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    Default Captive Emotions (Clingyshipping, PG-13-R)

    Well hello there!
    This fic is a request from Eka that I decided to take up. So credit for the plot and such goes to them. I don't really own much else either, including Pokemon. /disclaimer/

    The reason it's rated as such is because of violence, alcohol use, language, and sexual situations...
    And if you are bothered by yaoi, then I suggest you don't read this. Clingyshipping is the pairing of Lucas/Kouki x Damion/Jun. This fic also has Gingashipping (SaturnxCyrus).

    So uh yeah. Without further ado, here's the fic!



    ‘Stupid Damion. This is without a doubt something he would do.’

    Lucas was fuming. Positively livid.

    Unexplainable earthquakes were occurring every few minutes all across Sinnoh, the entire region in danger, and Damion had run off, without bothering to listen to the freakin’ plan first.

    Lucas stood outside Canalave City’s library, fists clenched and body trembling. ‘Damion better hope he’s dead before I get a hold of him…’

    “Don’t worry about Damion,” Dawn said as though she read his mind, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

    “Young Dawn is right; Damion’s a fully capable Trainer. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Professor Rowan was indeed a venerable man, and Lucas couldn’t help but take his words to heart. And Dawn, his old friend… He would listen to her as well.

    Still, was he angry because he was worried for Damion’s safety?

    Lucas shook his head. ‘There’s no reason to worry…’

    “Lucas, for now you need to investigate Lake Valor. Dawn, you head back home to Lake Verity. And I’ll go make sure Damion is all right,” the Professor said.

    As much as it pained him, Lucas nodded along with Dawn as Professor Rowan released an Alakazam and vanished in a flash.

    “Don’t be too concerned,” Dawn said, gripping firmly onto her Vespiquen. “Just find out what’s going on at Lake Valor and we can get Damion later. But I’m sure he’s fine.” Without another word, Dawn’s Bee Queen Pokemon took off, the powerful humming of her wings resembling the buzzing of static.

    Lucas simply stood there alone, outside the library. Where to go now? Part of him desired to disregard everything the Professor and Dawn just told him, and head to Lake Acuity. The other part knew that he had a duty to make sure everything was okay at Lake Valor, and that he should go there first. It was his heart vs. head, emotion vs. logic.

    Lucas chose logic. He had to.

    After all, it was Damion who led with his heart, not him.

    Sighing, Lucas released his trusted Staraptor and happened on its feathered back. He gripped tightly onto its thick down and the great bird Pokemon took off, course set for Lake Valor.


    Lucas’ eyes widened in shock at the sight before him. Lake Valor was no longer a lake.

    It was just a hollow crater, like a massive meteor crashed into the earth at that very spot. Poor Magikarp flopped miserably in shallow puddles, slowly dying due to the lack of water to thrive in. And it was obvious who was behind all of the destruction, as well as the earthquakes that were sporadically occurring around Sinnoh.

    Team Galactic grunts swarmed the area that once was Lake Valor.

    The sight of them caused the rage to bubble up with in Lucas. His calm and light-headed self was gone. First Damion ran off and probably got captured, and now these poor Pokemon… Lucas had enough.

    The Team Galactic grunts had tried to stop the storming Lucas, but to no avail. He needed to find the one in charge and now.

    Finally, Lucas came across what he was looking for – the formerly submerged cavern of Lake Valor. Professor Rowan had told him that one of the legendary Lake Trio of Sinnoh resided in this very cavern… And Lucas had to make sure it was okay.

    Rushing into the cavern, the only thing he saw was a blue haired man, whose features were rather feline, staring at an oddly shaped puddle with his arms crossed. Lucas glared at him, breathing heavily. This man was dressed in a Team Galactic uniform. And the legendary Azelf was nowhere to be seen.

    The man turned to notice Lucas, gazing at him intently, cold, slanted eyes glinting. “Hmph. I’ve heard about you from Jupiter and Mars. A pestering child always meddling in our affairs.”

    Lucas stepped forward, practically growling. “Who are you? And what have you done here?!”

