I recently recovered this from an old backup cd - my first real fanfiction piece. I've corrected the spelling, but have left it largely in tact - this was how I imagined my final moments of FireRed in 2005:

Nearing the end of a 7 hour car ride, I decided that grinding my Pokemon to the proper level for an Elite 4 challenge was out of the question - I would become the champion by the time our car came home. I was seriously outclassed, but had a large estate I converted to revives and potions. By the time I reached my rival, only 2 revives remained, along with 30 soda pops and 20 hyper potions. No full restores. I was doomed. My highest level was now at 50, no contest for the lvl 63 heavyweights of the new Champion. But I'd come to far (and spent too much) to turn back now. Our car crossed the county line of my home town, starting the death clock that ticked a soundless gloat of my coming failure. Breathing a determined sigh, I thrust myself back into the world of Pokemon.....

Jolteon (Voltairre, 47) opened the fight, brilliantly dispatching of a much more experienced Pidgeot by filling the skies with waves of electric death. Zoro winced, but chucked out a Gyrados. The Asian Dragon loomed over the fox, took the full force of a million volts of electricity in it's gut, laughed, and belched out a death ray at my over-caffeinated dog. Voltairre panicked and returned, leaving Butterfree (Silver, 48) to deal with the monster. The Gyrados scoffed at it's enemy - a mere butterfly. The dragon began to belch out another death ray - but Silver blew a wind of sleeping gas at the giant. The dragon fell ill with sleep, and all of it's insides flew out of it's open mouth as Silver's psychic attack turned the Gyrados inside out. The bug turned it's head, mocking disgust in it's triumph, then tagged Voltairre to come back and finish the job. Slaying such a pathetic annoyance was beneath him. With another electric shock, the dragon was defeated. Zoro cracked a humored smile, tossing out a Rhydon. Voltairre, ever stricken with fear, tagged Silver and retreated. Rhydon seemed to have caused a small earthquake, though it had no effect on the flying bug. Still, Silver knew the rocks of the beast would be a shortcut to a dirt nap. Silver was fast, and managed to spray a form of sleeping gas that sent the hellish creature for a snooze. Seizing the moment, Silver fled the field, tagging Vaporeon (Mercatt, lvl 50) in his flight. Mercatt jumped into the fray, filling the arena with a treacherous surf that hit the Rhydon hard in the weak spot! But Rhydon held on, waking from it's sleep. Realizing it's predicament, Rhydon smashed the floor as hard as he could. The ground gave way, and an earthquake sucked in the surf - stealing Mercatt with it. The Mercatt struggled against the swirling currents - but the quake proved too powerful. Musical meows faded to soft whimpers as the kitty drowned and sank into the depths.

When the torrent settled, Silver caught a glimpse of his fallen friend. Anger swelled inside the insect - his wings flushed red as he called for blood. As he stormed into the ring, Zoro slipped a potion to his injured Rhydon - a full restore. With it, the Rhydon's power was greater than ever!

Silver opened with more sleeping gas, and the Rhydon again fell asnooze. And then it happened - Silver refused to fight, flying into the depths of the crevice in which Mercatt had fallen. Miraculously, the kitty was alive! The cat had fainted, and I began reviving him after Silver carried the not-quite-as-dead-as-many-had-assumed kitten to the sidelines. At the opposite end, Rhydon snored. The sound drowned out the thundering of his own hardened heart. Rhydon was hideous and evil, even when asleep.

Silver zipped towards the beastie, throwing bits of the concrete ceiling at the misshapen snoozer with practiced telekinetic powers. It's eyes shot a hundred chilling glances at the rocky tank - apparently, Mercatt's survival had done nothing to quench Silver's lust for revenge. Larger and larger chucks of caving stone blasted themselves into the Rhydon's thick skin, until finally the vile creature woke. Blood shot into his eyes as they locked with Silver's. Rhydon picked up a slab of concrete that Silver had hit him with and stared at it ominously for what seemed like a lifetime. A soft whimper attempted to escape my lips - "SILVER"!!! But I choked on it - Rhydon had nodded his head in feigned approval of the rubble's craftsmanship, then hurled it at the butterfly before him. In his impassioned retaliation, Silver had gotten too close to avoid the blow. He died instantly, victim of his own careless bloodlust, and the rock that hit him formed a tomb unfitting of his valor.

