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    Well, here it is. I've been thinking of trying to do a fic, but I never seemed to be able to get the courage to actually post it. But I've finally decided to because I would like to imporve upon all aspects of my writing. I'm not that good, I'm only in grade 9 but I enjoy writing and would really like to improve. Plus, it's fun! If you are wondering what this fic is about, it's about the first Rescue Team who founded Wigglytuff's guild. So without further ado, I present to you my first attempted fic, Believe in Dreams.


    Five very young, pokemon with a desire for adventure slowly dragged themselves over to a pile of neatly placed logs surrounded by a vast amount of sand that seemed to stretch on forever. The immense sea crashed up against the sand, and made an unusually calming sound that cut the silence of the night. The loud waves splashed up near the circle of figures that had gathered around a crisp new fire. The flames warmed their blood and soothed their bones. They all plopped themselves down near the dancing flames that where thrashing wildly due to the cool evening winds. They looked around at the pokemon gathered. The faces, shadowed by the night, all smiled in unison and finally the first words were spoken.

    “So were really going to do this...” said a rather nervous looking figure. The fire on its back glowed brightly and lashed waves of heat up against the creature to its right it who was looking rather nervous itself. It tucked the leaf on its head behind its body a good distance from the fire. The dark feathered pokemon to the fire types left spoke next:

    “I find this concept hard to grasp. I mean, were just kids... But I guess we really don't have any other choice now do we. Our parents probably--” He was interrupted by Audaize.

    “Light, come one... Don't be such a downer, this is an exciting moment in our lives!” The fin on the pokemons head swayed left and right in anticipation. It smiled over at the bird and watched as it looked down to the ground, letting the small hat rim on its head cover over his expression as it tried to hide a smile. The fish pokemon shook its head and looked around at everyone gathered around the fire. Beside her was a creature that resembled a beaver. It looked up at her and gave a slight smile before re-focusing on the fire. She looked to the pokemon on the other side of her. The small grass type paid her no heed as she watched the fire type, positioned beside her, cautiously. The fish looked to the pokemon beside Light. A purple ball of gas giggling quietly to itself was watching the flame as well. She glanced back over to Light, through the fire and flames, he nodded to her as if to say “it's time.”

    “Everyone, tonight is the night we finally fufill our dream. The dream we have been--” She cut herself off, then continued “Well dreaming about since we were just little kids. That glorious dream of exploring the world, solving its mysteries, helping the good pokemon of the world, finding glorious treasure, exploring the many dungeons scattered around this land”

    The pokemon, now concentrated on Audaize, looked on and listened intentively. “Tonight, my companions, we will create the first ever known faction in the pokemon world. We will rally together pokemon of all types, shapes, sizes and natures. We will provide the pokemon of this world with a means of protection from the growing amount of criminals and outlaws.”

    “We will need a symbol... A distinguishing flag, or item for all members of this society to carry with them so that others will recognize us.” The purple ball of gas, Verz, now spoke to the group. As the last words slithered off of his tongue, Nomekop, the beaver pokemon, dispersed from the group and trodded over to the shore. He reached into the shallow waters and pulled out a ball. He showed it to his companions. The design was rigid, and hard to distinguish. A ball, with the top half and bottom two different colours. They were faded. The pokemon nodded to the beaver, as if to say that will do.

    Audaize looked around at her companions. Tears of joy came to her eyes, as she watched the birth of something truly beautiful.

    Please rate, give feedback, feel free to suggest ideas, predictions, and of course provide corrections and all that
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    I like it well done, I would like to see a fic come out of this, its a great idea for a fic and if you pull it off well will turn out great! I hope to see more, grammatically you seem fine, however I'm not exactly a stickler in that area. Good luck!

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    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I finished a few chapters last night, but deicded not to post them because I didn't really want to rush the story, plus I still needed to revise them. Here is the first chapter of Believe in Dreams

    Chapter 1
    Gengar Problems

    “Oh my, it's a beautiful day out today!” Explained Audaize as she rose from her slumber. Her and Light were at the beach, the same beach where they had held the meeting nearly five night ago. On that night they had started an unofficial faction dedicated to the exploration of the worlds mysteries. They all had dreamed about travelling the world with their friends. Audaize especially. She loves her friends deeply and was always their to help them out. For this quality she possessed, Audaize was always seen as the leader, or boss, of their little group by everyone else.

    Light had woken up a few minutes before Audaize had. Light was a nocturnal bird, he despised the day. The sun illuminating the world for everyone to gaze upon it. It hurt his eyes at first when he began trying to shake the whole nocturnal thing, but he did it for Audaize who he absolutely adored. She had this sort of aurora about her, it poured into him whenever she was around and made him happy. His other friends, Nomekop, Porta, Verz and Flare, were all in town at the moment. He had no idea what time it was, but the sun was at its apex.

    Light looked over at Audaize and smiled. He hopped up to his feet and walked over to her.

    Audaize yawned, and replied sleepily: “Where is everyone?”

    “They went into town.”

    “For what?”

    Light shrugged and sat down beside her. The two of them sat their and gazed out over the sea. The calming sound of passing pelipper relaxed them. They watched as the waves came crashing up onto the beach, then slowly the waters slid back into the sea. All the while engaging in conversation.

    Meanwhile, over in treasure town, Nome and Flare were walking down the street to the Keclon Market. The streets were littered with Pokemon all chatting, playing games with each other, shopping, etc. Nome stopped a moment and pulled out a piece of paper he had stuck to his thick brown fur. A grocery list, written quickly with the words scattered all around and crumbled and creased. Flare stopped a few steps ahead of him and flicked his head towards the stand the Keclon brothers have had set up for generations. Nome nodded and scurried up to meet him, accidentally pushing someone aside in the process.

    “So what does it say we need?” Flare asked as he approached the Keclon Brothers stand. The brothers greeted them both, in the same way they have had for years and years. Flare wondered if they ever got tired of saying the same thing over and over, day after day. Nome looked down at the small scrap of paper and read aloud.

    “Uhh, same stuff we got last night” Nome paused and crumbled up the paper into a ball and threw it behind him “double the amount of everything though, I was still kinda hungry last night.”

    “What?! You've got to be kidding, you got like seven helpings!” Flare said shocked. The feeling soon left him as he stared down the pokemons fat outline. His fur was a light brown, and covered every inch of his body. It was ruffled slightly on his cheeks, and he had 2 buck teeth showing. He was quite plump, so I guess it isn't that shocking, Flare thought to himself

    Nome was about to speak but was interrupted by one of the Keclon brothers.

    “Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but if we were you we'd move our little camp closer to town.”

    “Oh, were fine out their, it's okay! Thanks for the con--”

    “No,” interrupted the other Keclon brother “I don't think you guys are... We heard about this guy, Genj or something, apparently he's been spotted around here.”

    Flare shuddered, Nome actually kind of felt a little afraid, they've heard of Genj before. A ghost type pokemon who is supposedly wanted. Other then a slight stutter. He spoke: “H-he's wanted huh?” Nome stuttered a little more then continued “F-for what?”

    “I think might be responsible for the disappearance of so many pokemon around these parts. He's been accused of many various kidnappings, was almost caught, but he somehow took out Sherrif Magnezone and his top officers.”

    Nome suddenly froze and stared into the Keclon brothers eyes. He saw a sort of despair. He could almost feel what the Keclon brother was feeling. He didn't know how to describe it. It felt uncomfortable though, and so he dislodged eye contact. Nome was about to speak when he was cut off by Flare.

    “O-okay, well, uhh, we better get going then and pack up our, um, camp.” Flare grabbed ahold of Nome's hand, and in the other the groceries, and pulled him down the road, forcing him to run. They stopped at the edge of town near an old well, and began making their way slowly down the steps, catching their breathe in the process.

    “Woah, woah woah. Calm down man, whats the rush?” Nome asked as he broke free of Falre's grip

    “Are you crazy! Did you not hear them! Genj has been spotted around here! I bet you any money he's hiding out in that old abandoned mine in the woods. Were the only ones who know about it, we have to inform Magnezone! And get the others the hell--” Nome smacked him across the face, making him stagger to the side. He regained his footing and looked over at Nome, angered. He was about to talk when Nome cut in,

    “Reeelaaax, man. It's all good, he's not going to strike in broad daylight, he's smart.”

    Flare sighed a breath of relief. Nome was right. Genj evaded Magnezone and his top officers, and he might have found the hidden mine out in Apple Woods. He obviously wasn't going to pull any kind of amateur moves. Still, he felt like Magnezone should be warned.

    “And we don't even know if he IS in the mine, or even around here. It was just a rumor after all, so whats the use feeding false information. I doubt Magnezone would believe us anyway.”

