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Thread: How dare you (advanceshipping AaMayL, Ash/May, Sato/Haru etc)

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    Default How dare you (advanceshipping AaMayL, Ash/May, Sato/Haru etc)

    Hi there, all you people that have blessed my humble Fic
    Okay then, this is my first ever Fic so don't go expecting some story that could outsell Harry potter
    I will not accept flames directed towards Advanceshipping, all other flames are fine.

    Shall we get started then?

    This is a oneshot, rated g-pg due to kissing.
    How dare you

    There were two girls in the photo. One looked about twenty-five, had long brunette hair that spilt on ether sides of her head and was covered by a red bandana with a white emblem of a circle surrounded by two semi-circles that nearly touched. She wore a red blouse, with a white mini-skirt that partially concealed a pair of blue biker shorts. She wore black socks and red shoes that had a yellow line running along them. She was also wearing white gloves with black fingertips and a yellow fanny-pack on her waist. Her eyes were a deep sapphire and they appeared to shine even in the photo.

    The other girl looked strikingly similar to the first, yet was different in three ways. Firstly, she looked about two years old as she was about half the height of the other girl, had chubby, babyish cheeks and was being carried by the other girl. Secondly, she wore some different clothes to the older woman, donning a green bandana, an orange sleeveless shirt and black shoes instead. Finally, her hair was black instead of brunette.

    The photo was held inside a dazzling silver frame that looked like it was cleaned every hour. Its cleanliness stuck out like a sore thumb against the rest of the house.
    It was a dump.
    It looked like it had never been cleaned or repaired. Water dripped from the ceiling onto the floor; there were holes in the doors big enough to walk through. The windows were broken, the glass littering the floor. The furniture was ripped and burnt and the TV in the corner looked older than the sea to the south.

    The person who lived here was by no means poor, in fact his exploits as a trainer and his mom’s careful saving of his money had earned him more than enough money to send weekly amounts of money to wife, amounts that would be enough buy a fleet of sports cars and still have more than enough money to have his Pokémon live in a mansion just up the road, their every whim catered to by a fifteen maid workforce, with 4 acres of open field space in the back. All of this was surrounded by 10ft high walls. No Ash Ketchum lived in poverty for a different reason. Self-Punishment.

    * * * *

    May sighed as she read the mail. Every week she would get bills from various companies and every week she would receive more than enough money from her husband to pay her bills and fend for herself and their daughter. A tear trickled down her cheek as she re-read his letter. This week’s one was the worst one ever because he had asked her when the divorce papers were arriving as she obviously hated him. The letter was dry but there was tear marks all over the paper. They weren’t May’s.

    “Who the hell does he think he is?” she asked the small ice-blue cat that sat beside her, “He thinks he knows how I feel about him after he left me just because of what he did” she pouted “ I mean what he did was bad but was it really that bad? And anyways if I ever did anything to him he would say ‘forgive and forget’. How the hell can I forgive and forget it if I can’t even talk to him.” She sighed again “what should I do Glaceon?”

    “Gla Glaceon (why don’t you go and find him)”

    “How? He didn’t say where he was going, he left his pokenav here so I can’t ring him, and he didn’t even leave his address on those god-damn cheques he sends me! Stupid stupid A-” she broke off from her rant at her husband, his letter to her distracting her.

    “On? (What is it?)” Asked Glaceon

    “Look, he… he left… an address” May faltered as a swirl of emotions weaved around her body.
    Glaceon squinted at the envelope, sure enough it read:

    Ash Ketchum
    Wilderness Road
    Safari zone
    Fuchsia city

    “I can go and find him now…” May whispered. The hundreds of emotions dancing inside her moulded together into one. Excitement. “Oh my god I can go find him now, bring him back, omg this is so awesome omg omg omg omg omg!”

    “(Calm down May, you’ve got to think about this, who’s going to look after your daughter whilst you’re gone?)”

    “Oh I’m sorry Glaceon, I guess I went a little hyper just then, I’ll go ring Max and see if he can look after her.” May skipped happily away, like a five year old with a lollypop.

    “Gla” sighed Glaceon

    * * * *

    “97…98…99…100” groaned Max Maple as he collapsed to the floor. He had to admit, 100 push-ups an hour, 18 hours a day, was very hard on his body. He looked over at his Pokémon. In the corner his Slaking, a gift from his father from taking over the family gym, was dozing. In the middle his Gallade and Sceptile were sparring, practising their Psycho Cut and Leaf Blade respectively. He smiled and headed inside for a drink.

    As he filled up the glass with water, the videophone started to ring.

    ‘I wonder who that could be’ thought Max as he answered it “hello Petalburg Gym, Max Maple speaking, who is this?” he asked

    “Hi Max!” shouted an energetic voice

    “May?! May how are you? I haven’t seen you this happy since-” he broke off, he last time he had seen her this happy was when Ash was still here and mentioning Ash could completely change her mood.

    “Since when Max?”

    Max shook his head “Since ages May, so what’s making you so happy then?”

    “Great news Max, are you sure that you’re ready for it?” she asked smiling

    Max flashed an arrogant grin “I’m ready, so what’s up?”

    “Okay then, you will not believe this, but… I know where Ash is!” she squealed “I can go and find him now and bring him back! What do you think of that Max?”

    Max’s jaw dropped to the floor, as did his drink sending water and glass everywhere around him. “You’re joking right May?” he spluttered, unable to believe it.

