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Thread: MY FIRST SHINY!!! (LG) Hitmonchan

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    Default MY FIRST SHINY!!! (LG) Hitmonchan

    It's a shiny hitmonchan and I guess I'm still pretty pshyched about it. It's the one that you get in dojo and I guess I inadvertantly did the SR method. I was trying to get a good nature, like a bold or adamant... And the 3rd time I resetted, It looked at it and it was shiny. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'll post pictures for proof later if needed... BUT WOW! that just blew my mind. I think I'm going to have to migrate it into my Diamond

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    However, there is already an 'Official 3rd Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ' thread here. In future, please look for pre-existing threads and post there.

    Hence shall close.

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