Charizard's (James, 48) roar echoed the growing void in my heart - Silver had been the first to join our party. We'd been fast friends that remained faithful, and the death was too much for the fiery dragon. He launched into combat, fire flowing freely from his form. He became a living flamethrower, torching the rock monster before him with blinding flash of furious flames! All were blinded by the sudden light, but through the sudden darkness we heard unmistakable crack of rock on creature. When the dust and light settled, James lay fallen.

Curiously, I mourned no more. James and I had started this together, and I should have been in shambles. It was his dream - not mine - to become the champion of the Pokemon League. But in the heat of the moment, I could manage only a cooled curse at my inability to stop him from his suicide.

Beedrill (Buzzle, 46) hummed a formal query, requesting permission to engage. Before I could signal a yes, Mercatt snuck between my knees and entered the arena. You can never train a cat, after all.

Mercatt's cool stance demanded attention. A single glance gave the impression that he was leading a gang of street-savy cat thieves on a mission to snap their fingers at anyone who dared think of glance at them in passing. A sly grin slid across his face and he calmly called up a tsunami of a surf that stormed for the Rhydon. Captivated by the kitty's cool demeanor, the vile creature hadn't the time to counter with another quake. The depths dragged him to the nethers fitting only of the most villainous of souls. Mercatt crackled with dark glee. And then there was silence.

With this dramatic experience behind him, Mercatt grew in level. Recounting the peak currents of his last attack, he mentally designed a more perfect storm for the coming fight. Surviving spectators would later dub this move the 'hydro-pump'.

A brilliant flash blinded everyone again, and the crowd groaned in anguish as an Exeggutor appeared. Mercatt's demeanor shifted for a moment, but he quickly regained his defiant composure. A soft whistle escaped his lips, and a snowflake flew past the Exeggutor's brow. The creature paused, perplexed. But as soon as confusion crossed his mind a blizzard chilled him to the bone. Whatever attack he attempted failed as he expended what effort he had to stay rooted. Mercatt wagged his tail in victory and blew harder, until all that was left was a withered skeleton of a plant and frozen fruit. A pokemedic standing by whistled in anger at another sudden death, and called the local grocery man to come pick up what was left of the combatant. After a long wait, the battle commenced again.

Zoro screamed something provocative at me, but I wasn't in the mood to give him any more attention. An Alakazam appeared on his end of the stadium. The powerful psychic fox began some kind of dastardly telekinetic attack, but Mercatt stayed cool, doing a strange dance with it's paws. Suddenly, what appeared to be sideways twister of water flung out at the fox. Alakazam's rather ineffective attack ended as it used it's powers in a futile attempt to redirect the waves. In a few seconds, Alakazam was no more. And for that matter, neither was half the crowd. The entire stadium boasted a massive hole where spectator's stands and solid walls had once been.

Who pays for all this anyways?

But the thought would have to wait- Zoro looked ticked, and an Arcanine had appeared on the opposite end of the court. It's extreme speed played havoc on the Vaporeon, and a deadly game of potions, water, and claws ensued. A full five minutes later, the dog had drowned.

Zoro looked pitiable. But his last pokemon - a Blastoise - was no slouch. This was the strongest trained pokemon in Kanto, and Blastoise knew it's power. Despite the display of force from Mercatt, it entered the ring at a slow walk as if to say "I'm unimpressed" to the world. The defiant demeanor seemed to encourage Zoro, who screamed something about revenge, yo-yos, and mothers across the court. Mercatt looked frightened, and blew blizzards desperately....

The Blastoise calmly aimed it's cannons at the frantic critter before it, launching the most powerful water attack in recorded history at the flustered feline. Water splayed everywhere - all the walls of the coliseum collapsed and any fan foolish enough to have stayed for the finale met their untimely end. Somehow, both contestants remained. As the attack came to a close, Mercatt stood from the soaked, battered Earth with a glimpse of triumph. It's body had absorbed the water from Blastoise's attack and used the vapor to heal itself. I shook my head in disbelief, and as I did a snowflake caught my eye....

The blizzard blew so intensely that even I - well behind Mercatt and directly opposite the focus of the blast - was covered under a thick layer of sleet. I broke out of the chilly tomb to find Blastoise and Zoro completely frozen in ice. Mercatt waltzed off the field, and Voltaire attempted to save our foe with improvised electric shocks....

In moments, Blastoise was dead.

And I won.

The car pulled into the driveway at the same second Zoro reappeared on the screen. His image seemed to gawk at my victory, insinuating I had cheated in some mysterious way....I laughed at him, and closed the DS triumphantly.