skid to a stop eyes wide. Even the kittens were surprised at the voltage, feeling their furs tingling from the field.

    The three Pokémon paused as well, forming a brigade. Behind, the Fuji sisters rounded the corner, amazed as well at the electrified fence (though Bree wondered loudly who the idiot was to set it up there). “Return the kittens, and we'll let you go!” Daisy ordered upon reaching Damien.

    “Are you kidding me?” he snapped. “With a specie this rare, you're expecting me to release them? Well, if that's how you want it—” At that moment, he raised the kittens, and they faced the fence. “—I'll do it.”

    Everyone gasped. “You crazy?!” Bree screeched. “They're only kittens! They have yet to learn life!” Her twin slowly turned to her, brows raised and a skeptical look scrunched on her face. Sheepishly grinning, she corrected, “I mean live life.”

    The twin kittens gaped at the fence before them, sensing the imminent danger. Andrew had frozen when the boy moved them closer, unable to take his eyes off of the tiny sparks. Bianca, on the other hand, grew frightened and screamed. “I DON'T WANNA DIE!” was the cry, and her tail rose involuntary.

    Before the girls' eyes, they watched the appendage glow brightly and swing. The captor managed to catch a glimpse of it before he was smacked harshly upside the head, causing him to holler in pain and drop the kittens onto their stomachs. They looked up at him in surprise to see him clutching the back of his skull, blood seeping through the hand and down his neck. He even stumbled back, running into the powered fence. Attached to it from the electricity, he quaked and trembled from the voltage, and screams wavered in and out. Burn marks began appearing on exposed skin, and they could swear his clothes was smoking.

    None of them could risk pulling him away, but Damien dared it by snatching a pant leg with his teeth and tugged hard. The boy fell back onto the ground, charred and paralyzed. He fell unconscious when the shrill scream of sirens rose in the atmosphere. The girls stood there staring at him shakily, afraid to check vital signs, their Pokémon's ears drooping. Andrew and Bianca, still frightened from the event, only lay there unable to emit a sound, though the Mew kitten silently cried.

    Daisy was the first to move, stepping forward to free the cats. “That's that,” she muttered, picking at the knot. “If he's made it through, he's disabled for life.”

    Mia let out the breath she held. “What caused him to do that?” she wondered quietly. “I thought only adults could be criminals.”

    “Anyone can if they do wrong,” the eldest answered. Once the rope fell from the kittens, she scooped them up, checking each one for afflictions. Turning to Bianca, she pointed out, “How did you learn Iron Tail?”

    She jumped. “H-huh?”

    “I said, how did you learn Iron Tail? Only well-experienced Pokémon can.”

    Blinking her violet eyes, she repeated slowly, “I learned... Iron Tail? Wha?”

    “Wait, what'd Bi do?” Andrew spoke up, looking up at the girl. “Something about an Iron Tail?”

    Daisy only shook her head. “Oh, nothing. We'll come back to it later.”

    Pulling up to the alley at that moment was a curly turquoise-haired woman, readjusting her police cap and balancing her motorcycle with a foot. Police cars skidded to a pause moments after. The girls recognized her as Officer Jenny, yet Bree told herself it was another clone. “Are you girls all right?” she called down to them. “We got a call about a disturbance here, and thought we'd check it out. What happened here?”

    The Fuji twins turned to their sister for guidance, who had already stood up, holding the kittens close. “This boy robbed us of our Pokémon, and we pursued him down here. Our Pikachu and Jolteon electrified the fence, and he ran into it. We believe he's paralyzed, but can't check him for fear he's still electrically active.”

    Parking the motorbike, Jenny sped-walked up to them. She barely glanced at the boy when she announced, “You managed to corner Brett Jasper?”

    Daisy was confused. “What about him?”

    “He's been on the run for Pokémon burglary and illegal trade for months. He's managed to evade our police forces this whole time, and you stopped him with an electric fence?” She softly laughed, pulling at a curl on her forehead. “You kids must be very intelligent.”

    “We try to,” Bree piped up from behind grinning, though she was slightly disturbed at the fact she laughed in a dark position.

    Smiling herself, she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. “Well, thank you for stopping him. We appreciate the service.” Jenny then picked up the boy by the arms, slightly feeling the electric field around him, and carried him away.

    The youngest then thought of something watching her walk off. As Jeffery hopped onto her arm, she inquired aloud, “Hey, wait, aren't they going to take him to the hospital?”

    “They will, Bree,” the redhead said, scratching Sidney's ear. “It's the law he needs to be treated.”

    “Are the parents going to be notified?”

    “They will if he's a minor.”

    Daisy returned Damien to his PokéBall after a word of thanks, releasing Andrew when he wriggled uncomfortably. “Are you two alright?” she asked them. “Do you need to be treated for shock?”

    “I know someone who does,” Bree gave a smirk, hinting at Nurse Joy. She returned to a straight face at Mia's cold stare.

    Bianca levitated up to her twin, shaking her head. “I'm okay,” she replied. “Are you, Andrew?”

    He nodded, watching paramedics rev into view. “Yeah... yeah, I'm alright.”

    The girl looked at him worriedly for a few moments, but decided to take his word. “Well, let's return to the Center then for the check-up and a room. We'll take you to Mount Silver tomorrow. We'd head over there now, but no Trainer is allowed to camp outside the Pokémon League headquarters. Next to the fact you two need rest.” Smiling, she gestured to her sisters to follow her, and they proceeded to exit the alley.

    Bianca and Andrew floated behind in silence. Heads hung, they glanced at each other from the corner of their vision. The Mew kitten whimpered, clutching her brother's arm. “Now I know how Mommy and Daddy feel,” she breathed out, eyes glistening. When he didn't speak, she added, “Was he really going to hurt us, Andrew?”

    He shrugged, sighing and shaking his head. “I'm not sure. He's a human, so he might have.”

    “But Bree and Mia and Daisy are nice people,” his sister said. “They would never hurt us. Why would he?”

    Andrew didn't have a real answer by the time they arrived at the Pokémon Center. He could only recall the strange feeling he had once felt with the strangers a couple nights ago, and the aura around Brett, convinced it was the same thing. But not once was it with the Fuji sisters even when the twins fought.

    It wasn't making sense. Weren't all humans bad, after all?


    Again, progress will be slow. So... see you whenever!
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    I've read your other story, and this one intrigues me very much. The kittens are adorable. Will be following with great interest.
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    LadyMiir: Aww, thank you! I love the kittens too, Andrew is so fun to write ^_^.

    Attention readers: I'm still working on the next chapter, but it's slow work. Writer's Block is a pain in the butt, though I'm beginning to come out of it. Hopefully it'll be done by this weekend. I apologize for the hiatus.
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