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I'm guessing that means post stuff here. <_<;

Well, I have a nifty little program that I use called Paint.NET, it probably isn't quite as powerful as GIMP, I never tried GIMP, but for people looking for something basic, and not scary it's nice. I rather like the program for doing my linearts, and I managed to figure most of it out all by myself. If you are having some issues there are tutorials on the forums for the site. There is a lot of potential in this little thing. There are Plugins but they aren't necesary by any means. I'd recammend it, but I have no clue whether or not if it can do transparencies. <_< I use another free program for that. :P
Link: http://paint.net/

So simple a Kujo could do it.
One of those nice colour wheel thingies, or make your own colours, either or.
Unlimited Undo
Simple controls
You can have a fairly large palette.
You can rearrange the placement of your layers, palette, tools, ect... So nothing is in your way.

I'm not exactly sure how the paint bucket tool works. o.O
Probably not the most powerful thing on the block...
The line/curve tools aren't quite as sharp as in MSPaint, meaning there is some blurring around the edges.

Overall: I rather like it, it's neat, and not scary at all. I can't say the same for Photoshop Elements, boy that one's scary!
The blurring can be solved by turning off anti alising. The paint bucket tool uses the tolerance bar, which is default at 50%. By reducing it you can control things such as filling in the grey wont touch black etc.

Hope I Helped.