Since I decided to go with a friendlier version of this, I'm just gonna make this short and as nice as possible.

There will be no more Super Smash Bros. Brawl threads, or SSB4 threads, simply because a majority of you cannot control yourselves well in these threads, and therefore, have pretty much enacted moderation to close these threads.

Until you all can control yourselves well, and not even ask to have these threads, there will be no SSB threads of any kind until you all can get your act together.

Till then, you all have Social Groups, use them.

And when moderation decides to open up, then you'll all know when to go.

Also, no PMs of complaints and whatnot. We know you all want these threads, but pestering us about these things will only prolong this ban. I don't want to have to infract anyone for ignoring these rules either.