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    Default May and Drew: Mom and Dad's Trouble!

    Title: May and Drew: Mom & Dad's Trouble
    Rating: Basically PG-13 for some chaps, and for few chaps are R, so , it's rated R for safety~ >.>
    Shipping Material: Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Hoennshipping, Advanceshipping and other shippings I might add later
        Spoiler:- Real Characters::

        Spoiler:- NEW Made-up Characters::

    NEW Addings: Dlover city, Ravennia Town

    Again, a contestshipping fanfic! I got this idea from their names MD~ May Drew... Mom & Dad...
    It's a bit weird and wacky story... It contained a bit pokeshipping also. I also wanted if they had a bigger kid, so it can make the story wackier. But somehow I feel I can't. May will be a young mom, if her child is 13, then in what age she must be? 33?
    It's too old~XD
    But I'll still figure out how I'll add it later... Just wait and see^^

    Chapter 1 - I'm not me!

    That was a lovely day in Dlover City, the sun was rising in the east and birds were chirping and some were dancing as the morning came. May was still asleep, she heard some Hoothoot, Pidgey and Taillow were chirping loudly. She stuffed her head into her pillow, hoping she won't hear any noises but she can't. She turned, her back facing to the window and continued her sleep.
    Meanwhile, Drew lazily turned back, as he heard some noises on the bed and birds were awaking him. He groaned and tried to get back to his sleep.
    Both May and Drew noticed a voice on their bed. May thought it was her Mom, as usual, awaking her for the breakfast, she replied, "Yes, Mom, I'll awake in five minutes again,"
    At the same time, Drew said, "I'm still sleepy, put that there and I'll eat it later," because he also thought it was his maid or his mom. But, suddenly they're alarmed by the other sound on their bed and woke up; both their eyes were widened to see each other. And...
    "Aaaaarghh!" they both screamed loudly.
    They jumped off their bed, and checked their own body, from up to down, from left to right. They let out a small sigh of relief knowing that their clothes were put on neatly. But, something unusual they're wearing that day. They both didn't have those pajamas they're wearing.
    "Why I'm wearing these red pajamas? My usual pajamas aren't this one," May thought.
    "This is definitely not my pajamas. Why I'm wearing this?" Drew also thought at the same time. They looked each other, and in a same time, shouted "Who are you?"
    Both are shocked to see the face whom they both familiar too. They looked each other, amazed by the human in front of them each.
    "May?" Drew said shocked.
    "Drew?!" May said confused.
    "What are you doing in my room?" they asked in unison.
    "It's my room!" again, they both said at the same time. They looked around, to assure it's they room indeed, but... May didn't find her ribbon that always hanging on the wall, her Pokemon paintings, her photo frames... and many more... but the most important thing...
    "My bandanna!" May shouted.
    Drew also didn't find his decorations and his cupboard, study table, computer... Many things were missing.
    "It's not my room!" May said befuddled.
    "It's not mine either..." Drew replied confused.
    Suddenly two children ran to them. They were about 2 years old, one was a girl and the other was a boy.
    "Mommy!" the girl ran to May, almost hugging her.
    "Daddy!" the boy ran to Drew, also about to hug him.
    Both May and Drew jumped off to dodge the hug. The children both were in puppy dog eyes, about to cry and all of a sudden, the world stopped as the time also stopped, except May and Drew. And it made them more puzzled.
    A small figure showed herself, flying towards them with her magic wand. She was only about 10 centimeters. Everyone will know her as a Tinker bell in Disney. But this one is different. She wasn't some Tinkerbell, but she was a fairy with her pink magic wand. The small fairy had a light-pink glittery dress as her costume, and her hair was black with ponytail.
    "T-The time s-stopped?" May said stunned.
    "Well, hello. I suppose you two don't know who I am. I'm NaThz. It's me who took you two to here, to this city."
    "Hey, but why?" Drew asked.
    "Well, I have my own reasons. You two just have to do your part in this world. Take this as an acting or drama & don't ever complain!"
    May stood in amazement that she didn't even know there was a real a fairy existed.
    "What do you mean?" Drew asked unhappy.
    "Well, I'll explain all to you later," the fairy passed a paper to them. May and Drew looked at each other confused.
    "It's your biography and this is your household data," the fairy continued and gave another paper.
    "Who's Andrew?" May asked while reading the paper.
    "And Maybelle?" Drew asked also, "it's my wife?" Drew sweatdropped, "I don't think I'm married already,"
    "It's you two... It contains both your names isn't it?" the fairy answered and sweatdropped...
    "What? I'm his wife?"
    "Huh? I'm her husband?"
    "You must be joking!" May said, "It can't be... Why must YOU?" May pointed to Drew.
    "You think I wanna be your husband?" Drew replied.
    "Okay, okay... Stop quarreling, you two... Remember, you're husband and wife now..."
    They both turned, their back facing each other's back, they folded their hands.
