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Thread: Temporal Tower Fell: The World Went to Hell (PG-13)

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    Default Temporal Tower Fell: The World Went to Hell (PG-13)

    Rated PG-13 for language and slight blood

    Chapter List for Temporal Tower Fell I

    Prologue: The Pokemon on the Beach
    Chapter One: Retrieval of the Relic Fragment
    Chapter Two: The Birth of Team Raika
    Chapter Three: The Scream From the Future
    Chapter Four: The Gatekeeping Fiasco
    Chapter Five: The Legend of the Time Gears
    Chapter Six: One Step Back, One Leap Forward
    Chapter Seven: Demons of Fogbound Lake
    Chapter Eight: Dusknoir, Explorer of Legend
    Chapter Nine: Failure of the Guardians
    Chapter Ten: Out of Spirit, Another Gear Vanishes!
    Chapter Eleven: The Heroes and the True Dusknoir Revealed

    Temporal Tower Fell, The World Went to Hell

    A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness Tale

    In the future, Temporal Tower and the deity Dialga would both fall. One into ruins, the other into insanity. In the dark, a puppet master played upon the strings. The world of the future was in his hands, all rebellion groups had been crushed, and all hope was as dim as the shadowy world he ruled. But two Pokemon and one Human still believed that a new dawn would one day rise over the death. And their belief spanned time like no other journey ever had.

    The Pokemon on the Beach

    It didn’t appear to be a day for changes- it was a day like any other in Treasure Town. Today, the sea was calm and blue, the sun bright and warm. But the night before- a small orange Pokemon shivered visibly as she kicked her hay bed around into a misshapen nest and shook out every feather on her body. Last night had been relentless. By choosing her roost in the mouth of Sharkpedo Bluff, the Torchic had done herself no favors. The storm last night had brought the hands of waves knocking and groping at her door while the rain pelted and stung her whenever the wind blew hard. All night long, the skies had been roaring and wailing in sorrow. She sighed when her eyes scanned over her home- what had once been her humble, yet cozy abode was now thoroughly wrecked with puddles of sea water and leaves the wind had brought home.

    But today was the day for her change! Today she would finally approach her destiny and the path to becoming a respected member of society. But the Torchic moved with a clumsiness that overshadowed any feelings of bravery in her heart. Nevertheless, she decided to treat her journey like any other stroll through Treasure Town. Yes! Like she was going to do her daily shopping down at the Kekleon Stall, or visiting Dusksull Bank.

    Her trip through town went by way too quickly for her nerves, and by the time her talons clicked upon the steps leading to… her destiny, they had become frayed and weathered while she shook violently in front of the ridiculously painted tent.

    Wigglytuff’s Guild. Wigglytuff’s.

    The tent itself may have been shaped and painted like a circus joke. But what it stood for- it was absolutely mind-blowing for all who approached. The Torchic knew this- knew it and feared. But no- she could not back down- she needed to be brave, brave in approaching her journey!

    “Must be brave! I have to be!” She voiced out loud, trying shakily to steel her resolve. Gently, she took a step back, reminding herself not to bolt, and from the leather pouch hanging around her neck, a small, flat stone fell to the ground with a rumble. “This- this is my reason.” She said, reaching down a feathered tip to trace the flowery designs upon the rock that glowed dimly in the bright sunlight. “This Relic Fragment, my treasure… I’ll never find my destiny if I don’t…” She stared at it harder, as if it would channel bravery into her mind and spirit. Quaking, she retrieved it and felt it thump against her heartbeat as it slipped back into the bag. “H-Here I g-go…” She took a step. And then another.

    She forced her claws to move, again and again. Closer- closer to the tent that held out promises of glory, discipline, and ultimate success. Almost there… she thought, almost at the mouth of the tent, reaching to take one more step and approach the insides-


    “AAAGGGHHH!!!” Came the replied screech.

    And she was gone as swift as the wind had been last night. Back turned to the tent, fleeing in blind fear and thoroughly intimidated and cowed into submission.

