Some nice programs for video games and graphic cards.

Nvidia Inspector: Great little tool for forcing extra types of AA and other graphic options, plus reads out driver and hardware information
MSI Afterburner: Works for both AMD and Nvidia cards, allows for fan control and overclocking, plus displaying temp, FPS, etc. in game
RadeonPro: Allows extra types of AA, plus overclocking, advanced types of V-Sync, and many other features.

SweetFX: Powerful program for adding extra AA, changing things like bloom, saturation, effects, etc. May not work on certain games though.

Not sure if anybody on here folds, but if interested.

F@H (Fold at Home): Allows folding on CPU & GPU. Warning: This will make them run at full 100% load, which can get pretty toasty for the parts unless properly cooled. Great way to stress test though.