Aaah, this thread will be so great for me. =DD

As for songfics, I've only tried once. It was so horrible that I deleted it eventually. It kinda got rid of my writer's block that I had at the time, though. I write songfics to get rid of writer's block. If I have that kind of time. But it mostly sucked because the italics and bolds kinda failed at working on the FF and I was very tired when I wrote it so there were a lot of gramatical errors, lack of plot development, and so on. I think that songfics kinda take away form the plot because then it's really just the song that developes the plot, and then theres detail to support it. :P

And OOC Paul is exactly what makes me shy away from Ikarishipping.
Thats kinda the problem I have with my comashipping fic. What I did, is I made them all a lot older, so Paul is slightly different. And I just make sure not to have him smile and say 'i love you' all the time like you would do with Drew or Ash.

Speaking of inspiration, does anyone have music that inspires them when writing shipping fics?
I have no idea why, but 'Still Alive' from the game Portal seems to clear up any Writer's Block I may have atm. It's weird...but crazily helpful.