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    Okay this is kinda a Franticshipping fic, but it doesn't stay that way for the whole story. I hope this goes well and I hope you like it....

    First Chapter rateted:G

    Chapter One

    "Ow Ruby watch it!!" I threw the paper ball back at his head. He ducked quickly, the paper ball hitting a girl behind him instead. Ruby turned around and saw a mad thirteen year-old. I knew she was mad, heck the pokemon around here knew she was mad.

    She stormed up and looked at the two of us. "Do you two ever stop fighting" She yelled. It was safe to say she was mad at us, very mad. Although she was right, Ruby and I fight more then the people at my mothers clinic.

    I sighed and looked over at Ruby. He was being his usual self, pushing on his right leg then his left. "Sorry Sapphire, guess that's just the way we've always been." I told her. Sapphire crossed her arms and turned her head. I couldn't tell you how many times she's done that, and that's just for today.

    Just then someone came out. She was a middle-aged women, with a pink flowery dress, an apron around it. "Ruby, Indigo please come help me!" She asked. I sighed again.

    "Sure Mom, just a minute." I said and turned to Ruby. He had turned around and was just standing there as Sapphire stormed away. He looked up and turned to my Mom. She nodded and walked back to the clinic.

    "Indi, have you ever wanted to be a trainer or a coordinator?" He asked turning his head up towards the sky. I cocked my head at the question. I stood beside him and smiled.

    Slowly I looked up too and whispered, "Yeah!" I had nothing else to say. Ruby and I loved pokemon more then anything in the world, that's why we work at my Mom's clinic. She's always said that we had a way with pokemon. Unfortunately she refuses to let us travel. "You?" I asked turning my head to him.

    He looked over and seemed to be lost in thought. "More then anything." He said.

    "Come on Indigo, Ruby!" My Mom yelled. Ruby and I snapped out of it laughing. I pulled my pokemon cap down over my red hair and headed towards the clinic, Ruby following with his hands behind his head.

    Once we reached the clinic a small pokemon came running out. It was brown and furry and looked like a miniature Growlith. "Eevee what's wrong?" I asked picking it up. My Mom rushed sweating. She stopped in front of it watching the panting Eevee.

    "Oh, the poor thing is scared to death of her shots!" My Mom growled.

    "Miss Carron be nice to the poor thing, imagine treating Indi like that!?" Ruby screamed. I sighed. He hated nothing more then cruelty to pokemon.

    My Mom stood strait and gathered a stern face. "Ruby I would appreciate you not calling her Indi, her name is Indigo." She said unhappily, then added, "Bring the Eevee in when you do" then she left.

    I turned to Ruby, while petting and soothing Eevee. "What's your moms problem?" He asked plopping down on the ground.

    I sat in front of him and sighed. "Depends, her problem with the pokemon, she's impatient. Two, my name. Indi is short for Pokemon Indian Police, she hates them, so she hates you calling me Indi." I declared.

    Ruby looked up and sighed. "Your moms crazy ya know?" He said folding his arms.

    I nodded, pushing him backwards and standing up. I heard the thud of him falling down and laughed. The boy was about as funny as a Growlith trying to bit it's own butt.

    "Hey, unfair. I'm gonna get you!" He yelled standing up.

    "Oh yeah, gotta catch me first" I yelled after I had started running. I heard footsteps behind me and sped up. Ever since I met Ruby three years ago, my life was turned upside down. Meeting Ruby was something I'd never forget.

    *Flashback Three years ago*
    I folded my arms and turned away. "I'm not going outside, there are pokemon out there!" I screamed. I had just moved to Ikada Island with my Mom, for her pokemon clinic called "Pokemon Carron Clinic".

    The Ikada Island isn't a very common place for people to visit and only a few people live here, but there are a lot of wild pokemon, which is why we moved here.

    I was a stubborn 10-year-old who was scared to death of wild pokemon. My Mom sighed. "Please honey, Indigo do it for the pokemon, their in trouble here" she said sweetly. Now I wasn't one to give in so easily but this was pokemon, I might be scared of them, but if they're in trouble, you can guarantee I'm gonna help.

    "Okay" I said. I unfolded my arms and waited.

    "Now you go north and look for any injured pokemon, I'm going to take care of this Growlith" she ordered. I nodded and ran out.

    The fields were huge and there wasn't a person around for miles. In fact I didn't see any pokemon either. For a little bit I wondered around searching for pokemon.

    Then suddenly I heard something, it sounded like crying....It could be a hurt pokemon, I thought. Running towards the sound I huffed. I hated running. When I reached the sound I found it was....a little boy! He was probably my age.

    "Hey kid are you okay?" I asked sitting down in front of the boy who was on his knees. He looked up and I saw his eyes were bloodshot. I nearly cried myself. He looked terrible. "Who are you?" I asked.

    The boy sniffed. "I'm r-r-ruby, and no I'm not okay" he screamed crying again. I put my hand up and sighed. I placed my right hand on his shoulder and he opened his eyes.

    "I'm Indigo, What's wrong?" I asked. Gee I was full of questions.

    "My parents *snif* dropped me *snif* off here and *sniffm sniff* left" He cried. I suddenly felt like I was going to cry. Here I had been crying about moving here when this kid, Ruby's, parents just left him here.

    After a moment I brightened up. "Hey you can stay with me! My Mom owns a clinic ere come on" i stood up and offered a hand. He looked at me like I was crazy then smiled. He nodded and stood up. I lead him back to our house.
    *End of Flashback*

    I was nearly crying at the memory. My feet felt tired and I slowed down, waiting for Ruby. "Indi watch out" Ruby called. I looked behind me. Ruby had stopped running.

    I immediately stopped only to notice the sun was blocked. I looked up to see a man, mabey thirty of so standing there. Ruby ran up beside me and looked up. "Are you Ruby and Indigo?" The man asked. We nodded, what could he want with us....?

    To be continued....

    Well what did you think?
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    Um...I see no one wants to post!!! Anyway, you don't have to I guess. I'm just writing it on here, because I'm writing it on, Pokemoncommunity and thought I could get more reviews if I posted on two websites. Well if anyone wants to comment it's welcome and chapter two will be up soon.

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