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Thread: To Love or To Hate? (PG-13)

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    Default To Love or To Hate? (PG-13)

    To Love or To Hate?

        Spoiler:- PM List:

    Its been 11 years since Ash battled in the Sinnoh League. Alot of things has happened since then too! Ash became a Pokemon Master at age 21! Defeating Steven,Wallace,Cynthia, and Lance! But he isn't the only one to do big things! Misty's Gym became the toughest in Kanto while Brock's became the 2nd. speaking of him, he became the #1 breeder in Kanto!
    May,Dawn,Drew and Zowey each won at the Grand Festival while Paul became the new Sinnoh Champ! Even the youngest, Max, had accomplishments under his belt! Scoring 2nd in the Hoenn and Sinnoh leagues, while winning the Silver Conference and Indgo Plateu! Now we come to our current story. Everyone is celebrating their first union after 2 years of speration! Everyone is shocked how much they changed and how they remained the same. the Dawn and Paul being a couple thing threw everyone for a loop! While Drew and May being a couple shocked no one at all!
    Though the one they were most intrested in was Ash and Misty's!
    They all wonder if their favorite dunce even knew what being boyfriend and girlfriend was about! Alot of things are gonna happen on this week long reunion...alot of things! People feel joy,pain,hate,love and confusion while others are left in the dark. As some enjoy the time together,others will hate it!
    Conway's POV
    I hate Paul with all of my being! My first time in Kanto and he has to be here!
    I don't care how many balloons are here,or how beautiful the night makes the party decorations on Ash's house look! This day sucks all because of that thing I call Paul! Why would my precious Dawn even give him the time of day?
    He is just rude, crude,ugly,evil,shady,dark...and so cool! Why doesn't she see that I'm the one for her? That low life she's dating stole my haircut even! Dawn...your so sunny,kind ,funny,warm and gentle...and loving...shes everything he is not! I can't stand him one bit! I hope he falls off a cliff and...dies!
    "You alright Conway"?
    "Yeah I'm fine Kenny...whats wrong"?
    "No nothing..its just that you were staring off into space really hard"
    "Look I'm Fine Ok"!
    "Well don't look like it one bit dude"!
    "What can't a guy stare into space without getting 3rd degree''?
    "Look I...Know you like Dawn and all...but that doesn't mean you can take out your anger and rage out on me"!
    "I lost the women that I loved"!
    "If you were their Kenny...You would understand..."
    "I remember it like it was yesterday..."
    "Oh man...a sob story"!
    "It was in a mall near Hearthome city".
    "Hi Conway"!
    Um...Hey Dawn...Why are you hanging out with Paul"?
    "Cause hes my boyfriend Conway"!
    At that moment I lost myself...
    "But hes an evil, twisted, punk who stole my Haircut"!
    "He called you, Ash and Brock worthless like a million times and..."
    "You're right Conway he did...can you forgive him"?
    "Huh"? "Sure Dawn...."
    "Thank you...."
    Crack! That was the sound my face made when Dawn punched me right in my face! But what she said afterward hurt just as much!
    "I don't care if you forgive me"!
    "I don't care if everyone else hates him...cause I love him"!
    "Wow"! "Dawn I know I'm you're boyfriend and all but... I can't believe that you punched Conway ...over me"!
    "Well...thats how I really feel...Paul".
    "Well I feel the same way to Dawn...I love you"!
    "Hawha"! "Really"!?!
    "Yes...Hey what the"?
    "She hugged and kissed him! Showing nothing but joy...just thinking about it kills me inside"!
    "Wow"! "That was rough....".
    "Shut up Kenny"! "You know nothing about it"!
    "You know what Conway you can just be by yourself"!
    "Fine"! "Who needs you anyway...loser...
    "You would know.."
    Kenny that jerk of a person just doesn't get it! I refuse to lose Dawn over him or Paul! I'll win heart ... even if its the last thing I do!

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    Default Chapter 1:Love? What the heck is that?

