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    Default Comedy of Errors (Advanceshipping)

    Why do I always feel like returning to this place? I'll just get disappointed. But, here it is, what hopefully will be my comeback.
    I don't own Pokemon. The plot of this three-shot is loosely based on an event from Final Fantasy 9, so I sort of borrowed the concept for this fiction. Otherwise, it's all good.

    Comedy of Errors, Volume I

    The Sinnoh Grand Festival, held in Canalave City, is coming to a close. Being an elegant Contest of sorts, the festival committee plans to end things with style. A special guest of honor will be arriving shortly, the winner of the Violet City Grand Festival in Johto.

    Dawn, friend of Ash Ketchum and a competitor in said event, placed 16th, which is not bad considering it was her first GF. She, Ash and Brock are excited about the closing ceremonies, especially since they found out from Nurse Joy that the guest of honor was none other than their old friend May!

    In Dawn's locker (or dressing, whichever is fine) room, the group of three(four if you count Buneary) are waiting. Ash and Brock are in their usual clothes, while Dawn is wearing the pink ribboned dress she always wore. Her last match in the Grand Festival, against a friendly rival Zoey, saw her wearing the same dress, which led Dawn to believe that it was her good luck charm.

    Two knocks were heard from the door, and May stepped inside. Her friends gawked at her in surprise. May was wearing a beautiful, sparkling sapphire sleeveless gown that nearly touches the floor. Its accessories include silk-white gloves that reach up to her elbows, and an aqua ribbon decoration at the front area. She also wore a headband of the same color, slicking back her usual hairstyle.

    "Well, what do you guys think?" May asked her friends, as she twirled in place to show them the front and back of her dress. "It's the officials' idea to have me wear this, so who am I to object?"

    Brock and Dawn applauded in approval. "It looks great on you May," the latter complimented. "Right, Ash? Ash?"

    Dawn whirled around, and then rolled her eyes when she saw what happened. Ash was now like a stone statue, rooted to the spot. The expression on his face was openmouthed, drawn to May's beauty, or that was at least what the other three present thought. In a comical fashion, Brock picked up a "statuesque" Ash in his shoulders, saying, "Well, I guess I'll have to talk some sense to him. See you girls later at the celebration."

    As soon as Brock left with Ash in tow, May sighed, slumping to a seat next to Dawn. She then had both elbows on the adjacent table, and leaned her head on them in exasperation. "May, don't sit down like that, or you'll ruin your dress..."

    "Well, it doesn't matter anyway," May said, staring out the door where Brock and Ash left. "I only dressed up like this to impress him. But, it didn't work..."

    "What did you expect?" Dawn asked, taking a seat next to May. "I think Ash hasn't been the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to attraction, and you know that..."

    May sighed deeply. "True..." In order to get out of her depression, May asked Dawn, "You ever had any problems with something like this?"

    Dawn tensed for a second; in fact, her face looked like she was frozen in shock, much like Ash was earlier. Before Dawn can answer May's question, however, a Contest Official appeared from the door, calling May by name. "Miss Maple, the Judges would want to talk to you about the ceremony. Please come with me."

    May sighed and stood back up, and followed the Official out. "Well, duty calls. See you at the ceremony, Dawn."

    As soon as May was gone, it was Dawn's turn to mope. "Whaddya know?" she asked herself with a sigh. "I am in a situation like May's... Unless," she added, after an idea lit up in her head, "unleass I do something about it..."

    Buneary intently watched as her trainer spent the next ten minutes (and writing paper) writing a note, addressed to her crush. Dawn put it in an envelope after finishing, and, as a finishing touch, she put a heart seal (incidentally the same one she uses for Buneary). she forgot the detail of the sender/receiver notice on the actual letter, so instead she put it in the envelope.

    "I'm pretty sure that you he's in town somewhere. Reggie once told me that they have a relative who was also a breeder somewhere here in the city. I don't know how, but will you please, PLEASE take this to him?" Dawn pleaded. "You can ask the others to help if you want."