    Once again, Flare had to agree with him. He stretched out his stubby little arm to place his hand against his face. His arms were so short that he barely even reached it. Nome watched him and held back a chuckle. Flare saw him trying really hard to not laugh, he smiled and threw himself on top of Nome, play fighting with him. A few minutes passed and Nome threw Flare's tiny little body off of him.

    “Oops, did I burn you?” Flare asked, he did slam his back into his gut and he hasn't mastered controlling its heat yet.

    Nome shook his head and raced off towards the beach. Kicking up sand with every step. He planted all fours on the ground and began to do some form of running that looked like he was trying to gallop.

    “Whats wrong?” Flare called out as he started up after him. His smaller build would have made it easier to catch up with Nome if it wasn't for his tiny limbs.

    “Verz and Porta” Was all he said before he began sprinting, full tilt in the direction of Audaize and Light.

    Flare understood immediately, and a chill ran down his spine. Nome began to see the outline of two pokemon. He started slowing down into more of a light jog, and finally, skidded to a complete stop beside Light kicking up a bit of sand on top of him. He hunched over trying to catch his breathe, Flare was hot on his tail and accidentally slammed into his back. Audaize knew something was wrong. Light brought himself to his feet and helped Audaize up before asking: “What's the matter? Where are the groceries?”

    Nome looked up and uttered: “Genj, you know him right?” Light nodded, “Well he's been spotted, and apparently he has been convicted of kidnapping various types of pokemon” continued Nome. This startled Audaize, Light didn't really seem to care. He kept staring into Nome's eyes, and before Nome even had a chance to say it, Light was already in the sky and flying off through the warm summer breeze towards Apple Woods.

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    No more replies yet =S, oh well. Here is the second chapter anyways.

    Chapter 2
    Apple Woods

    Verz and Porta were strolling through Apple Woods. They had left Flare and Nome with a list of grocieres to get before they left them and departed to the woods. They were getting bored of the calm nature of Treasure Town and decided to venture through Apple Woods, if only for a little fun and change of pace. They had been walking for around an hour when Porta finally deiced to stop,

    “It looks like this is as far the woods go.” She said as she rested up against a giant tree.

    Verz floated up into the tree Porta was resting on and grasped one of the apples with psychic energy. He dropped it down to her, while remaining in the air. He felt the warm summer air currents float through his body. Pockets of gas surrounding him shook in the wind as if it were his hair. He extended his tongue out to the tree and scooped up and apple with it. He shot the apple into his mouth and began chewing happily.

    “Whaddya say we go explore the old mine again?” Inquired Verz while he floated back down to Porta who was too enjoying her apple. “It's not very far, and these woods aren't that fun to explore anymore.”

    "Well, what would make the mines any different? We've already been in their, remember when we first came to this town?”

    Verz nodded and began to think back to the day they had all decided to go on this adventure. Verz had only one parent. His mother, a strong willed Haunter. His father, a trouble-maker of a Gengar, had left his mother when he found out she had beared an egg. Verz had always hated his father for that, and when he asked his mother to leave to go on an adventure with his friends, he felt so bad for her. She would be alone in the world again. She didn't deserve that, after all she has been through. Verzies mother told him to go for it though. He was lucky to have a parent willing to let their only child go, when they knew that they would have to be alone. Light for instance had to actually run, or fly Verz guessed, away. His father was a massive Honchkrow that struck fear into him and everyone around him, and Light almost couldn't even muster up the courage to confront him. When Light did finally decide to confront him, his father disapproved. Light pleaded to him, but this only angered his father. And so, Light's father ruthlessly beat him. Thats what Light had told his friends anyways. His mother had no say in this matter, she tried to speak and his father had smacked her across the face with his colossoul black-feathered wing, knocking her unconsious. Light was furious, and so that night he murdered his father, then left with his friends. Light was always a very shady character. He always seemed so depressed and just out of it. His actions, and words, sometimes frightened his companions aswell. Verz was the only one in the group who didn't look at him as a killer. He looked at him as a hero. He remembered telling him of how he wished he could have had the chance to confront his father.

    “Ah yes, I remember that as if it were yesterday.” Verz said still daydreaming about it.

    Porta sat their, staring at the ground thinking away too. Her and Audaize were great friends and had been the ones who first presented this idea to the group. Everyone was instantly infactuated and left at once to go ask their parents. Audaize's mother and father were both thrilled to see their daughter finally thinking about her future. The thought, the idea, was quite unorthodox though. Not even her father, a rather large Feraligator who was always up for a good adventure with his family, hadn't even dreamed of traveling the world. Porta's mother was also very enthusiastic with her daughter. The Meganium had actually been trying to persuade them to go out and see everything the world has to offer, after all thats how she had met Porta's dad. Porta's father though had disapproved. He didn't want to see their only daughter finally leave them, they had no one else except each other, but Porta's parents loved each other and they decided that its best.

    "I still feel bad for Nome. He didn't even have any parents.” Porta said as she decided to get up from her resting position against the tree and keep on walking past it towards the mines. Verz was delighted and smiled as he floated over to her side and replied:

    “Yes, I mean, everyone else had parents who loved them, even me who only had a mother,” Verz got a skeptical look from Porta, “yeah, yeah and theirs Light,” Verz sighed, “poor boy was beaten, and forced to run away. I still find it hard to believe that he actually killed his father. That guy was massive! He even scared me!” Admited Verz looking down in shame.

    Porta kept on walking while thinking about Nome. The poor boy had hatched from his egg and had no sign of his parents. Flare had found him while he was playing with Light one day and they had taken him to Flare's parents. Light knew what would happen if he took the little child to his fathers. The thoughts disturbed him. Luckily, Flare's parents were favorites by the entire group. They all envyed Flare for his parents. His mother was a very affectionate Quilava, and his father was a protective, yet passionate, Typholsion. When Light and Flare had arrived with Nome his parents happily accepted the boy as his foster parents. When Flare and Nome went to them to ask to leave on Audaize and Porta's adventure they seemed more concerned for Nome's safety then Flare's. Flare had grown quite strong, but Nome was emotionally scarred by his real parents. Leaving a child before it was even born was seen inhumane by many pokemon, and few did it even if the child was, to put it nicely, "an unplanned blessing." Flare and Nome pleaded to go, and their parents obliged after a long discussion about rules, behaving and staying away from Porta and Audaize because they "weren't ready." Nome didn't understand, and Flare was too embarresed to explain. So they left it at that. Flare and Nome were always best of friends because of Nome's parent situation. Flare had always been there for Nome, and they treated each other as if they were blood born brothers. They never went anywhere without each other.

    After a few minutes walk from the tree that beared what some believed to be the greatest apples in the land, the duo met a large boulder with a sharp and rugged form. The boulders backside was smoothed downwards, and led downwards, to the ground and dug into the earth. On the front of it was a rugged looking door, with hinges attached to the side of the boulder. The wooden door was soaked in water and smelled moldy. The duo looked at each other before entering the musky old ruins. The two Pokémon were cautiously exploring the old cave. As they got deeper and deeper it got darker and darker. The cave got quite moist as they descended further into the earth. Porta used her razor leaf attack to generate some leaves, and Verz used some of his gaseous body to set them ablaze creating a form of light. Verz controlled the ball of fire with Psychic energy carrying it a meter or two infront of them so they could see.

    Eventually the two Pokémon began hearing noises. Pokémon screaming out in pain, the sound of hammers banging against rock or metal, sudden whooshes of hot air and eventually the two came to a room were they saw what looked like to be come sort of factory. The cave became quite hot and humid uneasing Porta. She didn't like it. She watched as quite a few mindless drones were caught up in their work. They appeared to her as slaves, they were smelting together gold and making coins out of them. Another band of criminals with a get rich quick scheme she thought. Verz extinguished the flames and floated in behind some rocks. Porta caught up and the two began whispering back and forth.

    “What in gods name is going on here?”

    “It looks like some sort of... Factory?”

    “A Factory. For what though? They can't just be making fake cash, can they?”

    “Hell should I know,” replied Verz as an idea came to him “I'll go check it out, you get back some and go warn the other. I have a bad feeling about this...”

    With that Verz consumed quite alot of Ghost energy and became completely transparent.

    “Wish me luck” He giggled quietly to Porta before slipping away deeper into the factory.
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    Replies appreaciated.

    Chapter 3
    Finding Genj

    “Porta! Thank god your safe.” Light said throwing his wings around her.