    Paul's POV
    I'm pretty sure that I love Dawn. I herd that love makes people do crazy and stupid things and ...I been doing those!
    Thinking taht I was sick and dying when I fell for Dawn.
    Asking Reggie what love was and...actually listening to him!
    "Reggie whats love"?
    "Now what brought this on all of the sudden"? my crazy brother asked.
    "So is it Ash or Dawn"?
    "Da...I Mean neither...wait what the"?
    "Ha! So it is Dawn"! " I knew it"!
    "If your not going to tell me Reggie...then I'll just go"!
    "OK! OK! Do you feel werid around her"?
    "Sort of...yeah...I feel different around her".
    "Does your body send you...signals..."?
    "What the hell are you talking about Reggie"?
    "You know..signals...Body gets..."
    "Reggie"! "Whats the hell is wrong with you"?
    "I'll take that as a yes! Do you like her"?
    "Hurr...Shes the least pathedic out of her friends"!
    "Do you like her Paul? Yes or No"?
    "Sort of...Kinda...Ok..Yes"!
    Thats all I want to remember from that conversation!
    Then there was the time that I asked her out...oh man that was crazy!
    I had to ask when she brought smoothies!
    "Hey Paul"! Whats Up"?
    "Uh... Hey do you want to go on a date with me"?
    "What"! "
    Thats what she said after spitting out all her smoothie on me!
    I didn't know what to feel after that so...
    "So...Is that a No"?
    "I'm so sorry Paul"! It's just that you surpised me alot! Why would you want to go out with me anyway? I thought you hate everyone?"!
    "Normally yes I do but...I feel different around you Dawn".
    "You remembered my Name"?!?
    "Ofcourse yes"?
    "Ofcourse silly! I would love to go out with you"!
    Seriously how did that work? Well...ever since then I feel great when I'm with her! Even bettter when I beat some trainner! I wonder if this is
    Dawn's POV
    Why does everyone hate Paul?
    I Know that hes mean alot...but still he doesn't need this kind of judement!
    He changed alot from the from that I nearly attacked in Oreburg City 11 years ago!
    Hes actually kind and caring when he wants to!
    11 years ago he would have been the type to leave you hangging off a cliff and would laugh and taunt you about it!
    Now he would save you and laugh and taunt!
    Thats why I'm so feed up, tired , and stressed out when people keep bad mouthing him!
    I even got in a arugment with May and Zoey and even punched out Conway!
    That arugment...
    "Your really dating that jerk Paul"!?! May and Zoey said in unision!
    "Yeah...Whats wrong with that"?
    "Hes mean, rude, crude, evil, shady, and a Jerk"! May said with outrage!
    "Dawn...your like a Bunneary and Paul is like a ....Weavile! It would never end well"! Zoey said with concern.
    "Look! I'm tried of everyone telling me hes no good! I love him! Got it?! It's my life and my choice! I'll date who ever I want and I'd expect my close friends to give me some support!"
    Man just thinking about it makes me mad and a little sad.
    Well...I guess I don't regret that nearly as much as what I did to Conway!
    Maybe...the time Paul and I stay together...the more we become more alike.
    Though he is the only person that I felt this strongly about.
    But I'm...only 21! Who finds their soulmate at 10? feels like we complete each other.
    I'm the good cop while Paul is the bad cop!
    It just feels right to me...Araghg!
    Why couldn't I have a simple relationship like the others?
    C'mon Ash and Misty's is simple and sweet!
    May and Drew's is so romantic and sweet!
    I had to love the badass who shows little emotion!
    "Hey Baby, are you alright"?
    "Huh? Yes Paul sweetie I'm fine! No need to worry."!
    "Put thats when I worry the most"!
    "You sound just like my Mom and Kenny"!
    'Whats that supose to mean"?
    Baby snd Sweetie...are we becoming one of those cheesy couples you see on T.V?
    Would I really mind the Happiness?
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    Aww that's real nice... and cute :3

    Baby snd Sweetie...are we becoming one of those cheesy couples you see on T.V?
    lol I'm afraid you two are xD
    Post the next chapter ASAP! Please? xD
    (Pssh, you know Paul's going to be in DP100 right? Just wanted to let ya know if you didn't XD;
    Forever an ikarishipper~
    [Ikarishipper for eternity (: ♥ ]

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    Default Chapter 3: Party! Wait! What the...?

