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    hello everyone ,, well I have had diamond for a whole year and a month but never been had wifi connection so have only ever been able to use my gba games and pearl and thus have had a rather sheltered view of how difficult battling can be ,,,suffice to say when i was at a friends house who had wifi my best team was completely obliterated my by a baton passing ninjask , then a tyranitar ...anyways I'm moving to a wifi area soon and am building a proper ev'd and iv'd team ready for it ...until then tho Im looking for new things to do and talk about and so came here... and thats about it . hello everybody

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    Greeting, i hope you enjoy the forums.

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    If anyone is interested in a custom ribbon for your profile pic, be sure to check out Ayra's sprite thread in the fanart section, if you want to take a look at her work have a look at my profile.

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    welcome to serebii. good to meet ya :] when are you gonna be all moved in?

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