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    Default UPN Link Verification

    Serebii Home Boarders are being given the opportunity BEFORE UPN goes offline to verify any links to items you've obtained whether it's via the Casino, Cable Club, Arcade, Base Shop, etc.

    Remember, this thread is ONLY for items obtained at UPN, so please don't post Serebii and/or Bulbagarden links.

    Chances are that old records will be imported into the new board so we may not lose anything, but in the events the files are corrupt, or don't transfer successfully, it's best to have something as a record. If everything goes smoothly, and the records are successfully transferred, this thread will be null and void, and most likely deleted. But if we do lose it all, this thread will ensure you're able to keep any items that need UPN link verification.

    Coins and candies don't need to be posted as they'll be confirmed with Exchange and Bank updates, but anything else can be posted here.

    We don't know how long we have, so the sooner you get posting, the better.

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