    "Hey May"! wispered a concern Dawn.
    "What is it"? May said with a little concern.
    "I think Tracey is drinking too much".
    "What do you mean Dawn"?
    "Well the last I checked he had at least 15 beers"! Dawn said almost yelling!
    "15! Dawn thats alot of beer"!
    "I know May...but why is he drinking so much"?
    "I don't know but we got to take his keys"!
    The girls tried several times to take Tracey's keys but failed everytime.
    "Maybe we should tell the others May"?
    "Yeah..your right Dawn...we need help"!
    The Girls quickly rounded up Drew, Paul, Ash, Kenny, Zoey, and Misty from the other parts of the party room.
    "Okay guys we have a huge problem"! said Dawn almost yelling.
    "Tracey has had 20 beers now and we need to take his keys"! May yelled!
    While everyone else was stunned, Ash went stright up to Tracey, took his keys out and gave them to Misty!
    "Wow...I can't believe you got his keys so easily" said a stunned Dawn.
    "I'm gonna go talk to Traceyguys" said a concerned Ash.
    "Tracey can I get a minute"?
    "Huh...sure...umm...Crash...I Ash"! said a drunken Tracey!
    "Why are you drinking so much beer man"? asked a concern Ash.
    "To get the courage to ask out Misty"! said drunken Tracey.
    "What the..."!
    Before Ash could finninsh spaeking Tracey said "I'm going to ask her out right after I fininsh this case of beer".
    Ash stunned, quickly rushed back to the others and told them the shocking truth! While everyone else was stunned again from Tracey's actions, Ash decided to take action!
    "May you should get your...get your brother and go outside until we clear this mess up". said an upset Ash.
    "Paul and I will go find Brock" . Dawn said with sadness in her eyes.
    "I'll go tell Gary and Reggie". said an equally sad Zoey.
    "I stay with you Ash"! said Misty.
    "No way Misty! You could get hurt" said a upset Ash!
    "I can take care of myself Ash"!
    "I know...I just don't want you to get hurt Misty...I care about you..."
    "What do you mean Ash? Care or"? asked an upset Misty.
    Just then Brock rushed into the room in a panic!
    "Ash! Misty! Dawn told me told me about Tracey"!
    "Tracey! Hurry Misty call an ambulence" said a hystrical Brock.
    Tracey had fallen flat on the floor after his 25th beer! Panicing they called 9-1-1 and followed the ambulence to the hospital! Three hours later they found out that Tracey would be okay and could leave. After thet left the hospital they all looked at Tracey with concern.
    "25 beers...what were you thinking"! asked an upset Misty.
    "Hey whats this note"? asked a courious Brock.
    Brock read the letter out loud but left everyone stunned.
    Dear Tracey,
    Its me Nurse Joy! I have terrible news to tell you...your parents are dead! they died in an explosion near the outskirts of the island.
    I feel terrible for your loss and my heart goes out to you.

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    For me, the chapter was a bit confusing...
    But it was still good
    Wow... 25 beers! O.o
    Forever an ikarishipper~
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    Umm.Nobody has anything to say?
    Well heres a sneak peak of chapter 4.
    Please comment to help make this Fic become better!
        Spoiler:- Sneak Peek!:

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    god this is beginning to get good please post chapter foour i cant wait, oh my god i cant believe i just said that im turning into a really suck up fan but i really want the fourth chapter

    I'm writing a fan-fic check it out at Visit the Tokyo Underground group click here.

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    I have up to chapter 7 made up!
    I'll post the next chapter very soon!
    Please comment!

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