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Hah, the counter shield, the Pokemon world equivalent of break dancing. LOL At least it turned out to be an effective shield against Fantina's attacks, even if it ended up coming back to bite Ash when Fantina had drifblim do the same with will-o-wisp. At least Ash would also use it against Paul later the following season. I also liked Fantina's reactions each time one of her pokemon were knocked out. LOL

I'm also glad that the writers had the good sense to have Jessie compete in a pokemon contest while the battle was going on. At least it got her her second ribbon. They should do that again while there's still time before the Grand Festival in season 12.
Yeah, I was really surprised how Counter Shield worked on Fantina's pokemon. especially on Gengar, with one hit from Buizel it was beaten.

Jessie's contest was the best thing in this episode. a ribbon & a badge in the same time is a great idea of the writers.