It's the night of nights, the fright of frights, get all covered up cause Hallows eve is all about. The time for spooks and vamps a like, where evil is wandering through the night, and what a better way to spook it up.

What we've got for you this eve, is a doll like no other, it may even breath, ok it doesn't but it is kinda eeriee, so just don't stare into it's eyes while you squeeze it to be cheery.

This Pika Doll is not like another, get your Poke to squeeze it and it won't run for cover, the move it teaches is evil it seems, lets just hope your Poke won't have bad dreams.

the move it learns is:

Voodoo Bugaloo (Psychic)
When used the Pokemon summons out a psychicly charged voodoo doll image (Energy usage equal to a confusion), which then dangles in front of them for 10 seconds, in which time the Pokemon can prod with one psychic pin to paralyse the opponent in place for the duration of the 10 seconds, while paralysed, the opponent cannot use any moves other than moves that use the eyes. Voodoo Bugaloo is only usable once per battle.
Contest Effect: Makes the next Pokemon to appeal, lose 2 appeal points with it's move.
Appeal Points: <3 <3 <3
Jam Points: <3 <3

and Enjoy.