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Thread: Pokemon Game for 3DS

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    Default Pokemon Game for 3DS


    I own a 3DS.

    I would like to play my Pokemon Soul Silver, Pearl, Platinum, Black & White Versions on my 3DS.
    I know about the friend code for the Pokemon games and there's also a friend code for each 3DS system.

    How can I play (trade or battle) with someone else (who also has a Nintendo 3DS) ?
    NOTE : The people I play with are FAR FAR VERY FAR AWAY I plan to do this through WiFi, of course.

    Please help... Post link so I can read more on this issue.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Your 3DS system friend code is irrelevant when playing a game not designed for the system, which none of the Generation IV or V titles are.

    That's the only answer you need - playing Pokémon over Wi-Fi on a 3DS is identical to doing it on any model of the DS family.

    This thread doesn't go here, and as such, the best thing to do is not post in it further. If you need further assistance, there's a giant help thread in the B/W subforum and multiple help threads regarding online play with Nintendo's hardware.

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    Something is very weird though, I can use the Wifi on a pokemon game even though its not calibrated to work on things that are not WPA-2 or Wep Keys but when I try to use the wifi on the Fire Emblem Wifi Shop in Shadow Dragon it doesnt work at all ._.

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