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Thread: The Newbie Says What?

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    Wink The Newbie Says What?


    Yup, I am a newbie to this site. I signed up a long time ago, well in the summer I believe, and I never became active. I hope that I am welcome here. I also hope I am not flamed to bits for my art. I can only try, right?

    Some things about me that I would like to share are that I love writing, drawing, music and, of course, pokemon. It is a secret addiction of mine. I prefer the games, actually...they are the only things I like so far. I am pretty friendly and easy to get along with.

    And that's a pretty short and a little vague summary of me. lol
    I hope it was not painfully long and I hope to make some awesome friends. <3
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    Willing to battle once my team is set up. PBR or DS :3
    Currently, working on a pokemon comic.
    Talk to me? I'm not aggressive. xD

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    Welcome! I hope you continue to be active.

    I'm sure you'll fit in very well if you love writing and drawing. The fan-fic and fan-art sections here are great.

    Enjoy your stay =D
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    Same here, My Computer got Broken and my Pokemon Diamond got Deformed because it got burned, HELLO EVERYONE!!
    My PKMN Can't Trade yet due to No WiFi.
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    Oh, and you do?
    I hate when newbies come in, and act like the webmaster, and pretend they know everything.
    This "Serebii" guy will probably get banned within a week.

    No WIFi. As Of Now. Wait till I Get a Nintendo WiFi USB...Youll See..

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