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Thread: Single Animé Questions **READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD**

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    Default Single Animé Questions **READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD**

    it took a while but i finally got it up!!!...its the same as the other single question threads that are out their. so yeah...but do read the rules! i also got tired of seeing one anwser threads that go on forever... and so do you!


    this is a thread that is if for anime questions only. If you have a question that needs answering about the anime then this is the right place.

    (there always has to be rules. so this is it...)

    This is Anime Questions Only, nothing else.

    Make sure you read the Anime FAQ before asking a question! heres a link: FAQ

    Like most threads and posts it’s the same rules as the anime rules. so it's not really that different.

    Only up to 1 to 3 questions on a single post.

    If someone has a question that is already answered then you cannot post your answer after that post.

    If there is something that someone left out in their post that did not fully answer the question, then finish what the other person did not finish saying.

    Unless the post is wrong then you need to tell that person that answered it wrong, Do this politely, and give the right answer.

    No spamming.

    If their is a spoiler put it into spoiler content. ok

    Do not *criti-size* some one if they don't now an answer to a question.

    If a question is not fully clarified, do the best you can to clarify it, to the best of your abilities. Or tell the person to clarify it or go into more details.

    this is Not a competition to see who knows the most. This is to inform people on the stuff they don’t now about pknm...

    Oh and have fun.

    That’s it on the rules. Remember to have fun, and ask away!!!

    Oh! Oh! Oh! i'd like to thank Chelc for helping out on this!!! it would have been really bad if she didn't help out. So a Big Thank You!!!
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