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    This is one of my favorite DP episodes.

    I don't know, but I found it hilarious and cute at the same time. Aoi had quickly grown on me when she had first appeared in the summer school arc so I was very happy to see her back.

    What I also liked about this episode was that it seemed so...casual. Brock reading a newspaper while Ash and Dawn go and buy some drinks, the group
    coming to a town because they actually want to visit someone, etc.

    The dialogue seemed more natural too when the group was discussing the quality of this "Sinnoh Sports" newspaper and when Aoi was describing her troubles when she was taking care of Pokémon on her own. The accompanying animation was very good as well because it provided many funny and fitting facial expressions.

    It's hard to explain, but it's just nice to see an episode that doesn't have the plot all set and ready to start as soon as the group passes the gate of town X.

    This scarf monster thing had already been going on for a while when they arrived, and Ash and his friends only discovered the monster's identity because it was directly connected to Aoi and they kept pushing her to tell them the truth instead of just following the monster when they first saw it.

    Speaking of that scene, it was a nice touch that they didn't really believe the news at first because the newspaper seemed dubious to them and thought their eyes had deceived them when they first saw Lickilicky themselves.

    I also particularly liked Aoi in this ep because she showed different sides of her character. She panicked when she thought of what her parents might say about her mistake and thought of some ways to push the problem away (literally). The ideas she had were extremely amusing and impressive at the same time - who would've thought she was such an innovative person?
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