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Thread: Hey all!

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    Default Hey all!

    May as well introduce myself properly. I'm 2PercentMiltank. New to the forums, know the rules and all that wonderful jazz, and hope to have a lot of fun here on SPPf. =) For anyone interested in my...interests, I am a total anime fan, love Pokemon, and could probably eat Strawberry Special K cereal for every meal of every single day for the rest of my life. :B

    I just recently restarted my Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon LeafGreen versions and am using them as my main games, and plan on migrating my LeafGreen Pokepals to Pearl as soon as I am able to. Whoop, fun. =D

    So, hope to meet some cool people here, guess I'll catch ya around the forums.

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    Welcome to the forums, i hope you have fun and get to know people.

    It's a really nice place, and the people are alright mostly.

    Just out of curiosity if you're 2 percent Miltank, what's the other 98%?

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    98umbreon, Hi 2%miltank, have fun here, & stay active
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    Lol ContestNoir, I misread what you put and thought you said 'stay attractive'

    ... wow I need some sleep *curls up at desk*

    Howdy 2percentmiltank, enjoy your stay - maybe pop along to Adopt a Newbie and look for someone to help you -points to self- I is nice

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