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Thread: Getting Your Wii or DS Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red and Blue View Post
    So I took Nutter's advice and found the error code that pops up whenever I try to connect.

    Error Code: 003-1103.

    Has anyone experienced this before?
    OK, the Code is listed on the Nintendo site.

    Personally, I think that the Code you'll need to put in is not inserted correctly. Some notes to be aware of: WPA is Case Sensitive, so Apple is not the same as APPLE, WEP encoding only uses numbers and the letters A to F. Depending on the router, the default code is often on a sticker on the router. However, this code can be changed by someone with admin access to the router, some of the details sometimes for admin login are also on the same sticker, assuming it isn't changed as well.

    Another option, which that usually a Parent/admin will setup is to only allow certain computers online, by MAC filtering. You would need Admin access to the router and the MAC address from the 3DS settings app on the 3ds you want to connect.

    Getting admin access to the router is not standardised and I recommed looking at your ISP help site, or router Maker's help site.

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    Right. I don't know why this topic wasn't closed ages ago since it's totally irrelevant now. So I am closing and unstickying it. If you have issues connecting with your 3DS or Wii U, it's better just to google the error code.

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