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Thread: How to make your own pokemon sprite!!!

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    Post How to make your own pokemon sprite!!!

    first, get a picture of the pokemon to be sprited, next resize the image so it'ss the size of the sprite you want. Official games sprites are about 64 by 64 pixels, now outline it differently- colored area of the picture with a distinctly different color, fill in the outlines with similar colors showing were the shading will go, you can use the image's shading as your guide. Knowledge from a basic shading from an art class will also help. now, choose the colors for your sprites one for each of the colors you used in the previous step. Apply those colors for your sprite, and for a more finishe look, you can add shading and highlighting to the outline. The colors used for shading a section can often be used for the highlight on the outline. Black may be used for the shadow, but avoid using it too much!!

    And there you have it!!!!!!!!

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    Wrong section.
    Already been done.
    Pictures are (practically) necessary for a tutorial.
    This could definitely use some work...

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