    “Where's Verz?” Light released her, held her in front of him and knelt down, she was gasping hard from sprinting all the way back to the entrance of the cave. She signaled for him to come and began running with what little energy she had left. Light followed her a few levels into the cave and then told her to wait their for the others, he lifted off from the ground and began swiftly gliding around the narrow corridors of the mining facility. As he went deeper and deeper he was confronted with the problem of navigating through pitch black darkness. He was forced to slow down and slowly etch his way through the hallways and rooms of the dungeon until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He waited a few minutes before he heard Flare coming up behind him. He was yelling, quite loudly, and the flame on his back was illuminating the entire room. Flare was followed by Nome, who was carrying a big wooden torch.

    “What was that back there? Just flying off and abandoning us.” Nome said lowering the torch's flame to the ground.

    “I, uhh... I don't know...” Light was telling the truth. He didn't know how to explain it, he just got this feeling that something had happened to Porta or Verz and that scared him, he couldn't help but instantly go and check on them. Nome shook his head and looked over to Flare. Poor little guy was passed right out on the floor. He knelt down and began checking over him.

    “Uhh, here take this and go get Verz, I'm going to stay here with Flare and make sure he's okay.” Nome handed light the torch. Light concentrated the little steel-typed energy he had in his body and swiped his wing at the torch, cutting it so that it would fit in his mouth but not be too long so that he couldn't fit it through the hallways of the dungeon, but long enough so that the flame didn't ignite his face. Light reached out and caught the little torch in midair with his beak. He nodded to Nome and continued his campaign through the mine.

    “Ahhh, so Genjy is a Gengar is he?” Verz whispered to himself. He had been infiltrating the little factory and found a few rooms. They were crappy old rooms, with the walls being rough and sharp, water drops falling from the room slowly soaking the beds, and giving their wooden chassis a disgusting smell similar to mold. The one room that Verz had entered appeared alot more luxurious. The walls and roof were smoothed out and coated in paint, and the floor was carpeted a lovely looking mahogany color. In the middle of the room was big desk, with papers and pens scattered around the surface. Verz had floated over to it and examined the various documents and lists. They appeared to be orders and shipping addresses. It looked like Genj was running his own little black market down here. Behind the desk was an old fireplace that had been providing light with its fire. Verz had dropped all of the papers he was holding when suddenly the door behind him swung open and smashed up against the wall.

    It was Genj! The Gengar was looking quite angry and staring directly at Verz. He thought that maybe his power had run out and returned him to his original solid state of matter. The Pokémon had conjured up a ball of dark energy and blasted it straight at Verz. He nearly escaped it's contact as he transformed into his gaseous state of matter and let himself fall to the floor. The ball of energy struck the desk with impenetrable force and cause a minor explosion blowing up everything in the room. Genj was panting heavily.

    “I know your in here! Come the hell out or I'll... I'll...” Genj screamed with rage as he pounded the ground with his right foot sending out a dark wave of energy. It slammed up against Verz sending his gaseous body parts flying up against the walls. Verz cried out in pain and ager as he was lashed up against the wall. He quickly reassembled himself into a solid state of matter and repelled off the wall straight at Genj. He charged himself up with Psychic energy and, with his eyes gleaming pink, penetrated Genj defenses and struck him square in the gut sending the both of them flying out of the room. Genj and Verz skidded across the grounded, as they were in their solid state of matter, and across to the center of the large room. The room was filled with blazing hot furnaces and Pokémon who looked like the life had been sucked right out of them and some other worldly force was controlling their body like a puppet. Genj had slid a few meters ahead of Verz when they both attempted to get up. Verz failed. He had expended alot of energy with that last attack and changing from gaseous to solid form that quickly took alot out of him as well. He lay on the cold hard ground admitting defeat, the heat from the furnaces in the room they were in was all that kept him conscious. He could hear Genj cackling wildly behind him. He rolled his eyes to the other side of his head to see the form of a bird, cloaked in dark feathers lowering his glowing black wing down onto Genjies head, before he passed out.

    When Verz awoke Audaize was squirting him with water. He squinted his eyes open and looked around the room. The furnaces were out, the room was illuminated with torches stuck in the ground. Their were a bunch of Magnemite and Chansey crowding around the room examine the workers. The room was much cooler, an the gas that surrounded Verz was a bright blue. He looked over at it and sighed.

    “It's cool, like my water” Audaize said.

    Verz reopened his eyes and looked up at her hovering over him. She was running her hand through the cool gas. Verz closed his eyes again and rested against the ground and crept closer towards Audaize.

    “It's okay Verz, it's over now... It's all over.” Audaize tried to sooth him into sleep. Unfortunately before Light could deliver his Night Slash attack, Genj had attached tendrils of ghost energy and planted horrible images in Verzies hibernating brain. The tendrils quickly dissipated themselves from his body as Light's wing contacted Genjies head, sending a shockwave of dark energy down through his body and knocking him unconscious.

    “Where... W-where did all these... Pokémon come from” Verz managed to utter.

    “When I caught up to Nome, he told me to go get help because Flare was hurt. Thats when we felt the tremor. So I decided to bring extra help.” Audaize replied as she heard Verz finally go back to sleep. She ceased to rub Verzies head and got up from her knees. She walked over to Light who was eying the unconscious Genj almost like he was waiting for him to try something.

    “He's out, Light, give it a rest. You landed a pretty hard blow from behind, I doubt he will even remember this after he recovers from that.”

    Light didn't move, he didn't trust Genj. Audaize came over to him and put her hand on his shoulder.


    He glanced over at her as she nodded to him, saying let it go. He closed his eyes and looked down, he let his legs slip out from underneath him. He was hoping Audaize hadn't shown up as soon as she did. He wanted to punish Genj. When Light had arrived at the scene he saw Verz bust through the doorway with Genj. His joints locked up and he couldn't move, he couldn't even speak. He was terrified at the sight of Genj, but when he saw that Verz was hurt he suddenly got a rush of adrenaline and flew out behind Genj to deliver his most powerful attack. He watched in satisfaction as Genj fell to the ground, almost lifeless. He was about to continue the one sided fight but Audaize showed up with the police and medics, so he decided it best to let Genj be for the time being.

    “I swear I'll kill him” Light replied still staring right at Genj as the officers came over to arrest him.
    The officers were eying Light trying to intimidate him, Light made his eyes glow a dark purple and the Magnemite broke eye contact and dragged the unconscious Genj away.

    Audaize was terrified of Light sometimes. He was like a skitzo. At times he was nice, funny and sweet and then their were times when he just was completely consumed by his rage and anger and turned almost evil. His intentions were good, but Audaize was afraid that one day this was going to get them in serious trouble.

    All around the facility that Genj had set up were Chansey and Magnemite tending to the injured. Flare was being treated with Porta and Nome right by his side. Of course Nome would be their, they were best friends. Flare really deserved all of the attention too, he fainted from physical exhaustion. The little guy pushed himself to his limits to help the team, and without him they might not have arrived in time to save Verz.

    When everyone was feeling ready to travel, the large convoy of Pokémon began moving back towards the entrance of the cave, and back into the real world, where the suns rays would be spreading an orange light across the land singling the moon to rise and create the night. That night, Genj spent the night in the hospital with Verz and Flare. Audaize, Nome, Porta and Light were taken into custody by Sheriff Magnezone and spent the night in prison.

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    Chapter 4

    Light tilted his head up wards as his eyesight slowly began to return to him. He saw the outline of steel bars in front of him. Horizontal and vertical bars overlapping each other, making it impossible to slip through. Light's vision was still blurry but he could make out the look of the room. A small, empty room with concrete walls colored completely white. Light struggled to move his wings and found himself stuck. He looked down at his tightly applied straight jacket. He looked up and rested his head against the wall. He had a sick feeling in his gut, like someone had just jabbed him in the stomach with a Focus Punch. He was sitting on a wooden bench, drilled into the wall that spanned the small width of the room. His legs and talons dangled below it. Light closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep when suddenly he heard the rattling of keys. He looked up and watched as a Medicham unlocked his cell door. The Pokémon walked over to him and took off his jacket freeing his wings. He stretched out his sore wings and couldn't fully extend them.

    “Your wings will be fine, come on.”

    The Medicham said as he helped the bird to his feet. He followed Light out of the cell with its hands gripped onto his shoulders. The Medicham led him down the prison halls, Light's vision was still a little blurred, but he could hear the howling of locked up Pokémon around him. Straight ahead of him was a large iron door. They stopped a few feet away and the handle spun and opened itself. They continued into a larger room now.

    The door shut behind them, silencing the prisoners cries. Light found himself in a large room, with filing cabinets up against walls, countless Magnemites floating around, everyone was talking as it seemed as he couldn't make out a single word from all the inane chatter. The Medicham lead Light to yet another door and entered. Light looked around once again, he was in yet another dimly lit room with large wooden table in the middle and a small lamp, thats light occasionally flickered, suspended above it. Light looked up wards and found Audaize, Porta and Nome all sitting on one side of the table. Besides them was an empty seat, that the Medicham used Light to fill. The Medicham placed Light in his seat then left the room, slamming the giant iron door tightly.