    Buneary saluted Dawn, indicating that she will fullfill the mission, and hopped out of the locker room. Dawn returned to a slump after her Pokemon left. "I wonder what's better: being a complete cold-heart, or being dense like you-know-who?"


    "Ha-CHOOO!" The draft was enough to bring Ash out of paralysis. Unfortunately, Brock, sensing the sneeze, dropped Ash SMACK! to the floor. The impact, of course, have snapped him back to his senses. "Ow... Hey that hurts!"

    "Eechh," Brock said, wiping the hand that he used to hold Ash. "When you want to sneeze, will you please warn me first?"

    "Wha-" Ash started, openmouthed. He stood up from the lobby's carpeted floor, and brushed the dust off himself. "What are you talking about? And why were you carrying me in the first place anyway?"

    "You were paralyzed in place, Ash. What do you think I'm supposed to do, leaving you alone like that?" Brock gave Ash a playful slap in the back of the head and then on the back. "It's not like it was the first time you saw her in a beautiful dress. Or, wait, is it because you did see her in a very beautiful dress?" Brock pretended to wipe a tear in his eye, but he barely managed to conceal a grin. "As your companion for so long, I have to say that I'm beginning to be proud of you..."

    While the two were talking, they stepped out of the Grand Festival hall and into the street to stretch themselves. The Festival's closing ceremony will take place a little before an hour later, so they have plenty of time. They walked straight to the park where they left their Pokemon earlier to relax (Team Rocket turns out to be on a break as well, so no trouble spurned during the alloted time).


    -Sorry if I didn't reveal the contents of the love letter. It's for two reasons: 1)
    due to not having seen Dawn's character personally (I still blame CN Phillipines' late broadcasting for this); and 2) I phail at love letters myself.

    -The titular event of the fic, the comedy of errors, will only occur in the next chapter.
    -My wacky, Advanceshipping eFics:
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    -I would have posted chapter 2 earlier, but the site wouldn't let me in. Finally, here it is.
    Comedy of Errors, Volume II

    When Brock presented Ash's Pokemon with the idea that he(Ash) may actually be "growing up", they all flipped on their backs laughing hysterically. "Thought so," Brock said, after "analyzing" the reactions of the Pokemon. He, himself couldn't contain his own laughter. "Makes sense, though. Makes a lot of sense..."

    "What are you talking about? What do you think makes sense?" Ash asked exasperatedly. he still doesn't understand why his Pokemon, as well as Brock's(even Croagunk, much to everyone's surprise), most of Dawn's, as well as most of May's Pokemon for that matter, were laughing at him. "I don't see what's funny."


    Meanwhile, Buneary, on her mission for Dawn, was hopping through the corridors of the Grand Hall, trying to get to the exit. However, her trip was hampered by the dozens of humans in the hallway, all heading in one direction: the Great Hall, where the Awarding and Closing ceremonies will take place.

    It's really hard, weaving in and out of larger "creatures" right of way while doing a bunny-hop as a normal walk. Add the fact that Buneary was small enough to go unnoticed, and Buneary is in a very tight spot, if not literally. However, she did make it out, but not before getting view of the park through a 2nd-floor window.

    To her horror, she saw Pikachu barely concealed(from her point of view) underneath a tree, sitting next to May's Glaceon. To the Pokemon's eyes, she saw "her" Pikachu being stolen by Glaceon. In her fury, the envelope containing the letter was blown out of her hands by the wind, flying out the very window she was spying from!

    Buneary tried, in vain, to try to catch the letter, but it was, of course, far from reach by now. Buneary clasped her head with both hands in shock, then hung her hed in comicl shame, feeling that she let her trainer down.

    As Buneary walked back to Dawn's dressing room, wondering about what she's going to tell her trainer, may unknowingly passed her, talking to the Contest Director, Mister Contesta. "Miss May, are you sure you want to go out? The ceremonies are going to start soon."

