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    Quote Originally Posted by tailmister View Post
    I have a question...

    Does Black 2/White 2 capable of something other than WEP? Or does the other systems of Nintnendo DS allow me to use other connections than just WEP?

    Reason I'm asking is that I have a Nintendo DS and it only does WEP connectivity. I don't have a computer or a network of my own, and
    I have realized that Wi-Fi spots that only do WEP are virtually non-existant, they have something that is better. As for the coffee house where I found and was using for a couple weeks, basically told me I have to be a customer in order to use it. I was so mad because I have not had or was aware of such things, so because they were quite rude about it, I'm not going there again. Unless I can get a WEP only wifi hotspot locator, I won't be able to be online at all

    Sorry if this is the wrong forumn, just had to get it out of my system.
    All devices after the Nintendo DS are WPA and WEP compatible. [5th Generation and 6th Generation] Although, WPA is not a common public network security. For example, in Pokemon Pearl, the network required is WEP. But, in Soul Silver, WPA and WEP can be used.
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