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    Quote Originally Posted by The Renowned Obscurity
    So yes, does anyone have a cure for this laziness? =P
    Sometimes, when I'm being lazy in that way...or having that kind of writer's block, I read manga (since I'm very visual in other art places) or read just a section of a favorite book. I don't know if this happens to a lot of people, but I'm like a Ditto with writing - if I read a book before writing my own, I take on the other author's voice and sense for vocabulary. (I know this, because my voice so obviously changes in Contest Tie with the books I was reading during its lifetime). That's why I look at some of Nathaniel Hawthorne (sp?). His stories aren't my cup of tea, but I like his sense for vocabulary and metaphors. :P And thus, I use them in my own writing after looking at his stuff.
    Sometimes I just start writing it if I know what it's going to be and then read it over some other day and change it to sound more professional...and I love using thesaurus here too. XD
    Those are my strategies; hopefully it'll help. Does anyone else look at particular author of inspiration? XD

    And OOC Paul is exactly what makes me shy away from Ikarishipping. It isn't that I see Paul as Mel-Girl described here, but as overly sappy and loving and blahh. I just want to know in what dimension would Paul be all lovey-dovey over Dawn. But I like dark, kinda angsty Ikarishipping, but that's just my personal preference.
    Truthfully, I think Paul is one of the hardest characters to put in shipping fic because he is so nonchalant about people or is rude. I tried my hand at Ikarishipping twice - once as part of callaboration of works for the winter holidays, and then as its own fic which I had to discontinue because it was just so hard to make Paul IC, I had to stop.
    Paul isn't the only "rude" rival that gets that treatment - Drew fell into the same OOCness. D: It was either he was too snobby, made into a complete villan for anti-Contestshipping ships, or, like Paul, was lovey dovey. I write his character in almost everything I write and for a fact I know that Drew is not that way - he is an encouraging rival with the tendency to tease MAY, but the nuance of shippyness in him is obvious.
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