    "I just want to talk to my friends," May assured the director. "I promise that it won't take long."


    Seeing Ash depressed, Brock decided to take him to town and buy him some refreshments. This left the Pokemon alone in the park promised that they will be back in time for the ceremonies, so Ash complied.

    Unknown to them, the letter of ill-plight(no pun intended) swooped high above them, following the gentle sea breeze flowing through the air of Canalave City's canals. After making it miraculously through the city, it landed right exactly where it was intended to be: near the breeding center of Reynold Veil, Paul's cousin who the latter, the very object of the letter, was visiting.

    Reynold(Rey for short) was just stepping out of his house when he saw an officer Jenny nearby. For some reason, he's a spitting image of his cousin Reggie, save for brown hair instead of black and having lightly tanned skin.

    As for Officer Jenny, since Canalave City comprises of canals instead of roads, her standard vehicle is a waverunner, in the blue and green colors of the Pokemon Police Force. "Good afternoon, Mr. Veil," the police officer greeted Rey.

    "Afternoon, officer," Rey replied in greeting. "I just closed up my shop, since was just heading to the Festival Hall."

    Just then, Rey spotted the letter hanging by a tree branch near his house. "Man, the problem with littering these days," he muttered. He reached out to grab the letter, and was about to throw it in the nearby wastebasket when he saw the recipient's name on the envelope. "What's this? A love letter for Paul?"

    The breeder tried to stifle a chuckle. "To think, Paul has an admirer. Well, I'd better give it to him, although he's sure not to accept this..."

    "Your cousin must be growing up," Officer Jenny replied to Rey's remark.

    Rey, after turning the envelope front and back, shrugged. "Whoever this Dawn is, I feel sorry for her; Paul is just too concentrated on his training to be thinking about romance..."

    Jenny, who seems to know Rey's family too well, was about to laugh in agreement, when the radio on her waverunner started beeping with an incoming message. Jenny went to pick it up. "What? A disturbance at the Canal Cafe downtown? Alright, I'll break it up."

    "Any problem, officer?" Rey asked. "Maybe I could be of some help."

    "No thanks," Jenny said, hopping onto her runner and starting its engines, "I can handle this on my own. But I can give you a ride to the Hall, to save your time." Rey accepted the offer, and, after pocketing the love letter, jumped on to the seat just behind Officer Jenny.


    Unfortunately, the disturbance report Jenny received involved our very heroes. Brock and Ash ran into the latter's bitter rival Paul at the cafe, and the encounter wasn't without hostility.

    Suddenly, the roar of an engine pierced the air, accompanied by a whistle. From "down the street", Officer Jenny, with Rey as passenger hanging on for his life, steered her waverunner to a splashing halt in front of the cafe. "Okay, you two, break it up," she said, the whistle never leaving her lips.

    "Come on, Paul, you heard the officer," Rey said, getting off the waverunner and strolling over to his younger cousin. "I thought you would be better than this; above fistfights."

    "Hmph," Paul said, turning away. "Tell that to the big mouth over there; he's the one who started it, for being so annoying."

    "What'd you say?!" Ash retorted.

    Before the confrontation could continue, Officer Jenny blew her whistle again. "I told you to break it up! Now, don't start any more trouble, or you'll be both spending the night in the station."

    As Rey put a hand on Paul's shoulder, he gave an apologetic look to the police officer. "I'm sorry, officer, I promise I'll keep an eye on my cousin. He won't cause any more trouble. Come on, Paul, let's go." Leading Paul by the shoulder, he and Reggie walked out of sight.

    Officer Jenny turned to Ash. "And what about you?"

    Brock immediately stepped forward, and kneeled to Jenny. "Oh, don't worry, fair maiden of the canals. I, Brock, the Sea Debonaire, promise to keep an eye on my protege. And can I add that you're the most-"

    However, before Brock can finish his pick-up line, his face contorted into a paralyzed image, uttering, "Ugh... Thousand Years... of Pain..." He toppled backward, revealing Croagunk who was right behind him, who started to pull his trainer away from Officer Jenny as per tradition.