    “I am Saturn, Commander of Team Galactic. And the legendary Azelf is gone. It, as well as the other Pokemon, have already been transferred to our base in Veilstone. It is pointless to battle, or even engage in conversation any longer.”

    Saturn pushed past Lucas wordlessly. “You…” Lucas clenched his teeth, glaring daggers into the back of the man’s head.

    The feline-esque Commander spun on his heel. “You don’t know what you’re getting into, messing with the likes of Team Galactic.”

    Lucas’ eyes doubled in size, and he took a step back. He was right… Damion had no clue what he was getting into…


    “Humph. Pathetic,” Jupiter sneered at the boy sniveling at her feet.

    Damion was ashamed to have lost to her… Ashamed to be seen like this. He was beaten horribly, spirit crushed. He had lost the will to move. All he could do was lie there, face pressed into the frigid snow.

    Jupiter tapped her chin, deliberately ignoring the whimpering from the boy below. “I suppose I shouldn’t have told him our plans… Looks like I’m going to have to take him with me…”

    Frowning, she picked him up by his collar, staring him straight in the face. “Be a good boy now and cooperate.”

    Damion began to lash out with his feet, protesting against her grip. His cold amber eyes gazed directly into her magenta ones.

    “I guess I should have guessed you weren’t going to play nice.” Without another word, Jupiter brought her knee to his stomach, forcefully pushing all the air out of his system. Damion gasped and became limp in her arms. She pulled out pieces of cloth and tied it tightly across his face before repeating the process with his wrists and ankles.

    Using all the strength at her disposal, Jupiter hoisted the boy on to her back before leaving the lake area. A helicopter had been circling the region, waiting for her. Fortunately for it, the heavy blizzards common to the area had died down, if only momentarily.

    And the same time the copter was lowering to the ground, Professor Rowan was limping through the deep snow. He squinted up through the ravaging wind, only to see a magenta haired woman hanging out of a copter, Damion in tow.

    The blond groaned, exposure to the icy air awaking him from unconsciousness. It only took him a few moments to snap to full attention, comprehending the situation around him. He saw the blur of Professor Rowan below diminishing in size by the second.

    He wriggled in Jupiter’s grasp, managing to shake his head until the gag slipped down to rest around his neck. “Professor! Help!” Damion yelled and screamed, but to no avail. His voice was drowned out by the howling wind.

    “Shut it you brat!” Jupiter knocked him over the head as hard as she could, Damion slumping over on contact.

    From below, Professor Rowan saw something fall. He hurried forward to the location in which it landed. Eyes widening, Rowan watched in horror as the single drop of crimson dispersed, tarnishing the pure whiteness of the snow.


    A slight snow began to fall once more, gradually growing into a full-blown blizzard. It became too difficult for Lucas’ Staraptor to remain airborne, so he lowered the Pokemon to the ground before returning it to its Pokeball. Lucas trudged his way through the snow, knowing that Lake Acuity wasn’t too far off.

    Once more, the blizzard began to let up, becoming slight flurries. It was then Lucas could see between the snowflakes drifting from the stormy, gray sky, a huddled silhouette standing almost knee-deep in the snow. He ran forward to the best of his ability, recognizing the shadow almost immediately.

    “Professor! Professor Rowan!” Lucas called above the roar of the wind. He reached the old man, placing his hands on his knees to catch his breath, thick white puffs coming from his mouth. “Where’s…Damion…?” he asked between breaths, his face flushed a bright pink.

    “He’s gone Lucas… Team Galactic has him.” The Professor’s voice seemed distant, unattached to his body.

    Lucas then noticed what seem to hold his gaze…


    The snow swirled, slowly covering the crimson stain.

    “No…” Lucas collapsed to his knees, willing himself not to cry. As he body began to shake, tears welled up in his dark azure eyes. He knew whose blood he was staring at, contaminating the fresh snow. He couldn’t hold it back any longer. The salty liquid began to flow, trickling down his cheeks and off his chin, the tears mixing with the now-vanishing blood…


    /yawn/ Well that's it for the first chapter. It's short, I know. I'm ashamed.
    Anyway, please drop a review telling me what you though! I would really appreciate it!~
    And if anyone wants to be added to the *non-existant* PM List, just tell me in a review!
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