    “W-where, where are we?” Light inquired to his friends barely even being able to turn his head to face them.

    “Prison” Whispered back Audaize.

    “Prison? So we were arrested?”

    Porta Answered: “No, we weren't arrested, we're just here to have a little chat with Sheriff Magnezone, ya know catch up with each others lives and everything.”

    Light plopped his head down on the table, exhausted as Nome started talking.

    “Ya know, I love you and everything Porta, but sometimes your a real sarcastic b-”

    Nome was cut off by the opening of the large door. Two Magentons stepped through the door way and placed themselves on opposite sides of the door way, then through the darkness came Sheriff Magnezone. He approached the tables, with six folders in his hand.

    “Now what do we have here?” Laughed the Sheriff.

    Everyone remained silent, staring directly into Magnezone's three eyes. His chuckle faded as he frowned and placed the folders on the table. He opened them and began reading the first little section aloud.

    “Name: Audaize
    Sex: Female
    Species: Mudkip
    Age: 12
    Date if Birth: 09/22/94
    Parents/Legal Guardians; Mother: Poipol
    Species: Feraligator
    Father: H'yat
    Species: Feraligator”

    Magnezone looked up at the Mudkip, she was frowning, almost crying. He passed her the folder and shuffled a pen over as well.

    “Your going to need to fill out the rest of that form dearie” He said before looking looked down and reading the next folder.

    “Name: Porta
    Species: Chikorita
    Sex: Female
    Age: 12
    Date of Birth: 12/03/96
    Parents/Legal Guardians: Mother: Tyrana
    Species: Meganium
    Father: Kulio
    Species: Venasaur (Bulbasaur Family)”

    Magnezone repeated the process of giving Porta a pen and the file, and then proceeded to tell her to fill the rest out.

    “Name: Nomekop
    Species: Bidoof
    Sex: Male
    Age: 10
    Date of Birth: 07/07/98
    Parents/Legal Guardians: NaN”

    Magnezone frowned when he read NaN.

    “Yes, I don't recall being able to make contact with your parents. Your friends at the hospital told us that you were adopted into a foster family, yet they never claimed legal rights of you. The name Flare ring any bells?”

    Nome winced when the Sheriff mentioned the words parents. He nodded to answer Magnezone's question.

    “Hmmm, okay then were going to need you to fill out the rest of the form as well. We'll contact Flare's parents and set up things up so they will be recognized as your legal guardians.”

    Nome would normally have been overjoyed but he was worried about Flare, and the mention of his parents made him feel awful.

    “Ahh, and my favorite... Light...
    Name: Light
    Species: Murkrow
    Sex: Male
    Age: 12
    Date of Birth: 10/13/96
    Parents/Legal Guardians: Mother: Chela
    Species: Honchkrow

    Father: Jurasi
    Species: Honchkrow"

    Light looked up as his Fathers name was mentioned. He was so angry, he couldn't stand that name. It made him just want to kill. Kill anyone, the name kept replaying that night in his mind, when his father beat him because he wanted to have a life. And of course it replayed the image of him killing his father. He dissipated the images quickly, they were too hard to relieve.

    “Your mother told me that your father met a tragic end when you were a child.” Magnezone grinned, “must've been hard on you.”

    Light watched as Magnezone slid over the folder to him.

    "Get one of your friends to help you fill that out later." Magnezone exclaimed noticing that he lacked the ability to write.

    Audaize, Porta and Nome handed their folders back to the Sheriff. He skimmed through them quickly to make sure they were done. He resumed:

    "Your going to be placed under house arrest pending further investigation of this case."

    "Of what case?! We didn't do anything wrong!" Screamed Audaize slamming her fists down into the table. She was frustrated out of her mind. She saw the look in Lights eyes and realized what had just happened.

    "No but your friend here did." Magnezone pointed to Light who had his head rested on the desk again.

    "So what he beat the crap out of a wanted criminal and we helped arrest him! Whats so bad about that, WE kids did YOUR adults job! And somehow thats a crime?"

    "Hate to break it to you kids but that “criminal” you arrested didn't make it"

    All three of the froze, and Light began looking up wards.

    “What do you mean, d-didn't make it?”

    "Mr. Genj died this morning, at approximately 2:43 A.M. of brain trauma."
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    Father: Jurasi
    Species: Honkrow"
    A typo.
    "Mr. Genj died this morning, at approximately 2:43 A.M. of brain trauma."
    O...kay?This is getting a bit creepy and interesting.
    Overall, I like you story, but maybe a little more description would be better.

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    Okay, I fixed the typo. Too bad the spell checker isn't fluent in pokemon names =p. Thanks for the feedback. I just have one question. When you say needs more description what do you mean exactly? Like about the enviorment, or scenery, or just explaining why and how things or happening? Both, perhaps?

    To anyone who reads my fic, I've gotten a few chapters done, I'm just revising them and once I am done, and serebii allows me to, I will post them up.

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    Yeah...the scenery needs a bit more description I believe.

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    Okay, I'll work on that in future chapters. Thank you.

    Chapter 5
    The Hospital

    Verz awoke. He had a terrible migraine. Due to the lack of arms he just squinted his eyes and grit his teeth to deal with the pain. He looked up at he clock on the wall across from him.


    Verz couldn't make out whether it was AM or PM so he looked out the below the clock. Pitch black, so he assumed it was 2:30 in the morning. He hardly remembered anything from the past few hours. The only thing he did remember was watching a dark black feathered wing pound someone on the head. It made him feel awkward, how thats all he remembered. The details were blurry too. He could barely make out the look of the one being hit, and he could never seem to piece together the time when the wing hit actually made contact.

    Verz quit squinting his eyes and looked around. He was in a big room with a bed beside him and two beds across from him. The bed right beside him their was a small little ball of black fur. The black ran down the patients entire back, but Verz could hardly see much of them since they had their thin white bed sheet pulled up to their shoulders.

    “He's gonna be alright kid.” Verz heard a deep raspy voice speak. It's voice was monotoned, but Verz heard the sincereness in his voice. Verz turned to his left to meet the gigantic ball of metal known as Sheriff Magnezone. His three eyes were fixed right on Verz.

    “Why should I care?” Verz asked as he plopped himself back down in his bed, the migraine still lingering. He closed his eyes and faced the ceiling while he half listened to the Sheriff.

    “Oh, sorry, I thought that the word friendship actually meant something too you.”

    Verz shot open his eyes and faced Magnezone again. He slid the sheets off of himself as he looked back and exclaimed: “Is that Flare? It can't be! W-w-what happened to his flame? It can't go out!”

    Magnezone chuckled.

    “The flame on a Cyndaquil's back is always extinguished when they faint. But like I said,” Magnezone came over and bent his magnet hands to grip the sheet, that was still half covering Verz, back over him, “he'll be fine he just needs some rest. And so do you, but before you doze off I need you to answer some questions for me.”

    Verz nodded and closed his eyes leaning back in his bed again. Magnezone proceeded to ask him about the events that took place leading up to his fight with Genj. He also asked him what they were doing in that mine in the first place, and he also asked some personal questions such as his parents name, his birth date, etc. The officer scrawled some things down a piece of paper he kept in a folder he was carrying.

    “Okay, just one last thing. I need you to check this over and tell me if everything is correct.”

    Verz watched the sheriff place it on the sheets in front of him. He read them over carefully.
    Name: Verz
    Species: Gastly
    Sex: Male
    Age: 12
    Date of Birth: 03/14/96
    Parents/Legal Guardians: Mother: Sayzi
    Species: Haunter
    Father: NaN
    Species: NaN

    Verz skimmed through the rest and then handed it back to Magnezone. He listened to the sheriff tell him he was done, then looked up at the clock once again.


    He closed his eyes once more and asked:

    “What happened to Genj?”

    “He's in the ER. Your friend, the murkow, hit him pretty hard on the head. He woke up and was all... I don't even know how to describe it. Never in my 33 years of being a police officer did I think I would see something as horrifying as that.”

    Verz had his eyes open now and was listening intentievlly. As the sheriff talked he began piecing more and more of the puzzle, in his mind, back together.

    “They did some cat scans and X-rays to see where the major damage had been done, and thats when he woke up and went all crazy on the doctors. The cat scan results came back, and... they weren't looking too good, lets just say that.”