    “No Max I’m not that’s why I’m so happy!” replied bouncing with excitement.

    “Oh my god May that’s great news, where is he?”

    “He’s living in Fuchsia city near the safari zone”

    “Are you going to find him?” Max asked nearly as excited as his sister was.

    “I want to but… I need someone look after my Lily whilst I’m gone” she hinted hopefully

    “Don’t worry, I’ll do that you just focus on finding Ash, okay May?”

    “Awe thanks max I knew there would be a use for you” joked May

    “Hey I could reconsider you know”

    “Awe you know I’m joking max”

    “I know you were, now get going! I’ll fetch lily from school”

    May beamed “thanks max” and turned off the phone.

    * * * *

    Ash sighed. Life wasn’t the same anymore. Heck it wasn’t even close to being similar. Doing that thing to May, which inevitably led to living here. Alone with the dripping water. He couldn’t let Pikachu or any of his Pokémon share this hell. It was his fault and his punishment. No-one else’s. He sighed again, looking up at the massive estate where his Pokémon lived together. He saw a familiar bolt of lighting shoot up from behind the walls. He sighed again. ‘Loneliness sucks’ he thought.

    * * * *

    “So… if the map’s right… then it should be right around the corner.” May stopped. Wilderness Road was an empty street compared to the rest of Fuchsia city. There was three houses on one side, a old shack on the other and a massive mansion with 10ft walls that stretched for miles.

    “Whoa…, by the amount of money Ash sends me, that must be his house”. She then saw the thunderbolt from inside the walls. “Yep” she giggled “definitely there”. As she passed it she looked into the window of the shack. She saw a figure quickly duck down as she looked. She stopped puzzled, before setting off, having shaken it off.
    Ash slowly rose from behind the window. “May?” he questioned the air “what in Mews name is she doing here?”

    May slowly walked up to the gate and nervously, rang the doorbell. She waited for what seemed an hour before;

    “Kindly state your name and business here, please”

    “Um…” she started, now shaking with nervousness. ‘What if he doesn’t want me anymore?’ she thought “my name is May Ketchum and-” she was cut off by the gates opening and a small yellow mouse running out of them.

    “(May!)” It screamed

    “Hey, good to see you again Pikachu!” she replied

    “Excuse me” asked a timid voice. May looked up, in front of her was a young girl, dressed in a maids outfit, she looked about seventeen. “Are you Ms Ketchum?” she asked

    “Yes and please, call me May” she smiled, trying to make her girl feel comfortable

    “If you’re looking for Ash you need to try the shack down the road” replied the maid sounding even more terrified than before.

    May frowned “what’s he doing there? Doesn’t he live here?”

    The maids lip quivered “No this is where his Pokémon live, he lives in the shack”

    “Why?” May whispered. Ash, her husband, the love of her life, her soul mate, was living in poverty, whilst he let his Pokémon live in a mansion and he sent her more money than she needed every week.

    The maid looked at the floor “He says that he deserves it, because he’s a horrible person and what he did was too horrible to describe.”

    May stood there open-mouthed; staring in shock ‘Is he still lingering on that? It wasn’t that bad was it?’ she pondered as her eyes started to water. “Ash” she whispered. She dropped Pikachu and ran back down the street.
    “Should I not have told her Pikachu?” asked the guilt-stricken maid.

    “(She’ll be fine)” was the reply.

    * * * *

    May ran up to the shack and banged furiously on the door, screaming “You open this door right now Ash Ketchum!” whilst tears rolled down her cheeks.

    “I’m coming, I’m coming, just wait a sec!” he replied
    Ash opened the door and took a step back in shock. “May? What are doing here? I mean, why would even want to look at me again?” he asked sadly. May just stood there absolutely stunned at what he just said. Ash continued “Because well, I’m a horrible person and what I did… is too horrible to describe.” he finished, watery eyes and head down. They just stood there, May too stunned to move and Ash too depressed to try and move. Eventually May snapped out of her stupor and turned to face Ash, an angry fire in her eyes.

    “How dare you?” she breathed. Ash looked up; his sad, fearful eyes met the angry fire in May’s. “How dare you think you know how I feel after you left?!” she shouted at him “How dare you linger on the past?! How dare you live in a dump like this when you send me cheques weekly?! And how dare you, how dare you insult my husband?”
    She finished, fuming at Ash, who stood there, trying to understand what she had just said.

    “You mean… you don’t… hate me?” he asked more hopeful than he had ever been.

    May sighed. She saw the hopeful little smile on his face and heard the hope in his voice, she couldn’t be mad at him anymore. “Ash… how could I hate you?” she replied before kissing him. They stood there for what seemed an eternity until-


    May smiled breaking the kiss “come on, lets go home Ash”

    Ash smiled and picked her up bridal style, “Lets”.
    May giggled, he man she married was back for good.


    So then, what did you think of it?
    Don't hesitate to R&R just because it's my first fic, I'd like to know where I,ve gone wrong. This does not include things like "you shuda done a contestshipping fic" and the like.
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    This needs a rating. Please add one to the top of your post. Thx
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    Done, thanks for reminding me

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    The only thing I find wrong with this fic is that it never explains why they were apart in the first place. Although it didn't matter to overall story, it would have been nice to find out.

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    The only thing I find wrong with this fic is that it never explains why they were apart in the first place. Although it didn't matter to overall story, it would have been nice to find out.
    That was intended, so that it can be anything you like, from Ash stealing her ramen to something dark and evil

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