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Thread: ~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread 2.0 ~*~

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    Default ~*~ Official Claim a Pokémon Thread 2.0 ~*~

    ~*!*~Official Claim a Pokémon Thread~*!*~

    This is the ~official~ Pokémon claiming thread v. 2.0! :D!
    Yes, I know. There's a lot of pink. Erik loves Pink ^^;
    If you can't read the post on whatever skin you're using, change skins. It's at the bottom of your page and it's very simple to do.

    This thread has been remade, but all claims have stayed, so now I, Warfare, can update the first post with strike bans, et cetera.
    (and by request of Erik Destler, I kept the format of everything.)
    All claims have carried over <3~!
    Old Thread~!


    1. Pokémon only. Not Pokémon characters, or specific Pokémon from the Animé.
    2. No Shiny/Shadow/etc. formes. The only alternate formes allowed are the ones specified in the list.
    3. Follow the basic format. Do not add any formatting tags (this includes colours and fonts)
    4. Your account must be active! Ergo, if you haven't been active within the past month, your claim can and WILL be voided. Furthermore, if you're banned, your claim is also voided.
    5. Don't complain. If you didn't get your first choice, just choose something else, or don't claim anything at all. Don't harass whoever claimed it to give it to you, either. Anyone caught harassing will be infracted with a 5 Pt. Infraction and also barred from claiming a Pokémon forever.
    6. You can only claim ONE Pokémon. You don't need more than one! That's simply greediness!
    7. If I or any of my helpers are inactive, don't harass us via PM/Visitor Messages/et cetera. Your claim will be added eventually! We're only human, after all.
    8. You can only change claims once a month. Any less than that and it's just kind of fickle, right? :/
    9. Should you not adhere to these rules, or not fill out the form properly, you will receive a strike! Upon receiving a strike, you shall be banned from posting here for a WEEK. Yes, a WEEK. 7 days.
    10. Read the General Pokemon Discussion Rules, please!

        Spoiler:- Strikes:

        Spoiler:- Permanently Banned Users:


    NOTE: The proper form is "month day, year" as in October 6, 2008, NOT October 6th, 2008 or 10/06/08. Type out the months (as words; no abbreviations) and years (as four-digit numbers) please. Look at the examples.

    To claim:

    English Pokemon Name - User Name - Date (use Month Day, Year format, please)


    Celebi - Serebii - January 1, 2000

    To change your claim:

    Old claim: Former Pokémon - Username - Date claimed
    New claim: New Pokémon - Username - Date


    Old claim: Celebi - Serebii - January 1, 2000
    New claim: Jynx - Serebii - March 14, 2000

    In the event of a name change:
    Old name:
    New name:
    Claimed Pokémon:


    Old name: DittoMaster23
    New name: Erik Destler
    Claimed Pokémon: Ditto

    That's it ~!
    If you have any problems, PM me (Erik Destler) or Warfare.

    Misaki-chi, Chelc, Tiffany, Ellie, Warfare, and Golden Pure

    The Pokémon~!

        Spoiler:- Gen I:

        Spoiler:- Gen II:

        Spoiler:- Gen III:

        Spoiler:- Gen IV:

        Spoiler:- Alternate Formes:

    That list will be editted each time someone claims a Pokémon by having a strike drawn through it's name. If you see something that hasn't been added, PM me.

    To see the complete list of claims, click...

    Last edited by Warfare; 18th January 2009 at 6:53 PM. Reason: Wheeeeee finally finished ~_~

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