    The two Pokémon heard Flare waking up. He rustled the covers off of his back and sat upright in his bed. He grunted and squealed very quickly, igniting the flame on his back. The flame shot out of the fur on his back and rubbed up against the pillow. The heat wasn't that intense seeing as how the pillow wasn't ignited in flames

    “Hey Verz. Glad too see your awake.” Said Flare, looking over at him.

    “Yeah, it's good to see you awake too.” replied Verz forcing out a smile.

    “See? I told ya he'd be fine” said the sheriff having one eye fixed on both of them. The one huge one stared straight at the door to the room. The sheriff could feel something pulling him towards it, the pull was insignificant though. The door swooped open, and through it came a Chansey. She had a large metallic clipboard. The Pokémon waddled over to Magnezone who began floating over to her. She whispered something to him, he nodded to her then she left.

    “I'll be back.” he said following the Chansey and parading out of the room.

    Flare and Verz sat in silence for a couple of seconds before Flare suggested that he get some rest. Verz looked up at the clock again.


    Verz slunked back down into his bed agreeing with him. He told Flare to wake him up if the sheriff comes back. Verz closed his eyes again, he thought about the others. Audaize, Light, Nome and Porta. That was the last thing he thought before he slipped away into the dream world.

    He was woken up again by the sheriff who slammed the door open. He apologized, the doors are magnetic and he had trouble adjusting his magnetic poles so that he didn't accidentally rip something out of someones hands or be dragged onto the wall, etc, etc.

    “Umm, it's come to my attention that Mr. Genj isn't going to make it.” Said the sheriff, “I don't know why you'd want to, but if you do. You can go see him now. He doesn't have much time left.”

    Verz and Flare were shocked, they couldn't even believe what they were hearing. Light had just killed yet another Pokémon. He was so young, how was he doing this? It was like Light was powered by his emotions. They somehow make him stronger, because in both instances when he had murdered someone, he was enraged. Maybe it was just anger that made him stronger. Who knows. The only thing Flare and Verz knew was that Light was dangerous.

    Both Verz and Flare nodded to Magnezone and slowly dragged themselves out of their beds. They dragged themselves over to the sheriff with a major head rush. They were so dizzy that they could barely make it down the hall with Magnezone. After a short walk, Magnezone propelled the door open for them and they walked in. It was a medium-sized room with a single bed in it. In the bed was Genj. Their was blood splatters on the sheets, Verz had never actually seen blood before. Neither had Flare. It unnerved them. They slowly approached the silky white sheets. Underneath the sheets was Genj, his eyes were just open enough so he could see.

    “Son... I'm so sorry...” Was all that Genj said. He was looking straight at Verz, Flare backed off from the bed, seeing as this could get awkward.

    “W-what? So-”

    “Please... Let me do the talking Verz...”

    Verz was taken aback when he heard Genj utter his name. The ball of gas was about to speak when he decided not too. Instead he looked up at the clock.


    Genj explained everything to his son, Verz. He explained why he left his mother when she had beared his egg. He apologized with all his heart. He was so distraught that he had put his son in the hospital. He poured his heart out to Verz. Time began to slow down for them, at least it felt that way. Genj told Verz about his entire life. He kept no secrets with him now. They talked for a few minutes, which felt like ages, but Verz loved it all. He revoked his feelings of anger against his father. Verz began crying all over his fathers bed. Genj was beginning to talk about how he was going to make everything right when he got out of the hospital. Verz knew the truth, but he couldn't stop crying to tell him. He didn't want to anyways, he kept on listening and had exchanged his life story to his father. They told each other as much as possible in the small amount of time they had left.

    “...And Verz... Son... I just want you to know. No matter what has happened in the past... I love you. And I always will. I promise you, I will make everything right... Just you wait...”

    The two smiled at each other, Genj was touching his son for the first time. He ran his hand through the gaseous flame that lingered around his body.

    “I'm so proud of you...” He said.

    Then, Genj hand fell from Verz. It slowly fell, and bounced lifelessly off of the bed itself. Verz closed his eyes and looked up at the clock. When he opened his eyes all he saw was the Unown symbols reading:

    2:43 A.M.
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    Chapter 6

    After Verz and Flare were released from the hospital they were reunited with Light, Audaize, Nome and Porta. The band of characters were escorted to a shanty old apartment building, somewhere behind the Keclon Market stand. The room they stayed in was atrocious, to say the least. Their was mold in the corners of the walls, the windows were smashed and broken shards of glass lay around, the drapes covering the exposed windows were torn and provided no defense from the breeze that flew through Treasure Town. The only furniture in the apartment were a few old tables and chairs, a broken old TV, a fly infested refrigerator that was damn near broken, creaky doors, cupboards that were practically off the hinges, light bulbs with the filament exposed, et cetera.

    Their were two Chansey there when they first arrived, cleaning the place up a bit. They took down the drapes, boarded up the windows, they replaced the fridge with a better one (it still wasn't great but it was better then a fly infested one), they replaced the old broken light bulbs with new ones, fixed the cupboard doors so that they were actually attached to the hinges, and threw out the old broken TV. The rest of the furniture the gang eventually replaced as they got settled in.

    The first thing they did was find a source of income. Light and Verz worked at the Keclon Market, stocking the shelves and helping the various customers who's faces grew etched in their mind after awhile. Flare and Nome helped two visitors named Marowak and, his son, Cubone set up a Dojo, in which they would be paid handsomely. Porta and Audaize stayed at home and fixed the house up as much as they could and cooked dinner for Flare and Nome. Light always came home with food, and Verz always said he wasn't hungry, and when he was he ate hardly anything. After about a week Audaize and Porta volunteered to work at the local hospital. They had pretty much no experience with medicine, so they cooked in the Cafeteria. In exchange Blissey, the founder of the hospital, allowed them to take home some of the food they had prepared, for dinner. Everyone agreed, it wasn't as good as a fresh batch of, well, anything those two cooked up, but it was a lot easier on them, Porta and Audaize, since they actually felt like they were contributing to society like everyone else.

    In the meantime the Sheriff worked endlessly trying to convince the courts not to convict the six kids to life in prison. It was an extremely serious crime to kill another Pokémon and, accidental or not, the courts were strict and very few escaped their harsh judgment.

    The current date is December 24th. Christmas Eve. Light, as he did everyday, flew down to the hospital entrance underneath of the veranda. Porta and Audaize were bundled up in their bright blue coats that they wore everyday, and sat on the same bench that they sat on at the end of everyday. Light sighed as he landed and shook the snow off himself. Audaize frowned, seeing Light had neglected to wear a coat again.

    “Your gonna catch a cold one of these days Light” She said as she climbed up on top of his back. She brushed Light's tail feathers off. Audaize nodded to Porta, as did Light, and they took off into the sky.

    “I know, but really I don't care, heh heh, we make enough money to afford pretty much any medicine they have in this town, if I ever even get sick or need it. Besides, I'm a bird, how'm I supposed to wear a coat?”

    “I don't know. But I just don't want to see you catch something that they can't cure then—” She stopped talking, she didn't want to finish her sentence. She didn't like to think about what she was about say, so she sat on Lights back and silently enjoyed the ride home. The snow pelted her face, and Light was flying so fast that the air lashed up across her face. She toppled over onto her stomach and wrapped her arms around Lights neck as he sped up. She eventually buried her face in his neck trying to avoid being hit in the face with the large clumps of snow that built up in the air. As they came to their apartment Light slowly, descended and, landed on the roof. He let Audaize hop off. Light was about to fly away and pick up Porta when Audaize stopped him.


    She opened up her bag that was slung around her neck and rested at her side. She took out a ball of tin foil and unwrapped it to reveal a steaming hot ball of cooked caterpie. Light smiled as she threw it up in the air for him to catch, he lifted off the roof and dived for the ball, catching it in his mouth and flying off to go get Porta. Audaize smiled back as she watched him fly off into the blizzard. She closed up her bag and entered the rooftop door leading down into the long hallway. She came about mid-way down the long tight corridor and opened up her bag again. She tried to take her key out, but her hands were frozen solid. She smashed her cold hand against the door, hardly feeling a thing as her hand was numb. Nome came and opened it up for her and welcomed her home. She smiled and went to the kitchen to warm up her frozen hands and get every bodies dinner ready.

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    Chapter 7
    Celebi, the Messenger

    It was Porta's turn to wait today. Usually she would be the first one to ride Light home, but every other day they, Porta and Audaize, would switch turns. About a minute after Audaize and Light had left for home Porta felt a tingling sensation in her forehead. Ar first she didn't acknowledge it, thinking it was just the cold getting to her, but as much as she ignored it, it burned deeper into her. She suddenly had the urge to start moving, as if she was being pulled, inside the hospital. Before Porta knew it her muscles were completely stilled. The seized up, and she couldn't move anything. Her heart rate slowed down, and the joints in her legs began to push her body off of her seat. Porta was under mind control. There was nobody in sight though. The one holding her captive must have a lot of psychic energy, and a strong will, to be able to cast a mind control spell without direct eye contact, or even be in the vicinity of her.