    “Chaw-haw-haw!” With a rustle, the bushes near the tent parted to reveal a large furry and bulky Pokemon. The Skuntank snorted scornfully as he disdainfully eyed the fleeing Pokemon, before nodding to his two accomplices and heading off.

    Left to their own devices, the Zubat and Koffing pondered over the new development. “Say,” Koffing remarked casually. “Did you see what that wimp had on her? In that little bag of hers?”

    The Zubat nodded emphatically. “Heh-heh-heh…looked pretty precious. Shimmery inscriptions and all. Think it might be a treasure?”

    “Well isn’t that what she said while she was crying all over it?” Koffing smirked, sharing a knowing look with his teammate. “I think the boss’s message was clear. This will be another accomplishment for Team Skull!” With that, the two Pokemon sauntered after the Torchic’s footprints. “Whoa-ho-ho!”

    She didn’t stop running until she was beak-deep in the sand with her legs tangled underneath her as she rued her clumsiness. Wincing at the slight burns her knees had received from the sand, she climbed back to her feet and felt herself over for any other injuries. The fragment was still safe, tucked snugly in the pouch. The Torchic tightened the drawstring to be sure.

    “I’m such a wimp!” She exploded, angrily stopping the sand now that no one could see her self-loathing. No one ever came to the beach- Treasure Town was much to busy of a place for anyone to take a side stroll to the beach. With a roar that did not match her tiny shy frame, the Torchic kicked more sand, flung it, grasped more, flung it again. Again and again, until her claw caught up against an uncovered stone and sent a wave of pain rocketing up her leg as she yelped and fell over. And then she couldn’t stop it anymore- being strong was too hard.

    A wave of nausea came over her as tears forced their way into her eyes. The Torchic started to bawl despondently, making no effort to get up.

    And then just as she was about to completely surrender herself to her sorrow, a bubble smacked her face.

    “What?” The Torchic mumbled, blinking more tears from her eyes and looking up. She gasped.

    It was actually quite a common sight to see Krabbies out during the mornings. But she had been so focused in getting to the Guild and trying to pave her own way for once- she had completely forgotten.

    It was indeed an uplifting sight. Rows and rows of the red crab Pokemon lined the rocks, a couple even perched on the chin of the Sharkpedo, just below the cave she lived in. Gradually, their efforts filled the air with clear bubbles, carrying along the shore gently by a small ocean breeze. She pulled away from the ground and shook away the sand and tears.

    The beach- it was beautiful. So… She bowed her head lowly. It did little to bolster her opinion about herself, but it was still a sight to behold. Unconsciously, she touched the pouch hanging around her neck and sighed again. Tomorrow was another day- perhaps she’d try again. She knew the Guild was her calling- it simply had to be her path. So… so today, she would storm the Beach Cave! The Torchic pumped her wing. “Yes! If- if I can’t beat the cave- then the Guild will have no use for me!” But… the cave itself seemed even more ominous than the tent. She looked over at the gaping maws that lead into a deep, dark tunnel. The cave mouth was surrounded by pointy rocks and a slumped over Pikachu, already providing an intimidating front for all those who dared to approach-

    A slumped over Pikachu???

    With a squawk, the Torchic disregarded the pointy rocks and scampered towards the fallen Pokemon. “S-Someone’s fainted!” She stammered, nervously, hovering over the still Pokemon. “A-ARE YOU ALIVE?” The Pokemon trilled worriedly, then slapped herself for her stupidity when the Pikachu’s chest rose and fell repeatedly. Tentatively, she reached out a talon and poked the yellow Pokemon, and then twice when the Pikachu did not react. “H-Hey! Hey! Wake up!” She moved closer to one of the large floppy ears. “HEY!” Still no response. Resigned, the Torchic pulled back and stepped away from the Pikachu.