    Officer Jenny was dumbfounded for a moment, but regained her composure and faced Ash again. "I hope that you'll be staying out of trouble from now on, young man."

    "Yes, Officer Jenny," Ash said in a mixture of shame and embarrassment. "I won't do it again."

    Jenny started up her waverunner again, and drove back upstreet. Ash, on the other hand, followed Brock and Croagunk back to the Festival Hall.

    Back at Rey's house, he was giving Paul an earful. He decidedto postpone his plans on going to the Festival Hall for the moment to talk some sense to his cousin. "Look, don't you start getting into trouble just because of someone you don't like, Paul. I can't bail you out all the time, you know."

    "Whatever," Paul replied, crossing his arms. "I'm not the one who started it anyway."

    "It doesn't matter who started it, Paul. As long as you're in the thick of it, you will still get in trouble. hasn't Reggie taught you anything?" Paul didn't answer. "Anyway, I have something for you-" Rey started rummaging in his back pocket, only to find out that the love letter he stashed earlier was gone!

    "Oh, no," Rey said. "It must have dropped from my pocket when I was riding with Officer Jenny!"


    May went to the cafe after hearing about the small disturbance that occurred over there. She knew that her friends were involved, since awitness described one of the people involved as having a red-and-black cap with a black vest(obviously meaning Ash).

    However, May didn't reach it on time, and the trouble had already faded down as soon as she arrived. "Don't tell me I just missed them..."

    May then spotted a cleaner lady nearby, sweeping the street of its trash. She walked over to the latter. "Excuse me, but have you seen two young men around here earlier?"

    "Eh? What was that? Two young men?" the cleaner asked. "Yes, I remember, they caused quite a ruckus with another pair. One of them dropped this, but I doubt that it would be useless now."She showed May her dustpan, containing a few layers of dust, and a slightly soggy envelope.

    Taking care not to dirty her clothes, May picked up the envelope by her fingertips. "You mean this letter?"

    The cleaner nodded. "Yes, that. Must have dropped close to the water, that's why it was so wet."

    May tried to read the writing on the envelope. The water has ruined the inking, but May can still tell the heart seal on the envelope. "Is this a love letter? Could this have come from Brock? Or maybe, even from Ash?"


    -The name Reynold, the original character I conceived for this fiction, is similar to "Reginald", which I presume to be the full first name to Paul's older brother Reggie.
    -My wacky, Advanceshipping eFics:
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    this is something that to me Master_in_Training makes your fics so good you make sure the pokemon play a part in it I wounder what may will think when she finds out the letter is from Dawn

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    -Officially, this is the part where it "lands on advanceshipping".
    -I only had a few Pokemon take part in this last part, sorry.
    Comedy of Errors Finale

    May walked her way back to the Festival Hall. Hanging by her hand in front of her is the love letter, still inside the the way, she starts to wonder who was the one who dropped the letter, and, in case of a "certain one" of them, who was he sending it to?

    "I really doubt it's Brock's style to actually write a love letter," May told herself. She sweatdropped, adding, "He's more direct than that... Amen that Misty, or anyone else for that matter, doens't let him suceed..." Then, a startling thought struck May. "But, ASH writing this letter? That's even more impossible. Unless... " She then felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. "Unless he really cares for whoever he wrote this for..."


    "But isn't she with you?" Mr. Contesta was meeting with Dawn in her locker room when Ash and Brock arrived. As soon as the latter pair appeared, Mr. Contesta sprung the question to them. Ash and Brock, puzzled themselves, sprung the same question.

    "But we thought she was here in the locker room with you, Dawn," Brock argued.

    'But May said that she wanted to talk to friends of hers," Contesta pointed out. "I thought she meant Ms. Platinia here, but then she told me that she came after you guys."