    "Study them well, okay? And, right. Those two kids are your babies. Your twin children. The names are Mimi & Miki. Huh, I'm tired explaining. Read this yourself," the fairy popped another paper using her magic wand and passed to them.
    "I don't remember I had children?" Drew complained.
    "What? I'm 27 years old?" May shouted.
    "Hey, look at yourself. You're now an adult, so act mature, can you? Yeah, I know you aren't used to it but it can't be helped, it's your role," the fairy replied. May looked her whole body.
    "Indeed, I'm an adult now..."she said slowly.
    "Hey, you stupid thing! Stop kidding can't ya? Now, send me back to my home!" Drew yelled.
    "I said, DON'T COMPLAIN!! Hoaamm... Any question?" the fairy yawned.
    "Hey, what about our pokemon?" May asked. The fairy yawned again.
    "Well... I'm very tired... I'll explain it more later... And remember! Don't lose that paper! If you have any questions just call me, by ringing this bell," a small bell came out as the fairy swung her magic wand, "Ring this bell and fairy NaThz will be there! OK, I gotta go, bye!" the fairy vanished as the time continued again to normal.
    "Wow... It's... Amazing..." May stood in amazement. Suddenly Mimi and Miki cried, May carried Mimi up and patted her head.
    "Hush... Hush... Don't cry... Mom's here..." May comforted.
    Drew didn't do anything; he just sat on the bed and relaxed himself.
    "Hey, Drew, can't you see he's crying now? Do something!"
    "What must I do? And... It's mom's job to take care children, not me! I'm not some kiddy breeder!"
    May sighed and hugged Miki up with her right hand. Her hands were carrying her twins. Drew just sat there, he even didn't bother to look at them.
    "Hush... Hush... Don't cry..." May cheered the baby up, but he didn't stop crying.
    "Whoaaaa!! I want daddy!" Miki cried.
    "Okay, here's daddy,"
    May gave Miki to Drew, as he carried his son and sighed. May looked pathetically to him, but truly, she was feeling sorry for them both, from lost in this idiot place.
    "Okay, here am I," he sighed, while Miki smiled and suddenly someone knocked the door.
    "Mimi, Miki, come on, brush teeth and eat breakfast!" a female voice was heard by them.
    Mimi and Miki quickly jumped out from their parents' hand and opened the door. Two women wearing maid uniform lifted Miki and Mimi. Both the maids were about 25 years. They're Miki and Mimi's babysitters, Celine and Lora.
    "Morning sir, ma'am." May smiled and greeted back. As the maids went out and closed the door, May lied tiredly on the bed and read her role book. Drew sat on the bed.
    "VERY LOVING to husband?! My gosh!" May knocked her hand to her head.
    "I don't think I can act VERY LOVING to wife..."Drew sighed.
    "Hey, I think it's kinda like us, we were coordinator too..."
    "Yeah... I see," Drew said, "I won the GF," he smirked. May frowned her forehead and continued reading her role.
    "I lost? To you? "May looked the paper, "No way!"
    "No wonder... It's true..." he teased.
    "My pokemon changed?"
    "Mine also," Drew said, "but my Flygon still here..."
    "I have a Roselia?" May suddenly enlightened. Drew lied beside her, facing down to the bed. She shocked and moved quickly to the other side of the spring bed.
    "What do you want?!" she roared.
    "Just wanna see your biography, can't I?" Drew sweatdropped.
    "Why you must come so near?" May glared at him.
    "We're husband and wife now..." he teased & moved closer. Drew suddenly got an idea to tease her. He came closer to her.
    "Don't come near me!"
    May panicked and moved back, still on the bed.
    "What's wrong?" Drew moved closer.
    "I... I'm just unused with it!"
    "You'll get used..." he moved again. May shocked and continued moving further from him. Suddenly he laughed loudly. He held his stomach, trying to put up with the laugh. May glared furiously at him.
    "Just kidding, May! What do you think I wanna do? I'm not a type of that guy you think!"
    She let out a sigh of relief. He placed his hands under his head, relaxing. He lied beside May. He was still chuckling a bit.
    "You look very funny if you're panicked like that," he giggled and she playfully pinched Drew's arm.
    "Ouch!" he wailed.
    "What's so funny about me?"
    "No-nothing," he answered while looking at the ceiling.
    "Don't worry, I won't do anything silly," he said and flicked his green hair. May also read hers, while she was lounging, facing Drew on the bed.
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah... So fast got used already, our husband and wife?" suddenly fairy NaThz appeared again. May's cheek turned little pinkish.
    "Okay, now you can tell us why we're here." Drew said annoyed and sat upright.
    "Okay... You're here to play the role, I also don't know why Fairy Queenie choose you. What else you wanna ask?"
    "What about our pokemon? And our real people?"
    "Don't worry... Your real one now asleep, and this is like your dream, so your pokemon are still there,"
    "This lady once a coordinator too?" May asked.
    The fairy swung her magic wand and a big screen popped out.
    "Yup. You can see all you wanna know here,"
    "She's Maybelle? And it's Andrew? Awesome!"
    "It's on the Grand Festival." they saw the flashbacks of Maybelle and Andrew's days.
    "And who is it?" May saw a familiar face.

    I think this story will be funny so be sure to follow it~^^
    I don't know, but somehow I feel I'm so excited when I wrote this fic~
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