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Thread: Cheekyshipping General Discussion Ver. 2.0

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    Default Cheekyshipping General Discussion Ver. 2.0

    Welcome to the Cheekyshipping general discussion thread Version 2.0. The old one got closed because no one posted after a while. If you don't know what Cheekyshipping is, Cheekyshipping is the shipping between Max (May younger brother.) and Mira. If you like this shipping, then this is the place for you to discuss, post fan art and fan fic. Also feel free to post topic if you can think of any or just talk about this shipping.

    Follow all Serebii forums rules.
    Follow all shipping Community rule.
    No spam what so ever.
    No bashing what so ever.
    When posting fan art or fan fic, give credit to the people who made it.

    Why do like Cheekyshipping?
    It was my first shipping that I support after seeing Mira in the anime. I can see then acting like Drew and May when they first met then traveling together and became Gym leader like the hoen twin Gym leader when they grow up.

    How do you think Max and Mira will show there feeling to each other?
    I think Mira will tired to cook something for Max with help from her two friends and Max will get May to help him buy something like a dress or something for Mira.
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    I offically claim Cheekyshipping/ Max/Masato x Mira/Miru

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