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    Hello, I'm Zero-Wolf. I'm a graphic designer as a career. I decide to show my Banners, Icons, Wallpapers, and etc...And they are a bit different than original unique.

    *Follow the SPPF Rule*
    *Don't say anything such as "you are not good" or "Suck"*
    *If you want to get one of my banners, etc... Then please send me PM first and give credit to me. And please show me which one you want to pick*
    *Please, need C+C what I need to improve.*

    Thank you!
    I will continually improve w/GIMP.

    Here's Gallery:

        Spoiler:- Final Fantasy Banners::

        Spoiler:- Final fantasy Wallpapers::

        Spoiler:- Mischievous Banners::

        Spoiler:- Pokemon Banners::

    Arcanine GIF banner couldn't be allowed to anyone.
        Spoiler:- Pokemon Wallpapers::

        Spoiler:- Chrono Cross:

        Spoiler:- Fire Emblem:

        Spoiler:- Bleach:

        Spoiler:- Star Fox/Wolf:

        Spoiler:- Balto:

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