    Like a mindless drone, Porta was being forced to wander around the hospital waiting room. She was eventually guided to a big white door that said MF. The door opened quietly, not making a sound, and as if she wasn't even their, Porta disappeared into the stairwell beyond the door, with nobody even looking over at her. In front of her were two completely white staircases. One ascending up wards, the other descending down wards. The walls around her were cold, and of couse, white. Porta slowly moved to the first step of the ascending staircase and began climbing.

    After a few minutes of walking Porta was confronted with another door. This one had no door knob or anything of that matter in which to open it. All it was a big plate of steel slightly indented away from the edges of the wall making a door way looking border. She felt her muscle relax, and her joints were freed as she fell to the ground. She began panting heavily, and was suddenly sweating. She closed her eyes and tried to keep herself from crying, though nobody was around to see it anyway. She had held her head down wards, so her face was aiming towards the ground. She was leaning on her left side, when she felt a cold breeze sweep across her exposed side. She looked up and opened her eyes to see a pink object suspended in the air. It was surrounded by a white blanket of snow occupying the space on the ground, and around it was the whirling blizzard she had seen outside. As her eyes bore into it, the wind suddenly became warm and her fear was swept away. She was calm.

    Porta, with her newly revitalized self, got to her feet and crept up behind the object. As she stepped out of the building, and into the cold looking blizzard swirling about on the rooftop, she was confronted with the same warmth from inside as well as no wind at all. It was a strange feeling. There was no sound. She looked around at the trees and saw the snow blotting out the green pine needles of the evergreens, then quickly flying off as the wind took it. Yet there was no sound. The snow pelted her face and felt unreal. It felt like she had lost the ability to feel or hear. It was such a strange feeling. As she fixated herself on the glowing pink object once again a snow ball began to form on the ground beside it. The ball floated up to its side and hovered for a moment before being propelled towards Porta and smacking her right in the face.

    “Hey!” Porta screamed out as she watched the pink glowing object turn to reveal itself as a Pokémon.

    The Pokémon giggled and flew in a backwards motion towards her until she was only a few inch's away. Porta stared straight into the eyes of the Pokémon, the smile on its face relaxed her.

    “Sorry! I didn't mean t' hurt cha!” It said wiping the smile off of its face and morphing it into a sad look. It brought its hand up to Porta's face and wiped the snow off. Porta went to pull away as the hand came up, but once again felt locked in place. The smile returned to the Pokémon's face as it wiped the wet snow off of Porta.

    “Hi my names Celebi!” It said closing its eyes with glee and backing off a bit, while still maintaining its airbound position.

    Porta hesitated to answer, but then finally said “H-hey there. Umm, my names Porta. What in the heck is a Celebi?”

    The Pokémon frowned.

    “Well a Celebi is a legendary Pokémon, spoken most of in fairy tales and lore about being able to travel through time endlessly.”

    Porta was taken aback and the smile crept back onto Celebi's face.

    “And there's only one Celebi! And that'd be me!”

    Porta thought to herself for a moment. This can't really be Celebi could it? By god I've never even heard of a Celebi before. How can I be sure it's not making this all up? If it can travel through time why is it here? I never really have seen ANYTHING like it before, but I just don't know. Porta finally spoke,
    “So, what are you doing here then? Why have you brought me here?”

    Celebi giggled.

    “I can read all of your thoughts Porta, I already knew you name by the way, I just wanted to make sure you were trustworthy before I answer all of those conflicting thoughts within your head.”

    “So by telling you my name I'm trustworthy? How-”
    “I know it seems far-fetched, but the smallest of actions can shout the loudest of words.”

    Celebi began floating forward towards the edge of the rooftop. Porta followed close behind and gazed out into the scene before her. A silent snow storm was howling about the land, knocking trees free of the snow placed upon them. The roads, covered inch's thick with ice and snow. Window ceils and easetrops were filled with clumps of snow and icicles hung from the buildings.

    “You know, I can't remember the last time I've seen anything this beautiful.” Celebi spoke, still watching the scene placed before it.


    Celebi gazed down to Porta and softly smiled to her as it floated to eye level. The two of them bore into each others eyes. Celebi's suddenly turned a light blue and implanted visions of the future it had seen into Porta's mind. Celebi quickly dissipated the images and kept staring at Porta as she looked down wards and breathed deeply.

    “What did you see?” Porta was about to answer the question Celebi had presented but was interrupted, “Hell?” Porta nodded and returned her gaze to the blizzard.

    “So is that why your here?”

    “Partly,” Celebi explained, “Really I'm here to stop that from happening. I've lived in that hell for a long time now and until just recently was I presented with this notion by master Dialga.”

    Celebi had returned its view to the blizzard as well. With every new sentence Celebi spoke, more and more questions flooded into Porta's head. Celebi continued.

    “Right now I am pink, as you can see. When I am in my present time I am green. Thats not really that important though. I need your help Porta. I need the help of you and your friends. Your my, and countless others, only hope. That image is the future. It is inevitable unless the past is changed. You may be asking what happened to the world to make it become that. Well you and your friends are the reason,” Porta was shocked but kept on listening intentivally, “You, Porta, and your friends die. One one week Magnezone is going to come to your house and explain that he needs you to come with him. You unfortunately follow him to the police station were you are attacked from behind and stunned. You are placed in an armored van and taken to a place far away from here where you will be executed.”

    “W-w-w-w-what! I-I-I-I-I...” Porta stuttered jerking back tears.

    “There is an evil Pokémon, Dusclops, who is growing quite strong. He is amassing an army to take over, and enslave, the entire world. He has found this orb, with it he robbed the courts of their minds and forced them to convict you to death. He has used this orb to see the future as I can and has seen that you and your friends eventually fulfill your dream. It not only is fulfilled but it become one of the most well known organizations on the planet. And not only that, you also become somewhat of hero's. You gain many new friends and allies, and when the attack of his comes you are more than prepared for it and crush the resistance keeping the world peaceful for generations and generations. Sadly, if you stay here you will be executed, thus providing Dusclops with the power to begin his dictatorship.”

    “B-but why us? Why have you brought me here? Why didn't you just tell me out in front of the hospital? I have so many questions.”

    “And unfortunately my time has come to an end. Dialga is dying, and with him will go the flow of time. Dusclops is killing him, slowly with his entire plan. I wish I could be of more help, but sadly I am only a messenger. This is master Dialga's plea. Now wake up, wait three days then tell your friends about me. By then I will have visited them all and told them this exact same thing. You must get out of here. You must live! You must escape this town. Go to Brine Cave,” Celebi implanted the location in Porta's mind, “There you will begin your journey. Lapras is the guardian of the hidden land. He will guide you to it.”

    “Guide us to where?”

    “Temporal Tower,” Celebi said “Please Porta, you are our only hope. You are the vanguard of the worlds preservation.” And with that, Porta closed her eyes, then opened them to Light shaking her wildly. She was lying down on the bench. Light chuckled.

    “Heh, about time. I've been shaking you for a few minutes now and you haven't even made a sound. Come on, get on my back. You can sleep on the way home, you seem like ya need the rest,” Light smiled and moved his back towards the bench. Porta yawned and climbed on. Light lifted off and flew very slowly as not to knock her off.

    “Ill fly slow so you can rest.”

    If only she could actually do that. Unfortunately all she could do was lie awake, thinking about Celebi, the Messenger.

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    Chapter 8

    Porta awoke from he slumber. The sheets covering her body slowly slid off onto the bed. She slowly opened her eyes to her dimly lit bedroom. There was a thin layer of sunlight shining through a slit between the drapes covering her window. It shone, across, to the middle of her bed. The light slightly lit up the already luminous room. She yawned and climbed out of her bed. Today was the day. According to Celebi today was the day she had to bring up the story. Porta was quite nervous when first thinking of presenting the idea to her friends, but the idea of being captured by Sheriff Magnezone was even worse.

    The day was slow, all Porta could think about during breakfast was how to say it to everyone. She didn't want to just blurt it out, because she didn't want to look dumb, but the whole thing might be dumb anyways, so really what does it matter? Porta was sitting across from Nome, who was flinging bits of his cereal at Flare, both giggling quietly to themselves. Light, as usual, was outside staring up into the darkened sky. The moon was still out, and he felt like it was calling to him in a way. Once he locked eyes with it he felt so calm and relaxed, as everything bad in his life melted away to nothing, leaving only happiness. Audaize was in the kitchen, from which Porta could smell her homemade pancakes, each with a different specific ingredient that appealed to some more than others. For instance Light's, if he ever ate breakfast, would have caterpie, or wurmple, in it. Verz was nowhere to be seen. He usually never sits at the table for any meal, and not just because he can't sit.

