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Thread: New RSE Rules [Updated 5/5/2015]

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    Default New RSE Rules [Updated 5/5/2015]

    RSE Forum Rules

    1. All Serebiiforums rules apply here.

    2. The Past Gen discussion, RSE and FrLg sections tend to run together a bit, so you may find that something you want to discuss fits better in one of the other mentioned sections. Be sure to check these other sections before posting.
    Discuss Colo/XD and other spinoffs in the spinoff discussion forum.

    3. Always search before asking a question or starting a discussion. Often times, there's already a topic about what you wanted.

    4. Ask general help questions in the FAQ/Help Threads of the respective game's forum (don't create new threads for help questions!). RSE-related questions go in the RSE Help/FAQ Discussion Thread. There's also the Contest Help and Battle Frontier Guide thread stickies.
    Team-related questions can go in the In-game Rate My Team section. There's a Shiny Pokemon FAQ/Discussion thread here. Please search before posting.

    5. If you're posting in a discussion or answering a question, be sure that your post actually contributes. If you post something like "I don't know", "Wrong thread" or "I agree with X poster" then you're not contributing.

    6. Don't discuss cheat devices at all. This includes asking for codes, effects of using them, or anything of that sort.

    7. Don't discuss ROMs, emulators, or other illegal things either.

    8. RMT things belong in the RMT forum. Don't ask anything about movesets here.

    9. All "ingame challenge" threads belong in the Challenge Forum Section.

    10. RSE remake discussion goes in the ORAS discussion forum.

    If you have any questions, please PM one of the RSE mods.
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    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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