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Thread: Sixth Starter in Leaf Green?

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    Default Sixth Starter in Leaf Green?

    I started a new game a while ago and still havn't settled on a sixth party member yet. Just wonding what everyone else is thinking.

    I have:
    Charizard LV100
    Vaporeon LV95
    Raichu LV90
    Exeggutor LV90
    Tyranitar LV75

    Keep in mind of don't have and other 3rd gen games so I don't want to go through any trouble in getting some of the other monsters.

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    Well you don't necessarily need a whole team of six. Tyranitar is difficult to train, plus it learns a wide range of moves, so there isn't really anything that would contribute a whole lot to your team. Just focus on the training you need to do for now.

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    Yeah, as is often teh case, I agree with yo shee. Just leave slot 6 open for an HM slave. :P

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    Official Team Help Thread in 3rd Generation Discussion please.

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