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    Default Pokemon ~Back to School~

    Hi everybody, this is my first story on here and I have finally finished reading the fan fiction rules. Phew, I really hope I don’t get them wrong now XD.
    I wrote the ideas of this fiction when I was around 11- I am now 14- you may have even read this before on I’m sorry for deleting it back then but I really felt it wasn’t good enough. I really appreciated your support.
    --- I do not own Pokémon, Game Freak or any of the characters inside. (Unfortunately)
    Thank you
    -End of Disclaimer-

    Rated PG 13 for use of violence and romance- I very much doubt that it will get any higher than that.

    Slight: Zoey/Kenny, Leaf/Gary


    Pokemon ~Back to School~


    The fire flickered causing embers to be blown across the room, burning the carpet and marking it. A man sat silently at his office desk, his right hand writing swiftly and his left hand holding his head up right. On a rug laid neatly out in front of the fire, was a large cat flicking its tail irritated, it had it eyes shut tightly and was snoring very lightly.

    The man grunted when reaching out for another piece of paper to write on. He had beady black eyes and large bags under his from sleepless nights. Looking into his eyes made most people shiver- even his own Pokémon. They were glazed over with cruelty, pain and hate- the years had not been kind to him and his brown, tanned face was lined with stress.

    On his desk were photos lined up in old photo frames. He glanced over at them before feeling horribly grim. His son... He didn’t even know who he was. Probably wouldn’t want to either. He personally blamed his mother, cutting off all the ties- making him now fully alone. His mind flashed back to the day he finally lost custody to his son.

    “If you ever come near him again- I swear! I’ll take him far away! You’ll never even see him!” A brunette haired woman screamed as tears stroked her pale face. Her arms quickly hugged a small boy, not much older than 2 who was sobbing violently.

    But really, it was his fault wasn’t it?
    He picked up the frame, holding it tightly in his grasp. How many years had he missed? His heart was heavy with pain and heartbreak. He must be about 15 now...

    The door burst open and a group of men in uniform stood in the doorway. He returned the frame to its original place carefully before turning his attention to them.
    “Sir! We’ve successfully infiltrated 23! The first one spoke up, a hand swiftly moving into a salute.

    “Good what regions have we gained control of?” he replied smoothly. The woman in uniform was the next to speak.

    “Kanto, Johto and Hoenn- we are currently infiltrating Sinnoh’s Government, it should be done by tomorrow.” She answered. The large cat, a Persian flicked its ears before opening its eyes.

    “Excellent.” He said, rubbing his chin with his fingers. He opened his eyes and smirked. “You know what to do.”

    “Yes sir!”

    So there you have it! the prologue! I hoped you liked it- please remember I do this because I enjoy doing it not because I want to make profit or anything like that. Please do put contructive critism- no flaming please it really isn't nice- also it will get longer- I just wanted to add this as a little beggining bit .
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    Yay!1st review!
    Nice fic!
    And the man you described.. Is he Geovanni?
    Overall, great fic!
    Keep it up!

    Rafe from Destiny Deoxys is my hot bishie, YOOHOO!

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    Chapter 1

    Ash yawned sleepily as he walked through a thick field of wheat on his route home to Pallet. He snatched a glance at Pikachu who was snoozing peacefully on his shoulder. He smiled at his only travelling partner before turning his eyes back to the road.

    Ash had been travelling alone for a while now, with Brock returning home to Pewter City and Dawn heading for Sinnoh, Ash felt much more alone than he usually did, but still, he appreciated the company of his Pokémon.

    Ash grinned as Pallet Town came into view. Pallet was his home, where he had grown up, and spent endless hours fighting with Gary, he laughed at the last part. Happiness flooded him as the memories came back.

    There were several houses, all with coloured tiled roofs and a lot of them had white fences- including his house. Most of all was the professors’ laboratory which was perched sweetly on the grassy hill. Ash was looking forward to seeing his old Pokémon who were waiting after a long time to see him there.

    Feeling the excitement of his partner, Pikachu leapt off of his shoulder and down the hill into the town. Ash laughed before following- they had defiantly missed their home, if nothing else they had missed Delia’s cooking. Ash was not a skilled cook, to Pikachu’s dismay, and they had been living off canned food for weeks- even then Ash somehow managed to burn it.

    Ash hurried to his house before knocking patiently on the door, brushing a leaf off of his shoulder- his mother wasn’t keen on untidiness.

    No answer. Pikachu cocked his head.

