Cynthia was defiently quite suspicious of Cyrus, I guess you would expect a Pokemon Champion to tell that something is off then a couple of ten year olds and a teenager, why an older woman who sounded like a Professor and a cop could not tell is beyond me. Cynthia had a suspicious look on her face at the end of the episode as Cyrus walked away.
During the ruins (I think that when it was) she had said Hmm in a suspicious kind of voice.

Weird names for people don't you think? Mars, Jupitar, Saturn (And there's the Pluto guy too) are they codenames or did their parents actually name them that?

Anyways good episode I say, you got to feel sorry for TR, most of the teams such as TG, TM, TA all get away with things and manage to steal stuff but TR never does lol.