    Actually Porta had become quite worried about Verz. Ever since Genj died he has been really defensive, and whenever someone tries to talk to him, depending on the individual, he would just turn away or give a simple answer such as; yes, no, sure, okay, etc. Verz was always a person who preferred being alone with he exception of being with his friends. Other then that though, you could barely start or maintain a decent conversation. He said that sometime he just didn't know what to say without sounding stupid, so he just kept it to himself and used generic answers. He's also acts as if he is scared, or nervous, of some people and it makes him a lot quieter. Who knows, maybe its just a Ghost-Typed thing.

    This particular morning Light came in and sat himself next to Porta. He made small, asking if she slept okay last night and telling her to try not to overdo it today. He was about to say something else to Porta as well, but he stole a glance above her head and turned away to Audaize and her plate of food. Porta looked behind her and saw Verz hovering his way down the stairs. He, like always, was staring at the ground as he moved. Not acknowledging a thing going on. He changed forms and melted through Audaize. From inside the kitchen came a floating plate. Verz had his eyes closed and was hovering right beside a vacant spot near the table. Facing downwards, he finally opened his eyes as Audaize slapped down some food onto his plate that was now placed neatly on the space in front of him.

    Nome and Flare had stopped playing, and Audaize had served everyone and so she sat in on the other side of Porta with her own food. It was quiet. Awkwardly quiet, and so Porta broke the silence, “So hows everyone this morning?”

    Porta winced slightly, nothing noticeable but, she felt like smacking herself because she thought that sounded dumb.

    “Well I had this dream, last night, it was really weird!” Nome said innocently.

    “Oh yeah, 'bout what?” Asked Light.

    “Well, I had this dream about a floating pink Pokémon-”

    “Celebi?” Asked Audaize.

    “Yeah, h-how'd you know?” Inquired Nome.

    “I... Had the same dream, I think.” Answered Audaize.

    Flare nodded his head, agreeingly and said that he had to experienced this. Everyones interest was aroused. They had all had this dream, and Porta had just, accidentally, succeeded in warning everyone.

    “I had a dream that a pink Pokémon came from the future, and it said that we had to go meet some guy named... Uhh what was it?” Flare thought aloud. Verz answered.


    Light and Verz looked at each other, their eyes met for a split second before they both broke eye contact, fixating on their breakfast. The discussion about the dream carried on well into an hour, in which Light, Porta and Audaize freaked out for they were late for work. Light and Audaize scurried up to the door to get ready while Porta hung back at the table. Nome and Flare finished eating their cereal and started collecting the dishes, Verz finished his as well and passed a few things to Flare before heading upstairs.

    “Okay guys look. I had this same dream too, but three days ago.”

    Everyone stopped what they were doing and focused their attention to Porta as she explained the events that had occurred three days before. She explain everything Celebi had shown her, and everything Celebi had said. When she was finished, they heard a knock at the door. Light, who was right there anyways, gazed through he little peep hole and saw the roundish figure of Sheriff Magnezone and two Magnemites. Porta mouthed the words “Who is it?” to Light. He would have mouthed back, if he had a mouth. Instead he opened the door up before they got suspicious. Light put on the act of just waking up, as did everyone else.

    “Oh *yawn* officer... How nice to see you his morning.” Light said, slipping a fake yawn in and letting the three of them inside.

    “Aye, good morning to you as well my friend,” Magnezone looked around, “I like what you've done to the place, ya really fixed 'er up, didn't cha?”

    Light nodded accordingly and continued his performance. The Sheriff looked around at everyone, convinced of their performance as well as Light's.

    “Well, sorry to disturb you at such an early hour,” Magnezone said looking up at their clock and reading the time 6:30A.M., “I just came to notify you that your case is... closed. Your judgment has been concluded, its just paperwork from here-on-out,” Magnezone handed Light a wad of cash, “Thats my gift to you, for improving this place.”

    Light's eyes lit up as he heard Magnezone speak. He was relieved. It had been so long, and he was looking forward to finally being able to leave the town, as did everyone else. Magnezone bid them farewell and left. A short, yet effective, meeting. The gloominess of the situation changed. Everyone began cheering, and dancing around. They were finally free.

    “But wait, what about the dream? What about Celebi?” Asked Porta, she was still on top of the table now when she suddenly ran this notion through her head.

    “Well... It appears that our dream was just... a dream...” Replied Verz who was stationed below her at the table.

    “But we all had the same one... And in mine I was told to tell you guys about all of it. Celebi told me that it would notify you all, and that in three days I should ask you about it.”

    Everyone was silent again. They gathered themselves, dropping out of their heightened state of happiness and back into their normal, sane, state of mind.

    “And the Sheriff didn't really TELL you what the judgment was now did he. All he said was “it's all paper work,”” Continued Porta.

    Everyone nodded in unison as a horrible thought emerged in the minds.

    “I say we leave, I mean, if we are free then they have no reason to chase us. And if we aren't innocent, then they will chase us. So either way were gonna find out the truth.” Spoke Audaize.

    “Okay then, it's settled, everyone pack up your stuff. We are leaving, right now.”

    With that everyone agreed. They would leave for Brine Cave in two days. Right now they were going to focus on gathering their things, collecting more supplies, and finding somewhere to stash it all until they got back from the cave. Light made his way into the kitchen. As Light trotted off, to help Audaize with her things (since he didn't really have anything to pack up anyways), he heard a knock on the door. After the first few knocks he told someone to go get the door. Nobody did, and so after about the 3rd or 4th set of knocks he trotted over and swung the door open to reveal a magnificent looking Pidgeotto.

    “Oh... Uhh, hi... Sorry to bother you so early in the morning, but I just saw someone leave here so I thought you were awake, and it's kind of urgent... Oh my, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lumeire.”

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    Chapter 9

    The moment Light threw the door opened he was taken aback by Lumeire. The first thing he noticed was her unusually long head crest that extended down her backside. It was red, like most of her species, but it was a tad lighter, which most people would have missed. She was twice his size, standing around a meter tall. Her talons weren't sharp, surprisingly, they were smoothed down. Her plumage was a dark brown, each feather identical to the first, perfect. Her tail feathers alternated between a sandy-goldish color to the same as her head crest. Her legs were shielded by her massive wings that covered them from the left and right sides. Black stared up in awe before he realized that he was staring. He closed his eyes and looked down.

    “Oh! It's no problem, heheh, don't worry about it. Uh please, come in.” Light moved to the side of the doorway to allow the massive bird inside.

    “Thank you.” She said and nodded her head downwards to him as she walked inside. She looked around the room and examined the house they had established.

    “Wow, I heard you fixed this place up, but for just one little kid you certainly did a good job.”

    “Well, I'm not all that little... I'm actually 13.”

    “Oh? Apologizes, I just-” Light waved her off.

    “It's okay... I get it a lot, and to be honest I live with five other people, and they kinda helped.”

    “Lumeire?” Audaize poked her head out of the kitchen as she heard the familiar voice. Lumeire turned around to face the tiny little fish Pokémon.

    “Yes, that would be me, have we met?” Lumeire asked looking at Audaize's not so familiar face.

    “Well, not really,” explained Audaize coming out of the kitchen with a box on her back, “but I remember seeing you down at the hospital. You came in like everyday, I actually just finished working there. I was one of the chef people in the cafeteria.” Light scurried up to Audaize's side and concealed his eyes behind the rim on his head. He lifted the box up off of Audaize and carried it away so he could escape the vicinity of Lumeire. He breathed a sigh of relief when he cleared out of the room and glanced back into the room to see Audaize and Lumeire talking.

    “Oh! I think I recall seeing you, I caught a glance at a mudkip in the kitchen, she was cooking up a storm.” Lumeire and Audaize both laughed a little bit.

    “Ah, yeah that was me. What can I say, I have a passion for cooking!,” Audaize smiled, “So may I ask why your here? And so darn early!”

    “Oh, yes. Sorry 'bout that, but it is kind of an emergency.” Audaize shook her head and said that it was okay then nodded giving her permission to continue.

    “Okay, well you see my grandfather is in the hospital.”

    “Oh? I'm so sorry to hear that. Is he alright?” Audaize said creeping closer to Lumeire and guiding her to the table that was now cleared off. She extended her hand across the table to her as they both sat down. Lumeire covered her hand with her own wing.