    “She probably can’t hear us.”Ash said totally confused by the fact his mother wasn’t in waiting for him. He rang in advance didn’t he? Pikachu nodded in agreement before following Ash up the hill to Professor Oak’s laboratory.

    Ash banged heavily on the door before folding his arms.

    “Hello?” he shouted. Pikachu also shouted. “That’s weird. Where is everybody?” Surely professor Oak would be in, where would he go?
    Ash sat down on the porch with his head in his hands. Pikachu mimicked. In a nearby field Miltank grazed hungrily, Ash also felt his stomach rumble and sighed.

    “Ash?” A boyish voice asked. Ash looked up to find himself face-to-face with his old rival Gary. Gary had his arms full of large cardboard boxes one on top of the other.

    “Huh, Gary?” Ash answered a little surprised to see somebody. “Where is everyone?”

    “Oh didn’t you hear?” Ash shook his head.“The whole town is having a meeting at the town hall; I was just heading there now.” Gary said sternly, his voice obviously a little worried.

    “That’s odd.” Ash thought to himself. “I mean how often is it we have a meeting as a whole town?”

    Both Ash and Gary hurried to the town hall, boxes in arms. Ash assumed it was something to do with money or living arrangements- he had absolutely no idea what to expect.

    Ash leaned on the door allowing both himself and Gary to walk in without putting down the boxes. The town Mayor glanced around, silently counting everyone. He looked up and urged Ash and Gary to sit down in one of the rows of chairs.

    Delia’s face lightened as she saw Ash and ran over to hug him. Ash flushed with embarrassment as Gary smirked that Ash was being smothered.
    “Honey, I’m sorry I totally forgot you were coming home today!” She said hurriedly as she kissed him and then rubbed some dirt off of his face. “We had to gather everyone who was born in Pallet town back here- you have no idea what I have been through today.”

    “What- why?” Ash asked but was interrupted by the Mayor tapping on the microphone. The town went silent as they grouped together to listen to what the Mayor had to say. They had all gathered from wherever they had been in the world to be there after all.

    “People of Pallet, I’m glad you could all gather here today.” The mayor spoke up.

    “Not that you had much of a choice.” Muttered Gilbert, the mayor’s son, who was leaning again a wall. This caused murmurs and distress among the town.
    What do they mean by that? What would have happened if we...? Shh he’s about to tell us! The mayor sent his son a hard glare. He wasn’t actually supposed to tell them that much.

    “I’m sure you’re all aware of the disasters caused by Pokémon recently.” He gulped worriedly. More whispers and mutters were passed around in agreement.

    Ash’s eyes widened. Yes there had been more accidents than usual, he had even heard of Pokémon purposely injuring people. No one had thought anyone would take any serious action towards it.

    “Just cut to the chase will you! These people deserve to know!” snapped Gilbert angrily walking right up to his father. The mayor tried desperately to calm him down and push him away.
    “Son, I know you’re angry but I don’t think this is the right way to go about it.” He whispered, Gilbert was being way too noisy and was causing distress to the town.

    “Damn right I’m angry! Hell to all of this!” Gilbert yelled. If the Mayor wasn’t trying his best to say calm and composed he would have slapped his head right at that moment. “Ash- What would you do if they took all of your Pokémon away from you?”

    Ash looked up, he hadn’t expected to involved in this discussion but he didn’t like the way it was going.

    “What?!” He spluttered, reaching for his Pokéballs on his belt and clutched them tightly.

    “I’m taking control of this discussion!” The mayor shrieked, horrified at the outcome of it. He smoothed down his grey hair before breathing out to calm himself.

    “Your Pokémon will be confiscated from you in the next few days but there are reasons for this.” He spoke calmly. “All Pokémon Journey’s are forbidden, anyone caught outside of their chosen Area without permission will be arrested immediately.”


    Then the room was suddenly filled with shouts of outrage and a lot of people stood up from their chairs to go and talk personally with the Mayor.
    “Please calm down.” He whined desperately.

    “What are we supposed to while the Pokémon are gone?” Professor oak yelled furiously. Pokémon were his life, was he supposed to-
    “Act like they never existed.” He replied.

    I hoped you liked it, constructive critism is welcomed (with tea and biscuits... Joke XD) Sorry for not updating, I got this virus on my computor so I got my computor banned T.T

    Thank you NaThziVOIR for your comment, I really appreciate it. As for who that man is.... you'll have to wait and see Sorry n_n

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