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    Default Hey Hey XD

    Well, I'm Stacey.
    I'm a 17 year old college student who's studying Media. I've been into the Pokémon game series since I had Pokémon blue.
    I've been checking out this forum for a while and I decided to sign up a few minutes ago.

    As I said before I've been pretty obessed with Pokémon since I first had a copy of Pokémon blue and I still watch the anime and play the games to this very day- Although I stopped collecting the cards years ago because they kept getting stolen and I need the money for tapes for my courseXD- I'm also addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog and many other video games.

    As pathetic as this sounds music and video games make up a big part of my day XD. I'll pretty much listen to any type of music and play any video game if it has a good rating. I'm not a recluse if thats what your starting to think XD.
    I'm also addicted to Dragon Ball Z and School Days.

    And I'm going to stop there because I can never introduce myself properly.
    I'm just glad I found this place it seems like fun XD

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    Hey, Welcome to the Serebii Forums! Hope you have fun here, check out the threads and read the rules
    Hey, you, over there
    Keep the L up, 'cause I don't care

    I can only be who I are!

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    Wow DBZ lover and a Media student, Cool as I am an Architecture Student but I am interested in Media

    Have fun, Follow rules and see you around

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    Hello, i hope you enjoy your time here at Serebii.

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    Hi Stacey!

    I hope you have fun here. And don't worry, a large proportion of this forum is addicted to video games too.

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