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Thread: Allyson or May?

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    Default Allyson or May?

    Hi everyone! I'm back! This is a fic inspried, (kinda) from Hannah Montana. Sorry if it's OOC. Contestshipping, Ikarishipping, maybe more, I don't know. Rated PG, maybe G.

    Chapter One: Secret?

    Yeah, yeah.
    So what you see,
    Is only, half the story,
    There's another side of me.
    I'm a girl, you know,
    But I'm someone else too.
    If you only knew.

    It's a crazy life.
    But I'm alright.
    I got everything I always wanted.
    I'm living the dream,
    And yeah everything I always wantd.
    Is it always what it seems?
    I'm a lucky girl,
    Whose dreams came true.
    But underneath it all I'm just like you.

    "Guys! That was Allyson Grove singing her new single, 'Just Like You!' Wonderful song! Don't you guys agree? Tune in next time to see more songs from Allyson!"


    The next day

    "May? How are you going to keep this a secret?" a girl with navy blue hair and sparkling dark blue eyes asked, "I mean, I know you kept the fact that you're Allyson a secret, but how long do you think you can keep this up?" her expression showed that she's worried, and well, something else that you can't get a grasp on.
    "Don't worry Dawn," a girl with brunette hair and bright sapphire eyes also known as May and Allyson replied, "I can keep this up, stop being a worrysome."
    "I'm not a worrysome, but come on May," Dawn started to look desperate, "You're only thirteen, we have hamework, parties, bullies, teachers, and boys to deal with, adding some extra fame to your name won't help."
    "Then you want me to quit being Allyson Grove?" May whispered back. "I can't, I love being a rock star, but i don't want to get all that attention. People won't treat me the same if they knew."
    "Fine, but you're not gonna last forever. Just get that to your head." Dawn said sighing through her nose.


    At the Lunchroom

    "Look, my dad just got me these fabulous shoes." A girl with raven black hair and pink eyes said with a slightly mean smile on her face.
    "Wow your sooo lucky!"
    "Yeah! I wish my dad was you dad!"
    "Yeah! Me to~ Oh look, it's the geek squad." The group of girls turned aroung to see May and Dawn coming into the caf. (A/N. Sorry, guys, I just like the word caf.)
    "Hey you losers!" the girl with pink eyes called out to them. "Why don't you go sit at the losers table over there?" she asked pointing to the table next to the garbage can.
    "Just leave us alone Ashley! Oh I mean snotwad!" Dawn called back. May pulled Dawn's sleeve.
    "Dawn!" she hissed.
    "Don't call people names!"
    "Hey geeks! Get out of my sight before my eyes pop out from your uglyness!" Ashley called to them.
    "What did you just say?" May asked her left eye twitching.
    "I said get out of my sight losers." Ashley repeated flipping her hair off her shoulders.
    "Why you that's it!" May yelled. "Your nothing but a big fat ugly pig who wears too much makeup and you and your troop of girls can scare all the boys in the world! And yo~"
    "Ahem." They all turned their heads to see the principle standing in front of them.
    "Ahh! Principle Hunt!" they all cried in unison.
    "May Maple, Dawn Dereks, Ashley Vroon. Please come with me to my office pronto." His cold eyes flashed on the three girls. "The rest of you can continue eating, you three come."
    "Great, just great." Dawn muttered.


    That's the end for chapter one. Sorry for the no romance. But I may as well inform you, there won't be much romance in here, so please don't get your hopes up.
    Like it? Hate it? Tell me! Pwease Review! Right guys?

    [B]May: Why do I have to get in touble? I'm always good.
    Dawn: Yeah, what she said!"
    Me: Too bad, it's my story, write your own if you want. Pwease Review![B]

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    You have some spelling mistakes that I'm to lazy to point out but otherwise its ok. I'm not sure if making it based on hannah montana will get you a lot of readers though. A lot of people hate her.

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    ooh! a fanfic based on hannah montana! ^^ someone did it on but never finished it. -.-
    I can't wait for next chapter! ^^
    Is there a pm list?? if not i'll check back often ^^

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