    “Oh well you see I don't really know. He had a heart attack a few nights ago, and he's been in the hospital ever since. They think he may need a new heart,” Explained Lumeire. Audaize frowned and said she was sorry. Just then Light crept back into the room.

    “Hey, if you want you could have my heart!” Light said outloud, hardly realizing what he had just said. Audaize turned her head around and mouthed the words “What they hell?” a placing a puzzled look on her face. Lumeire look confused as well, but she thought she understood what he meant and so she replied: “Ooh, thats sweet but I don't need it, my grandfather does. And he's a lot older then you so ya know.”

    “Oh yeah, of course.”

    “Plus you would kinda die...” Lumeire said chuckling a bit but covering her face with the wing Audaize had let go of.

    “Oh... Uhh, yeah I mean, like if I didn't... need one I'd be glad to... Well like I just... Yeeeaaah.” Light said covering his eyes with the rim above his head again and disappearing in the kitchen.

    “I'm so sorry about that,” said Audaize looking back up to Lumeire, “He's just gets nervous around strangers and stuff and he's really sweet that he probably would give your grand'ad his heart because he doesn't like seeing other suffer,” concluded Audaize trying to make up an excuse for Light's little scene., “Please continue with your story.”

    “Ah yes, okay, well you see I live kinda far from here. I live with my grandparents in this little cottage up in Oran Forest,” She pointed with her wing in the direction of the forest, “I've been flying from there to here everyday since my grandad was admitted to the hospital. But my I've been looking to move out for awhile now, and since he's in the hospital I thought maybe I could live here somewhere. I've been around town and I like it here. The atmosphere is just... Relaxing? I guess you could say,” Audaize nodded in agreement, “Unfortunately though there doesn't appear to be anywhere TO live. Except maybe here. I've asked around and I heard that someone did live here. So I wanted to come in and see if I could rent a room? Perhaps?”

    Light lit up within the kitchen, a broad smile crept onto his face and he gathered the courage to walk outside to them again.

    “Ah, thats perfect! In fact we were just moving out, you can have this place, free of charge!” Replied Audaize.

    Lumeire lit up with a smile, similar to Light, and rushed over to hug Audaize. She was about twice her size as well, so she gently picked her up in her wings and held her close to her chest.

    “Really? That's fantastic! I really can't thank you enough.”

    Audaize, gasping for a breath of air, was released from the fluffy prison of Lumeire's wings and chest. She was helped back down to the ground by Lumeire and crept back a bit from her. Light trotted up beside Audaize and watched as Lumeire danced around happily. Audaize rubbed the back of her head and smiled awkwardly. Light retained the big smile on his face and watched Lumeire as well. Audaize stopped giggling and called Porta down from her room. She tripped down the stairs a little, but easily regained balance and saw the bird dancing around.

    “Uhh, who's this?” Porta said, rudely. Audaize frowned at her and explained Lumeire and her reasons for being here.

    “I wanted to know if you would mind letting her sleep in your room for the time being until we move,” Asked Audaize. Light was about to speak, and say she could bunk with him, but Audaize put the goofy smile back on her face and fixated on Porta, while covering Light's beak to stop him from embarrassing himself again. Lumeire concentrated on Porta as well, hardly acknowledging Audaize stopping Light.

    “Oh, it's no problem! Always glad to help.”

    “Really? I'm sorry to burden you, I really am, and you have no worries I don't have a criminal record or anything, I'm clean, you won't even notice me. I just need a place to crash at night.” She said putting a sympathetic look on her face.

    “Its no problem, I trust ya. You don't seem like that sorta person anyways,” Replied Porta walking back upstairs and winking at Lumeire on her way up.

    So it was settled then. Lumeire was to stay with Porta at nights and in the mornings she was even invited to eat with everyone. Sadly they only spent a few days together, because of Celebi's warning. Everyone really grew to like Lumeire in the short time they spent together, and Light was even considering asking her to come with them, but she had to stay with her grandfather. It wasn't fair to strip Lumeire of her grandfather, or vice versa. This was the last night they would be spending together and Light was being torn apart inside. He had fallen for Lumeire. He didn't understand it himself. He had only known her for a few days, and its not like they ever talked or even made eye contact half the time. There was just something about her that he just couldn't live without. Everytime he tried to imagine leaving her he felt destroyed inside. Tonight he was perched on top of the apartment and was gazing up into the clear dark blue sky. The stars glittered magnificently, and the moon was whole. Their combined light shone down upon Light, but even the beauty of night wasn't enough to get Lumeire off his mind. He closed his eyes and started jerking back tears as he heard the soft flutter of wings behind him. He quickly dissipated the images from his mind and calmed himself. His head rose up to the moon once again as Lumeire settled down beside him.

    “Hey, Light?” He heard her say as she lowered herself on top of slanted roofing of the apartment building. The wind was freezing, but Light didn't care. He felt so defeated inside he hardly felt anything else.

    “Oh, hi there Lumeire. What are you doing this fine evening?” Light said, Lumeire giggled for a split second before she felt bad about it realizing Light didn't mean to say that the way he did.

    “Sorry...” Lumeire apologized, “I know your probably sad about moving away, but so if everyone else.” Light sighed before replying

    “Yeah, I know. But I... I can't explain it.”

    “You can try. I promise I won't laugh. I understand” Lumeire looked down at the small black bird, his feathers glittering in the moon light. Lumeire was just a tad jealous of how magnificent he looked at night. Light looked downwards away from the moon at his talons. He shuffled them around and started to explain.

    “I don't mean I think I'll sound stupid trying to explain... It's just... I think it's dumb. The whole reason I am so sad right now. It just doesn't make sense. It's dumb.”

    “Nothings dumb. Go ahead, it's okay. You can talk to me about anything.”

    Light began debating whether or not say it or not. He just couldn't bare never seeing her again though and her not knowing about the way he felt. So he blurted it out, plain and simple.

    “I like you, a lot.” Light began. Lumeire smiled down at him and spoke, “I like you too, Light,” she patted him on the back, “When your gone you'll I'll miss the most. All those times you would glance over at me, then when our eyes would meet you would look away. It was cute.”

    Light squinted harder and attempted to shield his face behind the rim placed on his head.

    “No... I mean I... I think I love you.” Light opened his eyes finally and looked up at her. She broke eye contact and placed her wing back to her side. She looked up into the sky and left Light staring up at her chin.

    “I was hoping you wouldn't say that.” She said looking back down to her talons and shuffling around a bit.

    “I'm sorry.” Light apologized.

    “No it's okay. I'm kind of half glad you did” Light was confused. He kept listening as she looked back down at him.

    “Because I... Dunno... I think I... Love you... To?”

    Light lit up inside. He had just gone from being drowned in sorrow, to being drowned in happiness. He felt like his heart was going to explode.

    “Please don't assume that just because I said that, that I actually mean it, I... I don't really know what I feel anymore. Since my grandfather was put in the hospital I've been so sad, then I met all of you... And you guys really turned my life around. I don't know what I'm feeling right now.” Lumeire explained further. She extended her massive wing across Light's back, and pulled him closer to her. Light rested his tiny head on her chest. Her thick brown feathers were soft he almost fell asleep. They sat their in silence for what seem liked hours until Verz showed up.

    “Heh-em.” He cleared his throat, watching the scene transpire. Light and Lumeire broke away from each other and suddenly felt awkward.

    “Sorry to break up you little moment their... but Audaize wants you guys to come to bed, it's like 12:30... We head out tomorrow and everything, so, ya know you need your rest and everything...”

    “Okay, thanks Verz.” Lumeire said sighing slightly before lifting off of the roof and gliding downwards toward the ground. Light turned around and slid down the roof to the eavsetroft and called to Lumeire.

    “Hey... I'll be back okay... I'm not leaving forever... When I get back, we can work this whole thing out.” Light nodded his head to her as he finished speaking, Lumeire nodded as well before she drudged off inside the house. Light remained on the rooftop the entire night, staring up at the moon and sky. He embraced it's beauty all night long, all the while thinking of Lumeire.

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    Hmm, awesome story, I liked that in the beginning you gave a nice pokemon description, though while not revealing too much. Also, I think you've written a good amount and I don't think I've seen any major typos! Keep the great work up, please, though I might not comment due to worrying about school and other important things.
    Also, I was a bit surprised because I though thi sstory would actually include Wigglytuff, Chatot and of course their olf exploring friends Team Charm[Lopunny, Medicham, and Gardevoir]. Oh well, I think this story has an excellent caliber of awesomeness

    P.S. I liked the mini-scene with Genji, Gengar is my favorite pokemon. Also, I liked how you tied in Verze's past with the bad dad and the rouge Gengar.
    Though, how does Feraligator + Feraligator = Mudkip?, that I can't computate!
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