    At the moment, the Pikachu’s eyes clenched slightly, before relaxing and fluttering softly. Slowly, the blurry world came into focus- followed by a huge orange blob that quickly sharpened into another Pokemon. Immediately, the Pikachu cried out, scooting away as rapidly as one who had been unconscious could, moving an ‘incredible’ three inches. “Who- wha-… A Torchic?” The Pikachu asked itself. “But whose?”

    Ignoring the jumbled nonsense the revived Pikachu was mumbling, the Torchic moved in, and this time, the Pikachu did not move, but continued to stare at her with an astonished look. “Um… hi?” The Torchic offered its claw nervously. “I’m Flarember.”

    The Pikachu suddenly broke out of its mumbling. “IT SPOKE!” It yelled, kicking the sand uselessly as it tried to get away. “The-the- T-t-t-Torchic- spoke!”

    Flarember shot the Pikachu a strange look. “Of course I speak- silly. What are you doing on the beach? And I haven’t seen a Pikachu around here for ages.” She laughed lightly, feeling slightly more at ease with the strange Pokemon.

    But Pikachu wasn’t ready to let its guard down as quickly. “P-Pikachu?” It bent over and looked into the ocean, and squawked again as it flinched and pulled away. “Am I dreaming?” It reached up and pinched one of its electric pouches, and then stared at its arm. “Arrrghh! It’s true! I’m a Pokemon!”

    “…” Flarember coughed politely. “Yes… yes you are. Is there a problem? Maybe I should take you to a doctor or something? I know it can’t have been healthy- oh!” She jumped. “How long were you out here- did you come in with the storm? Oh my goodness, I have to get you to a doctor right away-“

    “No! NO!” The Pikachu bolted to its feet. “I- There’s nothing wrong, I don’t need a doctor- this isn’t a dream- well, maybe I do, but I don’t think it’d work, no, I don’t know- there was a storm?” The two suddenly stopped abruptly, eying each other as they panted for breath. Slowly, something sparked between them, and they both fell back laughing.

    It helped. It really did. The Pikachu rolled back into a sitting position, less tense and more relaxed as it flashed Flarember a friendly grin. Chuckling a little while longer, Flarember also sat back down, the horrible events of her morning banished from her mind.

    “So- as I said, I’m Flarember.” The Torchic nodded. “Who’re you? Do you have a place?”

    “My name is-“ Here, the Pikachu scrunched up his face in concentration. “Um… Chu, I think. It’s short for Chuchu. It was a nickname. And I- I’m not a Pokemon.” When Torchic flashed him another strange look, he continued. “I am- er… was? Was a Human?”

    “But you’re a Pikachu-“

    “-I know-“

    “And you’re a Pokemon-“

    “Yeah- I mean- NO!”

    “I think you’re a liar.” Flarember declared, but the reaction she had been expecting was not what she got. Immediately cowed by the other Pokemon’s glare, she ducked her head back down. That had been terribly audacious of her, to accuse a Pokemon she knew nothing about of being a liar. “Er- I’m sorry.” She mumbled. “I barely got to know you. But you were really confused and everything… I don’t, well… I do believe you, but it’s not easy to believe either.” She looked up, meeting Chuchu’s encouraging stare. “Humans aren’t very common around here.” She blurted out. “Treasure Town- that’s here- is located on another continent. There are some humans that come and go, but few ever return and we’re practically free to run the place ourselves… that is, us Pokemon.”

    “So basically-“ Chuchu interrupted, “I’m stuck, a Pikachu, and possibly the only human on this continent- and I’m not even human right now! Not to mention, my folks at home will probably be worried over me and…” Chuchu looked down in mild concentration. Several minutes passed, and Chuchu looked up again. “Is it a bad thing if I can’t remember where I come from?”

    Flarember opened her mouth to answer, but before she could reply, she was knocked flat on her face, the drawstring coming loose. The Relic Fragment dropped onto the beach sand soundlessly, but before Flarember could even reach out to pick it up, two Pokemon promptly snagged it on two ends.