    "Wait," Ash said, interrupting the confusing conversation. "May is gone?"

    Dawn rolled her eyes. "Took you long enough to figure it out, Ash. Not gone, perhaps, but if she doesn't make an appearance in," she looked at her Poketch, which read 6:43 PM, "in less than twenty minutes, the Grand festival will be in dissarray. We have to find her."


    The group split up to find May. Ash and Brock were to comb the city separately, while Dawn and Mr. Contesta remain at the Hall in case May comes back there. They also decided to enlist their Pokemon in the search. Brock would employ his sensitive Croagunk, and Ash uses his fliers Staravia and Gliscor.

    "I'll take the north end, you go south. We'll meet here after fifteen minutes, Ash," Brock said. "I just hope nothing's happened to her."

    "Me, too, Brock," Ash muttered, as he and Brock split up.

    Ash ran through the deserted streets lining the canal(most of the citizens are now in the Festival Hall that very moment), looking in all directions for May. Staravia and Gliscor were flying high above him, ready to signal Ash if they see anything.

    Meanwhile, Brock and Croagunk were combing the other half of the city. Hands down, Brock would have spotted May faster if due to Croagunk's "Anticipation" ability, but, for some reason, the Poison Frog Pokemon never did inform his trainer if May was in the vicinity(fact is, she is, specifically in the northern docks).

    Even though they haven't reached the allotted time yet, Ash and Brock's paths crossed at the center of the canal network, although they were actually separated by bodies of water. Croagunk spent the little margin of the meeting trying to tell Ash's flying Pokemon of May's whereabouts, through very misunderstood charades. Croagunk was so uncharacteristically frustrated that Brock has wondered if his quirky Pokemon was losing his mind, once again.

    Giving up on his literal charades, Croagunk made the simplest gesture instead: pointing in the direction where he sensed May. The receivers of the message finally made on expression that looked like they said "OH!", after of which Croagunk rolled his eyes and returned to following his trainer.

    Staravia and Gliscor looked at each other, and nodded in silent agreement. The former flew towards the direction Croagunk pointed to, while the latter swooped downwards to pick up Ash. "He- Hey!" Ash shouted, caught off-guard by Gliscor, as she lifted and carried him across the canal, "what're you doing, Gliscor, get me down!"

    Gliscor was all too happy to comply; Ash, as usual, was too heavy for her. Gliscor barely reached the other side with Ash in tow, and finally collapsing, dropping Ash in the process. Fortunately, he landed on solid ground and not in the water. "OW!"

    When he stood back up, he was now rubbing his posterior, which was where he hit the ground. "Oh man, Gliscor, what's gotten into you? You and Staravia are acting really strange, and I don't have time for that now. We have to find May; she might be in trouble!"

    Gliscor rolled her eyes, then flew back up, and straight after Staravia, to where Croagunk pointed earlier. "Hey, where are you going? Brock already came from that direction. Gliscor!" Ash had no choice but to follow his Pokemon, and, eventually, he reached the northern harbor and beach of Canalave City.

    There, sitting on the edge of the wooden dock, is none other than May. Her back to Ash, he saw that she was preoccupied with something. In her absentmindedness, May doesn't even notice that Staravia and Gliscor were circling above her.


    May whirled around, and saw Ash running across the dock towards her. She stood up, her Festival dress now wrinkled at the skirt section, since she was sitting on it. In her left hand is the troublesome love letter. "Ash? What's wrong?"

    Ash stopped a few feet from May, and doubled over, hands on his knees. After a couple seconds of catching his breath, he straightened himself up. "What's wrong?" he repeated in disbelief. "What's wrong is that you've gone AWOL on us. Everyone back at the Hall is getting worried sick about you."

    "Huh? Oh, I forgot!" May sheepishly gave herself a light slap to her face. "I'm sorry, Ash..."

    Ashy sweatdropped. "What made you forget everything all of a sudden anyway?"

