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Thread: Charizarditeshipping (Ash x Alain) General Discussion

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    Default Charizarditeshipping (Ash x Alain) General Discussion

    Ok so there's ten, well now nine, episodes left of XYZ including a one hour special.

    9 more episodes until we inevitably/probably forget Alain like Trip from BW(I really didn't like that guy). Alain is a good character though, so I'll be a bit upset about that. I just want to talk to people about him without people villainizing him when he's clearly a protagonist.

    And then there's Charizarditeshipping. It's probably pointless to ship this, considering the season is almost over and Ash will probably get a new rival next season. I do have an idea that could keep the ship alive, though I doubt it'll happen, but like...

    What if Alain (w/Manon) went to the next region with Ash and (hopefully) Serena?

    Think about it, Bonnie and Clemont will probably have to stay in Kalos to be near their gym. Alain and Manon could easily take up their position as Ash's companions. I don't think Alain will want to hole up in Professor Sycamore's labs after winning the league. He may still want to go out and explore the world and other pokemon evolutions. We've all been speculating that the next region will probably be Alola. Alola is already different, seeing that nearly ever pokemon evolves into a different form for some reason in that region. Plus there's also Manon, being that she's his travel companion, she'll probably want to head out on some new adventure with him.

    Now if this happens, Ash and him probably will still battle, but they won't be actual rivals. So that would still leave a spot open for a new rival.

    Again, I know that this is a really far-fetched theory considering we don't even know if Serena will go to Alola with Ash, or even if the next region will be Alola (since apparently there's no league there?). But yeah, go ahead and discuss

    Also, I know I didn't really talk that much about CharizarditeShipping, but y'all can do that in this thread.

    *P.S.: I'm aware now that the ship is called CharizarditeShipping and will refer to it as such*

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    Wait, when did the title of this thread change?

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