    Pikachu was the first to break the silence, narrowing his eyes and gripping his end tighter. “What do you think you’re doing?” He accused, tugging at the Fragment to no avail. It’s strong… for something that doesn’t even have hands. “This belongs to Flarember. I don’t think she appreciates you guys coming down here and butting into our conversation.”

    The Koffing smirked confidently. The suction of his pores was stronger than any wimpy Pokemon’s arms. “Whoa-ho-ho! Too bad you’re wrong about that. It belongs to Team Skull now!” With a furious tug, the Fragment slipped from Chuchu’s clammy grip, sending Koffing spiraling away triumphantly. Chuchu fell back into the sand and cursed his new form as he struggled to sit up again.

    “H-Hey!” Flarember had gotten up, staring nervously between their antagonists, a Koffing and a Zubat. “G-Give that b-back! That’s my treasure!” Yet she made no move to challenge either of them, and they merely shared a look and snickered loudly.

    “Heh-heh-heh. How pathetic! You claim this to be your treasure, and yet you’re too much of a coward to get it back yourself?” Zubat snickered, accepting the Fragment from Koffing effortlessly. “Keh! You might as well just run home to your little Bluff and give up on joining Wigglytuff’s Guild- that place is for the top notch Pokemon! Not for little babies like you!”

    “Whoa-ho-ho!” Taking several deep breaths of air, Koffing steadied itself again and leered at the two. “And your Pikachu friend there’s only slightly better. And the treasure doesn’t even belong to him! Whoa-ho-ho!”

    Something about these two ticked him off. Chuchu eyed the two unsavory characters and bit back his snarl. But he was still unsteady on his feet, and his pounding headache was starting to relapse. In this state, even if he knew how to do anything other than Tackle, he wasn’t in any condition for fighting. So he settled with biting his tongue and watching how the scene would play out.

    Flarember anxiously exchanged her weight to one left and then the other. “P-please…?”

    The two looked at each other, as if seriously pondering over her plea, and then simultaneously leaned forward and leered. “No. As I said- this Relic Fragment belongs to Team Skull now! If you want it, you’ll have to play the hard way!” Koffing turned towards the Beach Cave. “You see that dark, creepy tunnel filled with ‘Bad’ Pokemon?” He waited. No reply. “Ahem. That was a question, wimpy. Sheesh, this one’s so scared, she can’t even say anything! This is a waste of time, let’s go, Zubat! The boss will like this!” He turned completely around in the air and bore his back towards Flarember, brushing her off effortlessly.

    Zubat turned to follow, but not before throwing one last verbal barb at the immobilized Pokemon. “Heh-heh-heh! See ya, wimp and wimpette!” Before Pikachu could return a taunt of his own, they had vanished into the unlit corridors of the Beach Cave.

    “Damnit!” Chuchu smashed a fist against the sand and turned to Flarember. “Why didn’t you say anything?” He demanded angrily. “You let them walk all over you like that? Why didn’t you burn their faces off or something? They didn’t even use any moves!” The more he spoke, the louder his voice got as he increased in fury, anger against the frail, useless-looking Torchic, disgust towards himself at being unable to fire back, and rage against the thieves who started the entire fiasco. His anger did little to abate the terror that was growing in the Torchic’s eyes, and when he realized, she was firmly planted in place, shaking like a twig. Taking several deep breaths, he willed himself to come down from his high. “Alright. Let’s rationalize this. You have a natural advantage against Koffing from a distance- ah-ah!” He held up a hand when she opened her mouth to contradict. “I might not know where I come from, why the hell I'm here, why I'm a Pikachu, and why I think I should help you, but I know what’s effective and not- don’t interrupt me!” Chuchu paused to regather his thoughts, and the continued. “What comes out of Koffing’s pores? Gas.” He answered for himself. “And what does gas do when it meets fire? That’s correct- it goes BOOM!” Realization dawned in Flarember’s eyes but she still refused to meet Chuchu’s gaze. “So I’m telling you-“