    "Well, it's because of this." She showed Ash the envelope. "I didn't read the contents inside, and the writing on the envelope is ruined by water, bu I can tell that it's a love letter." She then gave Ash a piercing look. "Did you write this?"

    "What?" Ash exclaimed. "What are you talking about? I've never wrote a love letter my entire life. Why suspect me?"

    "It's because when I tried to find you in town, I heard that there was some sort of trouble. When I got there, I learned that two of those people involved fit yours and Brock's description. Then, a cleaner said that she saw one of you drop this."

    "Wait, you believe one of us dropped that letter?" Ash asked, crossing his arms. "Then why did you think I dropped that letter? Why not Brock?"

    May raised an eyebrow. "You kidding me? I don't think Brock is the type of person to write a love letter; he's much too direct." She then exchanged a puzzling look with Ash. "Then, who sent the letter? And who is it for?"


    Meanwhile, at that very moment...

    There was a knock on Dawn's locker room door. Thinking it was May, Dawn rushed over to open it. Instead of what she expected, however, it was Rey(who, to Dawn, was still a complete stranger). "Um, yes, may I help you?" Dawn asked uneasily.

    "Yes. Are you Dawn Platinia?" Rey asked. Dawn nodded. "Well, I have someone I want you to talk to." He pulled someone from the side of the door, and a sulking and grumbling Paul came into view at the doorframe. "My name is Reynold Veil, cousin of my socially inept companion here, Paul.

    "Miss Dawn, you have sent a letter addressed to Paul here earlier, have you not?"

    Dawn looked like she was struck. "Er, yes... But, how did-" Then she remembered something. In reality, Buneary never returned to her after sending the Pokemon on that errand, feeling ashamed of letting her master down, so Dawn never did find out if the Pokemon succeeded or not.

    "What letter?" Paul said suddenly. "I don't have time for something like that, especially from someone like-"

    Rey saw Dawn about to blow steam, so he quickly silenced Paul. "I found it outside my house. I was planning to give it to my cousin here, but," Rey gave a sheepish grin, "I kinda lost it. Anyway, that's why we're here. I asked around, and it turns out that the only one with the name Dawn is a runner-up in this Grand Festival, so luckily I didn't need to search long.

    "I promise I didn't read the contents of the letter, but," Rey winked at the two of them, "I'm pretty sure it's important, so you may as well as tell Paul here in person."

    With both hands on each of Paul's shoulders, Rey shoved him in front of Dawn. Paul grumbled something under his breath, and then it was Dawn's turn to avoid the latter boy's eyes, blushing in the process. "My work here is done," Rey said, heading out the door. "This is where I came in. See you later, you two."

    As soon as the door closed behind Rey, shouting came from the inside, so intense that the door nearly blew off its hinges. Surprised at this turn of events, a sweatdropping Rey guiltily said, "Right now I start to wonder, did I do the right thing?"


    Back in town, Ash is now leading May back to the Hall, holding hands. Ash's flying Pokemon, gliding above them, were grinning at the gesture they see below them. Ash didn't see anything special about it; after all, he's done that several times with May in the past, so he thinks that it's no different from now.

    His companion, on the other hand, was slowly turning red, gazing at her hand which was being held by Ash. She then shifted her gaze in front of her, at Ash's back, then smiled. 'I thought for sure that Ash would have sent that letter,' May thought. 'But, if that's the case, then I would have lost him. Thank goodness I was wrong... I forgot how thick he is right now about love..."

    May giggled. She tried to stifle it by covering her lips, but Ash still heard. "Kinda weird for someone so late for a ceremony in her honor to be laughing," he said, without turning around. "What's so funny? I could use a laugh myself."

    "Nothing, Ash, sorry..." May stopped giggling, but kept her smile. 'But someday I'll be able to overcome that thick barrier of his... And that's a promise.'

    -My wacky, Advanceshipping eFics:
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