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Thread: a new user appeared! what will do?

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    Default a new user appeared! what will do?

    hey! i'm E4KILLER, and i haven't been on this forum long at all, and i have already gotten a legit mew and celebi out of it! so i have a lot here to be thankful about lol

    i'm gonna be looking mainly at trading and breeding, so you know where to look if you wanna negotiate a deal :P

    i may do some pokemon battles too, but all in good time

    just needed to say hi mainly
    FC: 3867 0361 1914


    lvl 75 10 ANNIV celebi
    lvl100 distant land entei

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    I'm just mainly going to say hi.

    And, a little bit of welcome to the forum!

    Credit to pokemonmaster21

    My Sppf Family

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