    “You don’t have to tell me.” She responded quietly. “It’s my treasure. That Relic Fragment. I picked it up a long time ago, when I was just a kid. But it’s the reason why I tried this morning.” Noticing his blank look, she continued. “I’m trying to start an Exploration Team!” She blurted out, unable to meet the Pikachu’s eyes. “So- So I tried to join Wigglytuff’s Guild this morning! It’s a top notch Guild of Exploration Teams! Led by the legendary Wigglytuff himself! All the best Exploration Teams stem from that guild…” Flarember trailed off wistfully. “But… I must have triggered an alarm and someone started yelling at me… I was so scared, I took off.” She looked at her feet, feeling completely exposed to the human turned Pokemon before her.

    Chuchu nodded silently, and then strode away purposefully. He turned when he noticed Flarember was not following. “Well? You said I didn’t have to tell you. I don’t think I could pull this off alone either- you’re talking to the amnesiac not-Pokemon who doesn’t know what he’s doing.” He laughed lightly, and Flarember joined him with a small giggle.

    “Thanks… It’s very frightening to be alone.” She carefully stepped over rocks, advising Chuchu to do the same. “There’s no one to celebrate your triumphs with you, no one to help you when you fall down, and no one to comfort you when you cry.” Flarember stared waveringly at the dark cave. “B-b-but… all my siblings have already long left Treasure Town to do their own bit of exploration. A-and I w-wanted to do the same… but I was always s-s-s-so weak… s-so no one wanted to be my friend.” The cave was getting closer. Like earlier, she forced her feet to continue moving, despite how much they were quaking. “And I-I’ve never actually gone in here-“

    Chuchu abruptly cut her off. “Stop, Flarember.” She obeyed, stilling her tongue and her pace. He could tell she was ready to fly off the handle the moment anything unexpected moved. But that was exactly what he strove for. With unnatural familiarity, he touched her wing. “Look- you’re not alone right now, right? I’m… well… I am your friend.” He stated assertively as she gasped. “And look, if your own flame can sustain you in the dark, I’m here too. I can light the way pretty well myself! Once… I learn, that is.” He coughed, looking away. He took her wingtip. “So let’s conquer this place together. You want to be part of an Exploration Team?” He took one step, she followed, visibly less shaken. “Let’s start here. You’ll probably have to go to scarier places, and you probably won’t have a choice.” He kept talking and walking in a rhythm, and much to his joy, Flarember was following. “You probably won’t even want to explore those places. But right now, you don’t have a choice. That’s your treasure they took, and that’s your pride they just stampeded flat.” They were under the cave’s maw now, and Flarember flinched, but did not slow in her steps. “This is going to be a walk in the park.” Chuchu hummed softly, as his eyes abruptly adjusted to the dark- one of the benefits of being a mouse Pokemon. “Nothing to it.”

    The light of the entry was already naught but a speck when Chuchu stopped rambling. But Flarember still did not let go of his hand, and he was perfectly satisfied with holding her wing in return. She was no longer shaking though- that much he was grateful for. That ended abruptly when a fluttering sound rushed over the two, and immediately, Flarember had launched herself at the ground, huddling near Chuchu’s tail.

    “Flarember! How do I fight?” Chuchu yelled, over the flapping of what he identified in the dark as Wingulls. One brushed against him, and he threw a clumsy punch, earning a satisfying squawk. His glee was abruptly wiped off his face when he was sprayed in the face by water. Several more jets of water joined the first and sent him careening into a wall.

    Flarember squeaked when Chuchu went sailing away and quickly picked herself up and retreated back to Chuchu’s side. “Huff, huff…” This is bad, how do I explain it? She racked her mind for anything. “Experiment!” She shouted, ducking as a jet of water narrowly missed her head. “That’s what the young Pokemon always do to figure out their limitations!”

