Jessie's appeal was incredible. It kept me laughing especially her imitation of Fantim and how Yanmega sent her flying.

I love Buneary. I loved her performance even if at the end she screwed up but Dawn fixed it. Finally Buneary gets what she deserves.

Great use of that pom pom, Swinub.

Yuri takes the title for me as the most interesting coordinator in Sinnoh. I love her pokemon and I love her personality. A great character that I hope we can see in the future.

Ambipom falling in love was intense. That girl sure knows how to pick them.

The battle was amazing and it was simple because of the strategies used from both Dawn and Yuri. I thought it was fresh to see a coordinator that not only can make her attacks look great but she's also clever. So far I missed that in D/P.

I like that Dawn won and I also liked the used Ambipom and Buneary because they both needed it.