    Chuchu groaned, but got to his feet and began literally experimenting. First he pulled faces, hoping to irritate the electricity from the red pouches on his cheeks. Several Wingulls that were originally targeting him decided that the other looked more safer to attack. When that failed, he started thinking thoughts- happy thoughts, sad thoughts, angry thoughts- No, nothing worked. He was about to start on his third plan when, vaguely, he heard Flarember scream, and the next thing he knew, she- that infernal Torchic- had slipped, and her claw bit down onto his tail. Unable to contain it, he yelped, sending sparks flying everywhere. Several unlucky Wingull fell twitching to the ground while others scattered away from the new threat, now that their prey was not as weak as they had assumed.

    Suddenly, their attack was renewed with increased vigor as they turned to using their beaks and claws to rake and tear at him. Chuchu groaned as the pounding in his head increased tenfold. Without thinking, Chuchu flattened his tail against the ground and hollered, “Do it again! Harder!” Flarember tentatively obliged, literally pouncing on the tail and digging all eight talons into the appendage, but not hard enough to break skin. Thinking quickly despite the fear that had overtaken her again, she ducked, just as Chuchu released several huge bolts of electricity from his electric pouches while he howled in pain. The Wingull immediately dispersed, fleeing in every direction as even more of their flock was struck down by lightning. Wisely, they vanished into the dark, as if they had never come at all.

    Fighting for his breath, Chuchu groaned as Flarember shifted away from him, letting his bruised tail come back up. “Are you alright, Flare?”

    “…” Flarember looked away. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied quietly. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help.” She looked him over quickly before casting her gaze at her feet once more. “You’re scratched all over… and your tail…” She winced. “I’m sorry- maybe I’m not cut out to be in an Exploration Team- maybe I never will be!” Then and there, she bolted, blinking the hot tears from her eyes even as Chuchu shouted for her to come back. Come back to what? More disappointment, more anger… Chuchu had said he was her friend. He deserved better- she could not watch his back, nor could she defend him when the time came. She was useless! Useless!

    Chuchu watched her departing back for several stunned moments, and his head throbbed again, protesting as he hurried after Flarember before he lost sight of her.

    “…Flarember…” He breathed, picking up more speed as he fell on all fours and bolted after the only friendly companion he knew in this new world he had been so cruelly tossed into. Being human was meaningless here. “I’m coming.”

    Sigh... I loved the game so much, I had to write on it. Although I think I'm outdoing myself by choosing to write at least thirty chapters (well for the entire trilogy, that is.)

    Anyhow- my other account vanished into obscurity (loooong forgotten) and I believe it was probably deleted or something since I never logged on. But I've been on Serebiiforums for quite a while actually. I know some old faces, and for that much I'm grateful.

    So the main characters are based off my own game, down to the names themselves. I used the same for Red Rescue Team as well, except I was Flarember the Torchic and Chuchu was my partner. This time, for Time, I was lucky to have Chuchu as my main and Flarember as a partner. The entrie story was so sweet... I just had to make my tribute.

    On another note, could anyone please name any other good Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness fics? I'd be much obliged~!

    Thank you for reading my prologue and extremely long winded welcome back letter.
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    Nice...I like the titles and the chapter names.
    I wanted to say more but I am not exactly a critic myself.

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    OK, you asked... and now I'm here...

    So this is how the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game begins, hunh? or something to this effect...

    A nice start, I'll have to admit. A damned nice start indeed.

    I did spot a few spelling misfits though:

    her roost in the mouth of Sharpedo Bluff
    shopping down at the Keckleon Stall, or visiting Duskull Bank.
    Treasure Town was much too busy
    The light of the entry was already nought but a speck
    but that's about it. I liked how Chuchu was able to get a grasp on his abilities... you have to admit that it was rather unusual. Flarember's usual cowardice isn't exactly novel for the species, but you portray it excellently here.

    Well, this is my first impression, and I'm not telling you to hurry up and post chapters, or I'd be the king of critics (chapter a month, anybody?) so take this for the good job done so far:

    and a half

    That's good, by the way. Really good...

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    Thanks for commenting!
    Can't wait till next chapter!

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